Massachusetts Cases

A Letter Links Two Girls That Were Tragically Abducted


HollyPiirainenOn August 5, 1993, ten-year-old Holly Piirainen was at her grandparents cottage in the town of Sturbridge. She and her brother that day went to see a neighbor of their grandparents to go see their puppies. Her brother returned to the cottage but Holly had disappeared. All that was found was shoe of hers by the side of the road. Months later on October 23rd, her remains were found by hunters in a wooded area in the nearby town of Brimfield.


Sadly on June 27, 2000, Molly Bish disappeared while performing her job as a lifeguard at Commins Pond in Warren. After an extensive search that last for months, her remains were found just miles from the Bish home on June 9, 2003. The last known person to see her alive was her mother, who noticed a middle-aged man in a white car hanging out in the parking lot. Police have had several people of interest in Molly’s case. An arrest in a separate attempted abduction case in August 2007 now has Law Enforcement looking at a possible suspect. Below is a composite sketch of a possible suspect in the Molly Bish murder. If you have any information about the homicides of either of these young women, please contact the Massachusetts State Police at 1-800-808-9677.

Update 1-3-2012, Massachusetts authorities have announced a person of interest in the murder of Holly Piirainen. Forensic evidence ties David Edmund Pouliot, to a location near where Holly’s body was found. Pouliot, died in 2003.

Update June 2021, Law Enforcement have announced that deceased convicted Sex Offender Francis P. Sumner Sr. is a suspect in Molly’s murder.

Soldier Returned from War Overseas, loses life in his Neighborhood


James Lee Jacobs grew up in a tough environment in Dorchester yet managed to graduate high school in Marblehead and go on to serve in the military. He would attain the rank of Sergeant and would go off to war in Iraq. Despite suffering from the visual horrors of war, Jacobs was working full time and going to college to be an electrical engineer. On March 30th 2007, Jacobs was outside of his Range Rover on McLellan Street in Dorchester. He was waiting for a tow service due to his tires being slashed. While waiting, a person in the neighborhood said that Jacob had 3 men approach him. An argument started and Jacobs was shot 18 times in the back. He was brutally murdered, just a few miles from where he grew up.
James Lee Jacobs served his country by fighting an enemy overseas. He was killed by people from his own country. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Boston Police Department at (617) 343-4330.

Roxbury Woman’s Murder Still Haunts Her Family


Thirty-five year old Elizabeth Stubbert had a good job as an Underwriter for an Insurance Company. However, it was her part time job as a security officer at an apartment complex that may have gotten her killed. She was strangled with either clothesline or a possible shoestring and found deceased on the southbound side of Route 1 in Dedham. She was found murdered on November 1, 1978 around 5am by a passerby. The five foot four, 175 pound Roxbury resident from Spring Street was not sexually assaulted. Her pocketbook was missing, yet several valuable rings and a wristwatch were found in her possession. The case is still being investigated and if you have any information as to who may have victimized Stubbert, please call the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office at (781) 830-4800. You can remain anonymous.

Witnesses Still Not Coming Forward in Murder of Teen


On the evening of October 13, 2002, 16 year old teenager Devyn Jude Murphy was stabbed to death in a house party in Wareham, Massachusetts. There was an altercation at the party which was attended by around 50 people, yet no one has come forward with any information. According to family members, Murphy had aspirations of becoming a chiropractor. It is believed that there are several people that may know who killed the teen, but either are afraid or refuse to come forward. It’s fifteen years, it’s about time people started talking. If you have any information about who murdered Devyn Jude Murphy please contact the Massachusetts State Police at (508) 759-4488. All calls can be confidential.

Mystery Surrounds Murder of Brockton Girl


Eleven year old Denise Cochrane was last seen on May 23, 1975 leaving her home on Essex Street in Brockton. On April 28, 1976 the youngest child of four siblings was found dead in a transformer casing in a steelyard. She was murdered and had died of external injuries which included a fractured skull. Police believe that the 6th grader was murdered at another site and dumped in the casing. Her murder has been unsolved for around thirty five years and her family still seeks answers and justice.
There are also other cases of murdered children in Brockton that have not been solved. It is not known if her murder is related to the others. If you have any information about this case please contact the Brockton Police Department at (508) 941-0200.

Two Decades Later his Slaying in Still Unsolved


Kevin Duren’s family remembers hearing the gunshots in the early morning hours. It was October 5th,1996 in the working class city of Brockton and they had thought it was a gang shooting. At 9:15 in the morning, they would find out that their fifteen year old son/brother was the victim of a still yet unsolved killing. For two decades his family has struggled with his violent end at the corner of Turner and Crowell Streets. Police believe that there are many people that may know what happened. It is possible that his death could have been gang related even though his family does not believe he was in a gang. Duren, however, did associat with people that were in the gang lifestyle. It is also possible that his shooting death could have been a result of a fight over a girl at a party that he was at earlier.
If you have any information about this case, please contact the Brockton Police Department at 508 941-0200.

Disappearance of Woman Connected to Other Murders?


Twenty two year old Susan Dequina hung out with a bad crowd. On October 3rd of 1979 she was last seen outside her home in Lynn, Massachusetts. Decades later police believe she may have been murdered by individuals with ties to an international criminal motorcycle club. One person in particular is believed to be a prime suspect, Michel Gagnon. Incidentally this same suspect is also a person of interest in two other unsolved homicides. One of those homicides is the brutal dismemberment killing of Robert “Bino” Garbino, who lived at 126 Winnepurkit Avenue on November 4, of 1979. Garbino was involved in the 1 percenter motorcycle culture and was cut into pieces after he had been shot twice. The other possible victim is 15-year-old Paula Kallenback, of 16 Dell Court who disappeared on November 16th after attending a party and was found murdered by blunt trauma in January of 1980.  However, police will never get the chance to question Gagnon because he was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Bridgeport, Connecticut not long after Dequina disappeared. His death was a gunshot to the head.

At the time of her disappearance, Dequina was 5’3 with auburn hair and hazel colored eyes. The 22 year old also had a tattoo of a rose on her chest and the name Archie. If you have any information about this case please contact the Lynn Police Department at 781-595-2000. All calls can be confidential.

Disappearance and Murder of Woman Raises Questions


Deborah Bates was 23 years old when she disappeared from her apartment on Liberty Street in Lowell on Feb. 23, 1993. At the time she was 6 months pregnant. Eleven years later, her skeletal remains were found March 11, 2004, around 50 feet from the on-ramp leading from the Lowell Connector to Route 3 South.
At first suspicion focused on the unknown Main South Woodsman Killer who is believed to have murdered Betzaida Montalvo, 29, and Carmen Rudy, 28, found in Marlborough in September of 2003. As well as Dinelia Torres, 33,who was found in Hudson in March 2004. The three worked as prostitutes in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester.


Alex Scesny is considered “a person of interest” in those killings and was convicted in the 1996 murder of Theresa Stone in Fitchburg in which he is serving a life sentence. Police do not believe though that he is responsible for the murder of Deborah Bates. Whoever, killed Bates, had recently placed her and the remains of her unborn child near the site of discovery.

Law Enforcement have looked at her ex-boyfriend with who she had a son with in 1990. There had been allegations of physical abuse and drug usage in their relationship. The ex-boyfriend had also served jail time for armed robbery and had several restraining orders filed against him by Bates.

If you have any information about the murder of Deborah Bates and her unborn child, please call the Lowell Police Department at 978-937-3232.

Did She Start a New Life or was there Foul Play?


There is little information released to the public about Debra Cressotti. She lived in the town of Blandford in Hampden County. Her brown colored 1975 Chevrolet 210 Series was found at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT on April 30, 1985. Since then the blue eyed twenty-nine year old has been a missing person. At the time of her last sighting she was around 130 to 150 pounds and was around the height of 5 foot six inches tall. She had a scar on her right knee and had suffered a prior pelvic fracture from a horse back riding accident. She could have left on her own accord or met with foul play. Either way it’s been over 25 years.
If you have any information about the disappearance of Debra Cressotti please call the Massachusetts State Police at 413-505-5933.

 Who was the man that killed a Father at his Job?


It was May 30th, 1985 when the body of 42 year old John Moura was found behind the wheel of his taxi. His vehicle and body were found at Fort Rodman in New Bedford. Moura, who had driven a taxi for 13 years had been shot twice in the back. His wallet containing fifty dollars was found next to him and a gold chain and watch were not taken from him. His vehicle and meter were still running.
For decades, police have been looking for a person of interest in Moura’s murder. The cab driver from New Bedford had picked up a man in front of the Bank of Boston building on Pleasant Street in New Bedford at 11am that day. By noontime, Moura would not respond to radio contact to the cab company he worked for. Two hours after the pickup, his body was found.


The person of interest is described as a white male with black hair that was neatly groomed. He was around five feet, seven inches tall and around 170 pounds with a slight gut and medium build. The clothing the man wore at the time was a black T-shirt, black pants and he may have been carrying a black or tan jacket.

Who was the Lady of the Dunes? And who Killed her?

Lady in the dunes

On July 26th, 1974 a thirteen-year-old girl walking her dog in the dunes near Provincetown made a shocking discovery of a woman brutally murdered. It is estimated that the victim had been dead for at least two weeks. Her nude body had been found lying on half of a beach towel as if she had been sharing it with someone. Her head resting on some folded jeans. Her head was nearly severed and the left side of her skull was crushed by what was believed to be an by an instrument similar to a military entrenching tool. Police were never able to fingerprint the woman because both of her hands had been cut off and never found. Despite that, the deceased woman did have several interesting items on her. She had gold crowns on her teeth valued at over 5,000 dollars and her dental work was done in a “New York Style” of dentistry. She was estimated to be around 145 pounds and 5 feet, six inches tall. She had long auburn or reddish hair that was tied in a ponytail with an elastic barrette. Her toenails were painted pink and her age was estimated to be between 25 and 40.


With two murder convictions, Hadden Clark (pictured)has admitted to murdering this woman while he was living out on Cape Cod. Local Law Enforcement however, discount the claims of this killer because he has lied about other murders in the past. Her case is still actively investigated and she has been nicknamed The Lady of the Dunes.
Years before her murder, several other women were murdered and dismembered in various towns on the Cape by a monster by the name of Antone Charles “Tony” Costa. Costa was convicted of three murders but suspected of at least seven. He committed suicide in prison in 1974. It is possible that someone was a copycat killer to Costa. Costa was behind bars when the Lady of the Dunes was found. Costa claimed an unidentified friend named Carl killed some of the women he was suspected of murdering.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the Lady in the Dunes may have been seen with arrested Gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. Bulger had been seen in Provincetown that same time period with a woman that matched the description of the murder victim. Another interesting theory floating is that she may have been an extra in the movie JAWS that was shooting on Cape Cod that summer.

UPDATE: 10-31-2022, The identity of the LAdy of the Dunes has been found. She was 38 year old Ruth Marie Terry. Who killed still remains a mystery.

If you have information about this woman’s identity or her murder you are asked to call the Provincetown Police Department at 508-487-1212. For more information about this case click here.

 Teenager’s Murder Still Haunts Family…


Just four days after her seventeenth birthday, Somerville High School student Deanna Cremins was found on March 30, 1995 deceased behind a senior housing building off of Jacues Street. The cause of death was strangulation. There is a twenty thousand dollar reward being offered to anyone that has information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. If she were alive today, she would be over thirty years of age. She left behind a grieving mother and family. If you have any information about this case, please call the Somerville Police Detective Bureau at 617-625-1600, ext. 7220.

 State’s Most Notorious Serial Killer Never Caught or Identified…

The period of April to September of 1988 was a time of terror in New Bedford. It is believed that a killer or killers took the lives of eleven women. Nine of which were found murdered and two are still missing. Many of the victims were involved drug usage and in some cases prostitution. The women’s bodies were all found alongside highways outside of New Bedford. The first victim was found in July of 1988 and the last known victim was found on April 24, 1989 off of Interstate 195. Over the years there were two prime suspects, one was an accused prostitute rapist who later committed suicide. The other was an attorney who had connections to several of the deceased victims. To date there has been no conviction in any of the murders of the New Bedford women. The known victims of the New Bedford Highway Killer are: Dawn Mendes, 25, of New Bedford. Nancy Paiva, 36, of New Bedford. Debra Greenlaw Perry DeMello, 35 of Brockton. Deborah McConnell, 25, of Newport, Rhode Island. Mary Rose Santos, 27, Of New Bedford. Sandra Botelho, 25, of New Bedford. Rochelle Clifford Dopierala, 28, of Falmouth. Debra Medeiros, 29, of Fall River. Robbin Rhodes, 29, of New Bedford. If you have any information about these murders or the disappearances of Marilyn Roberts and Christina Monteiro please contact the New Bedford Police at 508-991-6320.

11 suspected murder victims for the New Bedford Highway Killer from WPRI

 Someone Has Been holding a Deadly Secret for Decades….


In Swampscott, in December of 1974, fifteen year old Henry Bedard Jr. had gone missing after he had done some errands. Within hours, his parents knew something was wrong and desperately organized a group to search for him. On the 16th of December, a ten year old boy stumbled upon the body of the 15 year old high school athlete. The murder scene was described as gruesome. Bedard Jr. had been bludgeoned to death and buried under a pile of leaves. A baseball bat (Louisville Slugger) was located just feet from his body. The area where he was murdered was near a hill overlooking the town property. The place was a popular lookout. It is possible he was going there to meet someone. The murderer(s) could have been someone he knew or a random act of violence.
The murder caused his parents to divorce and traumatized his surviving siblings. They want answers and to get justice.


There is one clue however, that has baffled police. A strange marking found at the end of the baseball bat. To date Law Enforcement has not been able to idenfity it. If you have any information about the murder of Henry Bedard Jr., please call the Swampscott Police Department at (781) 595-1111 or by email at



What is the name of an unidentified Murder Victim? Who is responsible for Taking her life?

On August 8, 2004, the remains of black female were found in a wooded area just behind the Plainville Truck stop. A Skull and a woman’s toros were found buried in a shallow grave buried by either a blanket or a burlap. Law Enforcement estimates that she may have been between the ages of 25 to 35 years old and her height may have been between 4 foot 9 inches to 5 foot 3 inches. There was no answer as to how she died but she was placed there by someone. The victim may have also been bi-racial and been at the site for at least three to ten years.
For more information about this case visit the Doe Network.

If you have any idea as to who this person may be, please contact the Plainville Police Department at 508-699-1212 or 508-695-7115.

A Student Vanishes Only to Be Found Murdered

michaelogorman (2)By all accounts 12 year old Michael O’Gorman was a good student. He was described by teachers and students at the Fuller Elementary School (where he attended) as an excellent student. On March 18, 1974, the Gloucester boy disappeared after he left school and was declared missing. He had last been seen walking towards some railroad tracks. A massive search involving a police dog, search parties and a helicopter took place the next several days. A nearby reservoir was drained and a national search ensued on radio, television and police flyers. There were reports of people saying that they had seen the young boy but none were ever confirmed. Several were in other states.


A Month later, ten year old Leigh Frances Savoie disappeared from the Revere, Massachusetts on April 7, 1974. He was last seen that afternoon at a Restaurant at Beachmont Square.


On August 21, 1976, ten year old Angelo Puglisi was last seen at the public swimming pool near where he lived at the Stadium Housing Projects in Lawrence, Massachusetts.





There is no evidence linking these cases. There were two prime suspects in the Puglisi’s disappearance. One is a deceased convicted child murderer named Charles Pierce. Another is a convicted pedophile whose van may been seen near where Puglisi was swimming before he disappeared. In the Amato disappearance, there had been a prime suspect early in the investigation. That person is now deceased but gave a deathbed confession to a relative that he was responsible for Amato’s disappearance. Further information about these cases can be seen at the If you have any information about any of these cases, please the police departments of the respective towns where these boys had gone missing.

A Day At the Water and Two Teenagers Vanish 


It was September 9, 1957 when two teenagers named Robert Rasmussen and Gerard Montrio (pictured) vanished. The two boys from the town of Plymouth were last seen during the afternoon of that day. Their clothes were piled up on some rocks on a beach on Plymouth Harbor near the house where Rasmussen lived. At first it was thought the two boys who were 13 and 15, “may have drowned. But there were theories that they may have run away or been kidnapped. They both still have siblings that would like to know what happened to their brothers. If they are alive, they would like to speak to them. Montrio at the time of his disappearance was six feel tall with black hair and brown eyes. He weighed around 140 pounds. Montrio’s sister has a message for him or anyone that may know where he is.
“Anybody knows about him? Anyone can give me a trail? Do you recognize the boy in the picture? Gerald if you read this message, please contact me. I’m Raquel, your sister. There’s too many years without hearing from you, without any news from you. I’ve missed you so much all these years, I still miss you. Please contact me.”

Anyone with information is urged to send an email to


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