Cases of Conspiracy

Conspiracy files are cases that are the types that you would see on TV Shows and movies. These cases are bizarre and have theories that can point to government, corporate, cult involvement or those considered unnatural. Read at your own risk.

What Prompted a Woman to Try to Kill a Civil Rights Leader?

kingassassinAmerican history could have been traumatically changed on September 20, 1958. Famed Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. was doing a book signing at Blumstein Department Store in the Harlem section of New York City when he had a near fatal meeting with 42 year old Izola Ware Curry. She tried to talk to King and then without reason, plunged a letter opener in his chest. The letter opener was like a dagger and it almost pierced King’s aorta. If not for the excellent work of several surgeons, Martin Luther King Jr. could have bled to death had he sneezed or made a sudden movement.

Izola Ware Curry was arrested and was declared by psychiatrists to be a paranoid schizophrenic. According to documents, she thought the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People and King himself wanted to kill her. 55Y00K55.jpgShe was committed to the Matteawan State Hospital for the criminally insane. It is not known what ever became of the first person who tried to take the life of Martin Luther King Jr. A documentary film was done about the incident and can be seen here at There are some that believe that Izola Curry could have been a part of a bigger conspiracy to kill King. Others say she could have been a spurned mistress of the Civil Rights leader. On March 22, 2015 it was reported in the New York Times that Izola Curry died in a nursing home at the age of 98 years old. she had been institutionalized since her arrest for the attempted murder. Was Ms. Curry really crazy or did someone influence her to take out a Civil Rights Leader who threatened the establishment back then?


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Who Killed Influential Member of Religious Group?

danieljordanIt was October 16th, 1982, when the body of a middle aged man was found in a trashpile behind a commercial parking lot  in the Southwestern Connecticut city of Stamford.

The man would soon be identified as 50 year old Daniel Jordan.  Jordan was a resident of Escondido, California and the Dean of the School of Education at National University in San Diego.  Jordan was a major religious leader in the United States for the Baha’i religion which originated out of the country of Iran.

Law Enforcement noted that at the time that Jordan’s body was found that he contained no personal identification on him.  They also believed that his body was dumped there.  Jordan had died from a deep stab wound to the neck by possibly a sword.  He had gone missing the night before in New York City where he was supposed to give a lecture for the World University at the New York University Club the day he was found dead.  Jordan had told others that he was staying with friends that night, they have never been publicly identified.

At the time of his murder, the Stamford Police Department was notoriously corrupt.  It was only years earlier that Lieutenant Larry Hogan was dealing drugs.  Another officer, Duke Morris was killed in a shootout with rival drug dealers and is believed to have been responsible for several murders.  Several other officers were rumored to be involved in various criminal activities.   By the early 80’s most of the bad cops had been arrested or retired.  The New York Crime Families, namely the Genovese and Gambino were controlling many of the rackets in the cities as well as contracts.    There is no evidence that Jordan was killed in a mob hit or that any corrupt Stamford Police officers had any involvement in it.

One theory that has been floated is that Jordan may have been killed by the Iranian Government because he was a leading figure in the Baha’i faith.  He had visited Iran in an effort to help stop discrimination and violence by the Islamic religious leaders in that country towards his fellow members of the Baha’i religion. Many members of the Baha’i faith had been executed by Iran’s government after they took power.   It is also possible that a lone religious fanatic killed him as well.  To date, his murder remains unsolved and largely out of the public eye.

For more information about this case visit here

Abducted By A UFO?

valentichIt’s straight out of the X-Files. On the evening of October 21st, 1978 a young man named Frederick Valentich was flying his Cessna airplane off of the coast of Australia when he radioed a frantic call into air traffic control out of Melborne. He claimed that an unidentified metallic craft was strangely moving around his airplane as he flew across the Bass Strait on his way to King’s Island. The conversation was tape recorded and before contact was cut off a loud unknown sound was heard. No one would ever saw the twenty-one year old Valentich or his aircraft again. Valentich was known to have a keen interest in UFOS and around the time that he had disappeared there had been numerous sightings around southern Australia. In the decades prior to his disappearance other aviation flights had disappeared. Most of them there have been no trace of. There have been theories that Valentich may have become disoriented and hallucinated the UFO incident. Others point to suicide or faking his own death. One thing that can not be disputed. Frederick Valentich and his Cessna have never been found.

Journalist Murdered, Was it Political?

lankeshGauri Lankesh was an Indian journalist, publisher and outspoken critic of far right Hindu political groups. Also known as an activist, she was shot dead by unknown assailants in front of her home in the city of Bangalore in India on September 5th, 2017. The attackers were male and had been wearing helmets. They escaped on a two-wheeler Honda Dio. Lankesh was shot three times and died at the scene of the crime. The crime has shaken India and has spurred many protests and rallies to find the killers responsible.

Murder 75 Years Ago Still Has Conspiracy Theorists Buzzing

lewisallynIt was May 7th on a Tuesday night when an unknown gunman shot Dr. Louis B. Allyn to death at his home in Westfield, Massachusetts. At the time of his death in 1940, Allyn was a former professor at the Westfield State Normal School (now Westfield State University) where he had taught chemistry. However, it was his work in the Pure Food Movement that he was best known for. It may have also made him several enemies. Allyn was against the many preservatives that were put into food back then that are still being used today. He was the food editor of McClures Publications and was the creator of the “Westfield Standard”. He railed against powerful corporations and was allegedly harassed and defamed by various individuals. At one point he was even expelled from the American Chemical Society.

At the age of sixty-five, he was shot to death by someone through his living room window. Ironically, he had been reading a book titled, “The Gun.” The murder weapon was believed to have been an Hi-Standard automatic .32 caliber pistol that was manufactured in New Haven, CT. Witnesses reported seeing a strange man wearing dark glasses parked in a black sedan vehicle for the last several weeks not far from the house. The vehicle had Massachusetts License plates.

In the days after his murder, other theories came out that Allyn was working on some nutritional formula and that a European country involved in World War 2 was interested in it. However, Allyn was not interested in giving out details about his secret vitamin concentrate.

Interesting enough, the murder of Allyn was similar to that of the September 14, 1934 murder of Dr. Elliot Speer who was the headmaster of the Mount Hermon School for Boys in Northfield, Massachusetts. In that unsolved case, Speer was shot through a window with a shotgun. Louis Allyn is pictured at right. This was taken from a McClure Magazine publication.

Whether or not he was killed by a foreign enemy such as the Nazis from Germany or from a hitman paid by a business entity will always be up for debate.

What Happened to Civil Rights Activist

rayrobinsonThere were many Civil Rights Workers that lost their lives in the struggle for equal rights for all races of people. Martin Luther King Junior, Reverend James Reeb, Medger Evers and numerous others were killed by white supremacists and law enforcement. There is one civil rights worker who is missing and presumed dead which has been a mystery for over four decades. What and where is Ray Robinson?

Robinson was a married father of three from Alabama. The forty year old participated in numerous important civil rights events and had been arrested for his actions. Robinson was a true believer in the peaceful approach to civil rights. He was involved in protests against the war in Vietnam as well as marching for income equality. and In 1973, he and another civil rights worker went to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to help show support for the American Indian Movement who was in a standoff with the local Indian Police force as well as various law enforcement from the US Government. It is believed that Robinson went to help coordinate cooperation between black and Native American rights groups. The standoff last 71 days until members of the American Indian Movement surrendered. One US Marshall was shot and paralyzed. Two Indians died from their wounds. However, the question remains. Were there three dead? Robinson was no where to be found and hasn’t since. It is rumored that he had gotten into an argument with a member of the group and was shot to death. FBI files that were released to the public indicate that the US Government thought Robinson was a victim of the American Indian Movement. It is possible that members of the group killed him because they thought that he was a Federal Informant due to his pacifism and refusal to take up arms during the ongoing gun battle. Other conspiracy theories point to him possibly being murdered by the Indian faction fighting the American Indian Movement or by US Law Enforcement.

Anna Mae Aquash  - American Indian Activist MurderedRumors also persist around that of the rape/murder of American Indian Activist Annie Mae Aquash.  It is believed that her brutal homicide was ordered by high ranking members of AIM (American Indian Movement) because they thought she was a Federal Informant and had too much information about what really happened to Ray Robinson and other possible murders by the group.  Although there were several convictions in her death, it is believed that the people who ordered the execution have escaped justice.

Fifty years later though, the questions remain about Ray Robinson remain, why was he killed and where is he buried?  A Facebook page is listed here  with additional information about this case.

Murder of Man Makes People Wonder if it Was Cold War Related

himmlerIt was January 14th, 1956 when the unidentified body of a white male in his 30’s was found by a cemetery in Georgetown, Massachusetts. Law Enforcement would soon make an identification of the man as being Robert Edward Himmler of Cumberland Maryland. He had been shot twice and died from his wounds. The thirty two year old married father had been seen earlier in Connecticut at an eatery on the Berlin Turnpike somewhere between the towns of Wallingford and Wethersfield. His car had been stolen and used in an armed robbery of a gas station. Police believed his killer was a hitchhiker who was around thirty years of age who was five foot eight and 175 pounds. He was wearing a light sports jacket with dark trousers. One unusual thing about the murder is that Himmler was a radar engineer for the Bendix Company. In his brief case, were top secret blueprints of Nike Bases and other radar defenses of the East Coast. Enemies of the United States would have placed a large value on these documents. However, there is always the possibility that the killer(s) took photographs instead. Police had a viable suspect who was killed in a shootout with police in a southern state. Still one has, to ask why a man with top secret information would pick up a hitchhiker, or was Himmler abducted at gunpoint and killed.

Suicide or Something More Serious?

bolandIt was May 13th, 1962 when a fisherman discovered the body of 48 year old Harold Boland Sr. in a water channel between Onota Lake the Berkshire Woolen Company dam located near Lakeway Drive in Pittsfield. Boland’s wrists were tied and it is theorized that he drowned as a result of being tied to a large rock recovered in the water where he was found. The death at first viewed as suspicious, was declared a suicide.

More than half a century later, questions persist if Boland was a victim of a homicide made to look like self inflicted death. For starters, His empty wallet and smashed eye glasses was found in his office at Columbus Avenue in Pittsfield. One of his shoes was found in his office while his body was found with the other one on. Family members believe that Boland may have been a gambler and could have gotten in trouble. Since the medical examiner declared the case a suicide, police are not investigating it. It is believed that Patriarca Crime Family out of Providence controlled many of the rackets. A case similar to Boland’s was that of Louis James DeFusco of Rhode Island whose death was originally ruled a suicide,  DeFusco’s case was a drowning similar to Boland’s but when his body was examined again after four decades, it was determined to be a homicide.  Boland’s family believes that he was a victim of a murder. More than fifty five years later, even if he was killed, it is likely his assailants may be deceased.

Was Man Gunned Down by Those who were sworn to Serve and Protect?

It was 1987 when the body of 50 year old  Vittorio “Vic the Dog Man” Boaselli was found dead on a quiet road on the Massachusetts town of Granville.  Boaselli was known around parts of Hartford, Connecticut and often carried pockets of cash and had a pet black wolf dog often by his side.  He could have been described as living the life of somewhat squalor but was known to have had a small fortune that people speculated may have come from relatives or other sources.

He also an interest in illegal cockfighting where he and others would place illegal bets. It is believed that whoever shot him dead may have had a connection to these events.  However, the suspects that Massachusetts police and Federal Law Enforcement have questioned were three friends of Boaselli.  They were also at the time, Hartford Police Officers.  One of the officers was also caught at an illegal cockfighting event in another part of Connecticut.

Two articles published in the Hartford Courant detailed a lengthy investigation into several alleged crimes committed by member of the force.  They included the 1997 murder of a woman, Rosa Delgado who was the mother of a child by a different police officer named Julio Camacho.  Delagado’s body  was found headless and handless in a New Jersey lake.  However, her daughter that she had with Camacho, Rosa Camacho has never been seen again.   Julio was the last person to be seen with either one of them and would be fired from the force after a conviction of sexual assault on a woman.

As far as the three officers questioned in the homicide of Boaselli, the Courant reported in 1997, that one of them had died, a second had been convicted on a drug charge and a third was still on the force.  Decades later, the Hartford Police Department has been rooted out many of the bad officers they had in the 80’s and 90’s due to the various efforts of police chiefs including James Ravella.  However, it looks like the murder of “Vito the Dog Man” appears to be on ice as it is a cold case with no progress mentioned in media for decades.



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