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Mystery Persists in Child’s Disappearance from National Park

dennismartinIt is one of America’s most famous missing person’s case, the vanishing of six year old Dennis Martin from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee on June 14th, 1969.  Martin had been in the area of Spence Field.   Martin had been playing hide and seek with his brother and some older children when he hid behind a bush and has never been seen alive since.  A massive search and rescue took place that involved over a thousand volunteers which included Police, Green Berets, FBI Agents, Park Rangers and Helicopters.  The day after he went missing, a heavy rain and then mist complicated the efforts to find him alive.

There are several theories that have ranged from Martin wandering off and getting lost, to abduction by a stranger, to being killed by a bear or other animal.  In 1985 a person came forward claiming that he had seen the skeletal remains of a young child in the park years earlier but never came forward.  Martin’s father believes that his son was the victim of a stranger abduction and some people support that theory.  For more information about this case read the book “Forever Searching” by Michael Bouchard.  .

Another Victim of the Ku Klux Klan?

The 1960s in the Deep South was a battleground of change. There was an old guard that was resistant to change. The Ku Klux Klan was the main group that would resort to violence against Americans of African ancestry and persons of other ethnic groups that worked for civil rights advancement. Clifton Walker was a World War Two Veteran who many believed was as victim of racial violence. On February 28, 1964, he was driving in a rural part of southwestern Mississippi. He was on his way to the town of Woodville. He took a shortcut on Poor House Road which proved fatal. It was an area that was not safe for any black or brown person to be on. It is alleged that several men with shotguns surrounded Walker’s 1961 Chevrolet Impala and shot him to death. The Civil Rights Cold Case Project has been working on this case. For more information visit

Suspect Still Not Found After Store Massacre

belokiller It was June 6, 1993 in the town of Windsor, North Carolina where Law Enforcement came upon a horrible crime scene. A black male suspect came into the store and collared six people in the store at gun point and bound them with duct tape. They were taken to the meat cutting room where he proceeded to shoot them and even stab them. Three victims died and two others injured. The three people that died were Bud Cecil, Joyce Reason, and Johnnie Rankins.

The suspect is described as medium complexion black male around 6′ to 6′ 2″ tall. He is estimated to weight between 170 to 200 pounds. He has a slender build and at the time of the attack had a military-style haircut. He was also described as having slanted eyes and a narrow nose bridge.

If you have any information about who this suspect is, please call the Windsor Police Department at 252-794-3111. You can remain anonymous.

Two Teenagers Run Over By Train and Questions of Murder Surround the Case

Unsolved double murder of Ken Ives and Don HenryIt was around 4am on August 23, 1987, the bodies of 16-year old Don Henry (pictured left) and 17-year old Kevin Ives (pictured right) were hit by a cargo train in the town of Alexander, Arkansas as they lay across the tracks. Despite the train operator attempting to stop and blow the horn, the momentum of the train was too great and the bodies of the teen were run over.  

Originally the deaths of the two boys was ruled accidental because the boys were believed to have been sleeping on the tracks due to marijuana intoxication  Another autopsy and exhumation of the bodies revealed that the deaths were a homicide.  One of the boys may have been stabbed and the other had his skull severely damaged from the butt of

Hours before they died, they had gone out hunting with a rifle and flashlight.   Theories range from running into being murdered by drug dealers because they ran into a drug drop, to being targeted by a random madman.  A prosecutor in the case was eventually arrested for drug trafficking and a possible witness/person if interest was murdered in 1988.  To date this case remains unsolved.

Road Rage Leads To Cowardly Death of Two Year Old

laylawashingtonLaylah Washington deserved better. She was just an innocent two year old in the back of her mother’s car when an individual accompanied by three others shot at her mother’s car after an argument. More that $20,000 dollars has been offered as a reward for the conviction of the persons responsible for her murder in the Hickory Hill section of Memphis, Tennessee. A verbal argument occurred between Layla’s mother and the occupants of a dark colored sedan. When the Layla’s mother left with her two sons and daughter, the car followed and opened fire. Layla was critically wounded and died in a hospital two days later on June 11, 2017.
Four people in that car knew what happened. They had to act tough and now a baby is dead and a family is scarred for life.

If you have any information about this case please call the Memphis Police department at 901.636.3300.


DNA Testing Proves that Prime Suspect in Rape/Murder of Nun was not Killer

westvirginianun.jpgIt is one of the most infamous cold cases in West Virginia History.  It was on June 13, 1977 when 26 year old Roberta Elam  was raped and murdered on the grounds of Mount Saint Joseph’s Convent, near the town of Wheeling, West Virginia.  What made the crime even more notorious was that Elam was a Postulant Nun and that the crime occurred during the daytime within eyesight of the nearby Oglebay golf course and the convent.  Her partially clad body was found at 2pm.  She had last been seen leaving the kitchen at 10:30am.  The Convent Groundskeeper and his wife found her body which was partially clothed body a few hundred yards from the convent.   The Killer had strangled her.

Elam had been staying at the convent studying and hoping to become a fully ordained nun.  For several years, police had a prime suspect, a convicted murderer who was in the area at the time of Elam’s slaying.  The suspect would die in prison but a DNA sample taken from him revealed that he was not Elam’s killer.  Police have looked at various people that stayed and worked at the convent.  To date, no one has been charged in her murder.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the West Virginia State Polcie at 304-746-2100.

Slaying of Working Mother Haunts Family

daisytaylorDaisy Taylor was considered a nice and friendly person. She was a 56 year old mother who worked two jobs and attended church every Sunday. Tragically, on November 2nd 2012, her dead body was in a ditch near Grammon Road near the town of Marion, Arkansas by a Crittenden County road crew member around 11 that morning. Police theorize that Taylor was murdered right there and had succumbed to three gunshots including one to the head which came from a 9mm handgun.

The Home Healthcare worker had been on her way to work to pick up a check and had spoken to a relative an hour before she was found dead. Her 2012 Chevy Impala was found about an hour and a half after body was located. The car had been found in South Memphis, Tennessee on Mason Street. The killer or killer(s) had lit the vehicle on fire and all physical evidence in the car was destroyed. Police believe that her killer(s) may have driven a white sedan vehicle. Her family has questions as to why she was a victim and want justice.

If you have any information about this case please call Law Enforcement at 870-702-2000.




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Bizarre Murder of Family Haunts Town Fifty Years Later

Durham Family (Taken from

It was on the evening of February 3rd, 1972, during a snowstorm when a triple murder took place on a home located on Clyde Townsend Road in the town of Boone, (Wautaga County) North Carolina. Fifty one year old Bryce Durham, 51, his forty sixe year old wife, Virginia Durham, and their nineteen year old son, Bobby Joe Durham, 19, all were discovered with their heads shrouded in a bathtub full of water in their residence.

When autopsies were done on the victim they would find that Virginia had died from being strangled, her husband and son were strangled but ultimately were drowned in the running water of the tub.

An unusual detail about the case is that on the night of the murders, the son-in-law of the family, stated that he received a muffled phone call from Virginia claiming a number of black males were holding her husband and son in another room of their split-level home, according to earlier editions of the Watauga Democrat newspaper. According to an article on, four white men were arrested for the murders but none were ever convicted and let go due to lack of evidence. The case remains unsolved.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Watauga Sheriffs Department at (828)264-3761.


Minor TV Celebrity Executed on Way to Club

IT was on March 21st 2019, when then thirty two year old Clifford Dixon was shot and killed in the parking lot of the SL Lounge bar located at the 4000 block of Buford Highway around 1:15 am in the town of Chamblee, Georgia in the Atlanta Metro area. Dixon was a close friend of National Basketball Association Superstar KevinvDurant. Dixon also played professional basketball in several countries before retiring. He was also the real life boyfriend of Erica Mean who was a castmember of the show  “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” where Dixon appeared with her on screen.

Clifford Dixon

The early morning of his murder, video shows a man wearing hoodie waiting around in the parking lot until Dixon exits his vehicle. The unidentified killer runs up and shoots him several times and then flees on foot. To date there is no arrest. Durant despite being a multi-millionaire, Kevin Durant has not offered a public reward for the person who had at once considered his “adopted” brother.