Violent Fugitive Flees Justice

peterbarges1It was a brutal crime. Thirty-nine year old Peter Barges was killed in the driveway of his home near 71st and Lake in Omaha, Nebraska on January 22, 2009. His 10-year-old son Jake home inside while his father lay dieing. Rafael Jimenez is the man accused of the brutal crime. He also brutally assaulted his own wife earlier that night and is wanted on charges for that crime as well.

Jimenez was born in 1972 and is latino (mestizo) male who is rafaeljimenezaround five foot seven (170 centimeters) and 153 pounds (70 Kilograms). He has black hair and brown eyes.

If you  have any information on Rafael Jimenez’s whereabouts, please call the Omaha Nebraska Police Department at 402-444-STOP. There is a $25,000 reward and it is believed that he is in Mexico.

Neighborhod Dispute Turns Violent

villanuevacordova1A neighborhood dispute turned violent in Albuquerque, New Mexico when on June 18th 2013, when 27-year-old Michael S. Sanchez (bottom right) was stabbed numerous times at a Gas Station in that city. Police were able to track down his killer who turned out to be his neighbor, 33 year old Ricardo Villanueva Cordova. The two neighbors earlier had a dispute about Cordova’s dog because it barked too much. There was a verbal confrontation and later that day the dog would be found injured.

Michael Sanchez - Murder Victim New MexicoCordova thought Sanchez was responsible and killed him. It is not known, who injured Cordova’s dog. Cordova may have fled to Mexico, he is around six foot two and 220 pounds at the time of the murder.

Please call the Albuquerque Crime Stoppers at (505) 843-7867 if you know the whereabouts of Cordova. There is a $1,000 cash reward for information that leads to his arrest.

One of Maryland’s Worst Mass Murder Suspects Remains On The Run

bishopmurderWhat would cause a man to snap and kill his wife, three young sons, and mother?
On March 8, 1976 police performed a welfare check on a home at 8103 Lilly Stone Drive in Bethesda, Maryland. Immediately, police knew something horrible had taken place in the house. There was blood all over the house. But there were no bodies and no trace of the family that lived there. Eventually, the bodies were identified as remains that were found days earlier in a part of Eastern North bishopagedCarolina. There the burnt and charred remains of five individuals were found. The remains were eventually identified as 37 year old Annette Bishop, 14 year old William Bradford Bishop III, 10 year old Brenton Bishop, 5 year old Geoffrey Bishop, and 68 year old Lobelia Amaryllis Bishop. Autopsies revealed that they were bludgeoned to death.

The prime suspect?

Bradford Bishop. The husband, father and son of the five victims.

The murder weapon? A ball peen hammer that he bought just before the murders had taken place.

Bishop at the time worked for the State Department and graduated from Yale University. He is skilled in several European languages and knows how to stay under the radar. There have been several unconfirmed sightings of Bishop in the years after the murders of him in several European countries. Police still think that he still alive and he is now one of the top ten fugitives on the FBI List. He has a noticable mole on one of his cheeks and a six inch back on his lower back. http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten . He would be in his late seventies if he still is alive and he be anywhere in the world. There is a $100,000 reward offered for his capture and his conviction. IF you know where Bishop is please go to the FBI Tips page at https://tips.fbi.gov/

7 Million And Gone….

gerena1What Gerena might look like today When Victor Gerena was in high school, his friends always felt that he would go places and do great things. After failing out of college, Gerena took a different path. He got involved with a radical Puerto Rican independence terrorist group, “Los Macheteros”. With their assistance on September 12, 1983, He committed what was the biggest ever cash robbery in the history of the United States. Armed with a gun, he tied up two co-workers and stole 7.1 million dollars from the Wells Fargo Security Depot in West Hartford. Since that night, he has not been seen in the United States. Gerena has been a top ten fugitive of the FBI for many years. It is believed that he could possibly be residing in Cuba.

gerena2In the last several years several members of the “Los Machateros” leadership has been imprisoned or killed by law enforcement. They are believed to have had either planned or had knowledge of Gerena’s heist.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Victor Gerena, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. To get more information about Victor Gerena click on FBI’s 10 Most Wanted.

Is Dangerous Prison Escapee Still Alive?

Thomas Pendergast was driving on the San Diego Freeway in the fall of 1958 when he gave a homeless 16 year old hitchhiker a lift in his vehicle. He eventually allowed the teenager, named Carl Alfred Eder to move into to his home in El Cajon to help him get back on his feet financially. It would prove to be fatal as Eder — would be arrested for murdering Thomas’ wife and his four young children six weeks later. The murders were brutal as he fatally shot Mrs. Pendergast and stabbed and bludgeoned the children to death. and though Eder confessed, he would be sentenced to life in prison.

eder1Prison would not be in the card for Eder as he escaped in 1974. Two years later, another mystery would appear when the body of a murdered man was found at Pendergast’s property. It wasn’t Eder and it is unknown if the victim was killed by Eder or someone else. The victim remains unidentified to this day. If alive today, he would be over 70 years old and six foot two inches and weigh around 165 pounds.

If you know where he is, please contact the El Cajon Police Department at 619-441-5530 or leave a tip at the email address of coldhomicideunit@ci.elcajon.ca.us.

There is a $20,000 reward for his arrest.

Murderer Jumps Bail and Still on the Run

glenholmesGlen Holmes Jr. who also goes by the various alias Glen Little, Glen Davis is wanted for jumping bail on a capital felony case. On May 1, 2006, the then 24 year old criminal, stole Cadillac that belonged to Barry Thomas during a car jacking at a drive-through lane at a Taco Cabana restaurant located on South Loop 336 West in Conroe, Texas. Thomas fled the vehicle but Holmes still shot and killed him anyways. Holmes is a black male that is five foot four inches tall. He is around 170 to 180 pounds. He has several tattoos which include one on the right side of his neck that says “Patricia.” There is also one of a cross and the drama-face symbols (smiling and crying), which are on either side of the cross.

If you have information about this fugitive, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 or Crime Stoppers at 800-392-7867. There is a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information that helps lead to an arrest.

Violent Rapist Is Still On the Loose

wadadaPolice don’t know much about him except that he went by the name of Wadada.  They also know that he is responsible for the brutal rape and attempted murder of a 17 year old University of New Mexico college student on December 7th, 1988 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   The student nearly died from her injuries but identified the transient Wadada as her attacker.

Wadada left the area and has never been seen since.  He was described as being five foot seven to five foot nine (170 to 175 centimeters) with a thin build at the time.  He was fluent in the Spanish language but was said to have an accent that may have been from a French Caribbean island or Ethiopian.   Wadada has several features that make him very recognizable.  He has deformed right arm in which the hands for a claw shape (bent).  His hands have burn scars on the front and back of them.  Wadada claimed he was born in Guyana and that he lived in various areas such as Santa Fe, New Mexico; Miami, Florida; and Brooklyn, New York.  He often survived by befriending people and asking for money.  He considers himself an artist as well.  For more information about this case please click here.

Child Killer allowed Out For Shopping Day only to Cheat his Victim’s Family of Justice

Mary Ellen Deener victim of Lester EubanksIt was a brutal crime, Lester Eubanks was a 22 years old  man who had a dark history of sexual crimes murdered a fourteen year old girl named Mary Ellen Deener of Mansfield, Ohio.  After attempting to sexually assault Deener, he shot her with a gun and bludgeoned her with a brick in 1965.  Originally sentenced to death for the crime, his sentence was commuted to life due to a Supreme Court Ruling.  In 1973, due to alleged good behavior he was allowed out on a Christmas shopping trip at a shopping center in the city of Columbus in Ohio.

He escaped and has never been found since despite being featured on a segment of the television show America’s Most Wanted and now part of the US Marshals Most Wanted List.  If you see Eubanks, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Wanted Fugitive - Lester Eubanks


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