A Younger Brother Still Looks for Justice

This is a copy of a facebook post by Jason White whose brother Chad White was murdered and Chard’s fiancee Dixie Kinser was seriously wounded on May 21st 1993 in the town of Corning, Iowa. 

Hello everyone,
Murder of Chad White - May 1993 Corning, IowaAs many of you know. On this day 27 years ago my brother Chad William White was murdered in his home, and his fiancé Dixie Kinser was shot, but survived. I was graduating high school in 2 days, and Dixie was to have her bridal shower the next day. I showed up right after it happened. Dixie was still laying on the ground outside of their home. Many of my friends and family were coming to my graduation, but they ended up staying for a funeral. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion for my family, but its been a nightmare for us ever since. My father could not handle my brother’s murder, and killed himself a year later. Causing even more heartache for myself and my family.

No one was ever arrested or convicted of my brother’s murder. In a town so small where everyone knows everything about everybody, I truly cannot believe no one knows anything about this murder. It has haunted me for 27 years now, and what hurts me the most is that I cannot do anything to help my brother. Also, that no one is helping solve this case. There is no Cold Case department in Iowa. I’ve tried to get the case file, so I can maybe do my own investigation. The Adams County Sheriff’s Department and the DCI of Iowa have been less than helpful when it comes to solving Chad’s murder. I have been the only one for years who calls and checks on Chad’s murder investigation.

So, this year I’m asking all of you to give your voice for Chad. I’m leaving the cell phone numbers for Alan Johannes, the Adams County Sheriff and the DCI agent currently in charge of Chad’s case, Jared Kastner, at the end of this message. I would like each and everyone of you to repost my message, and call these people to voice your frustrations, like mine, about nothing being done about my brother, Chad William White’s murder on May 21st 1993.

Also, if you or someone you know knows anything about this case, or thinks they know anything about this case. I strongly encourage you to contact these two people or 1-800-Crime Stoppers. I’m really sad and frustrated being the only one that wants something done about Chad’s murder. Please help me. I don’t know what else I can do, but somebody needs to start doing something. This has hurt myself and my family for too long. Thank you, Jason White
Alan Johannes-712-621-6887
Jared Kastner-712-251-9212
This is for Chad. I love you, and I will never forget you, or what was done to you. You didn’t deserve to be murdered at 21 years old.

For more details about this case you can visit Iowa Cold Cases.

(Picture from Jason White)

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