Twitter and Unsolved Cases

We’re going to take a different approach than we normally do in these posts in that this one will not focus on a cold case.

For many years I have used social media to promote this website and the cases on it.  I’ve posted links through Disqus, Facebook, Reddit, & Twitter. We’ve had success especially with reddit and facebook getting attention for unsolved murders & other crimes.  Twitter on the other hand is frustrating.  I get more likes and responses if I comment on something political than posting about a cold case.  There have been times where I have engaged in angry discourse with other people about their opinions which at times have been hateful & prejudiced.  In the end, it just leads to more frustration & anger.

Anger & Hatred have been on the internet for decades.  We’ve seen it in the old internet forums where people would comment and post.  It’s there on sites in the comment sections of TMZ.  ((Incidentally, TMZ will remove my links to a cold case but leave on racist, antisemitic, and other vile comments against other groups (religious, Gender, lifestyle) in their news stories)).

Freedom of speech is important and people have the right to their comments (hateful or not).  Corporations also have the right to censorship, whether we like it or not. The racist, hateful content that we often see on twitter was always a better fit when it was done on smaller forums rather than mainstream social media.

What we now see on twitter in particular is the disparaging comments spewed by such people the President of the United States Donald Trump, various Congressional/ Senatorial figures (Maxine Waters anyone) and members of the mainstream media.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Everyday, average people are doing the same as well as people paid by foreign governments & special interests to make everyone mad and distrust one another.  There is a tone on Social Media in particular on Twitter right now which is dividing this country apart.

UPDATE 11-15-2020:   Not that anyone cares.  But I took this page off of twitter.  We are still promoting on reddit and facebook.

One thought on “Twitter and Unsolved Cases

  1. I agree with you that twitter is full of mostly angry tweets from an angry president who should have his account suspended for all of those racist things he says.. And people are mostly trying to answer back to him rather than respond to cold cases. I look forward to your emails about the cases. A friend of mine is on here and they never caught the person that killed him. His name was Jan Rhein and he was murdered in Vermont. He was a great person and wouldn’t hurt anyone. But before he was murdered he had been in a drug rehab center in Burlington, Vt. and I believe it was called the Don Bosco school for boys.

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