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Brutal Murder of Family Over Fifty Years Ago a Horrible Mystery

briccamurderIt was on September 27th, when neighbors in a quiet part of town discovered the bodies of 28 year old Jerry, 23 year old Linda, and four year old Debbie Bricca in their home on Greenway Avenue in the Woodhaven subdivision of Bridgetown, Ohio. All three had been brutally stabbed to death. It is believed that they had been slain two days before they were found. The two family dogs however, were left alive and the murder weapon never found. Police have theorized that is it possible that the killer may have been known to the victims. The family had only been in the Cincinatti area for three years and Jerry worked at a nearby Monsanto Plant. The Murders haunted the area for years and a suspect was identified but never arrested.
The case is still active and If you have any information, please contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at (513) 946-6400. It’s time for answers.

Father of Two Gunned Down on Way to Work

haltonWas it a random crime or a targeted killing? That is what the family of Stephen Halton Jr. want to know. It was between 4:30am to 4:50am in the morning of January 11th, 2014 when the married father of two was waiting at the 15300 Lake Shore Avenue RTA stop in Cleveland, Ohio. The 30-year-old was an anesthesiology technician and was going to the Cleveland Clinic hospital via bus where he had been summoned to help in a liver transplant operation. He had been fatally shot once in the upper body. To date the murder is unsolved and there is a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for this senseless crime. If you have any knowledge about who did this crime please contact Crime Stoppers at at (216) 252.7463 or on the internet at http://www.25crime.com. You can remain anonymous.

Two Victims and a Shady Past

callahanmcdadeIt was March 18th, 1981, when 54 year old former New York construction executive William Callahan, 54, and Broadway chorus girl Wendy McDade, 29, were victims of execution style homicides in the Chiwaukee Prairie in Kenosha County. The two were shot multiple times. Prior to their murders, they had been staying at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Police do not believe the motive was robbery as there was a $5,000 watch and $1,500 in Canadian currency on Callahan’s body. Callahan was married but he was romantically involved with McDade.
Callahan himself was a former dancer and actor but eventually got into legal trouble when it was discovered he was embezzling millions of dollars from the Arc Electrical Construction company. The company was headed by his own father-in-law. At one time Law Enforcement looked at a New York City Lawyer and a convicted con artist who were investigated in a separate murder. To date, no one has been charged with the crime.

If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department at 262-605-510. You can also call Crimestoppers at 800-807-TIPS (8477)



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Murder Covered By Arson Still Unsolved in Death or Young Woman



It was on the early morning of June 17, 2008, when a killer entered the modular home Kelcey Fike at No. 58 R-Villa South Trailer Court in west Kearney, Nebraska. They attacked the twenty-one year old and murdered her. She died of a ligature strangulation and blunt force trauma to the torso and head and then the killer(s) set the house on fire. There was an unidentified vehicle seen leaving the trailer park before Fike’s body was found.
There was no sign of early entry and police theorize it is possible that she knew her killer. Police have looked at an attempted sexual assault as one of the possible motives in her death. Her boyfriend at the time was out of town and has been ruled out as a suspect.
A $30,000 reward is offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this murder.

If you have any information, please contact the Kearney Police Department at 308-237-2104, the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office at 308-236-8555 or Crimestoppers at 308-237-3424.






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