Virginia Cases

Is Double Murder at Shenandoah National Park a Hate Crime?

williamswinansVirginia is known for it’s beauty and millions of people have enjoyed it’s forests, trails and mountains. However, on June 1, 1996, the peacefulness that is Shenandoah experienced pure horror as two women were found victims of a brutal double homicide. Twenty-four year old Julianne Williams and her girlfriend twenty-six year old Lollie Winans had their wrists bound and their throats slit. Winans dog, Taj was left untouched and found near the crime scene. The area where the killing took place was very close to where the Appalachian Trail goes through. The two victims were lesbian lovers who kept a low profile in regards to their sexuality. Law Enforcement believes that the two may have been specifically targeted because of that. A man was eventually arrested for the double murders but was released and not considered a suspect anymore. Members of the public and family members of other unsolved crimes in the area continue to look at another person as being responsible.

There have been around a dozen murders along the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. Most have been solved but this case and two others remain unsolved.


Death of Senator’s Aide Still Unsolved Decades Later

raymondnelsonClaiborne Pell was a legend in Rhode Island politics. The former Senator grew up a child of privilege who didn’t like to flaunt his enormous wealth. When he was elected to his first term as a US Senator, he was viewed as a political outsider. Through the help Raymond Nels Nelson, who was a (former bureau chief of the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin Newspaper) Pell won in an upset. Nelson, was a skilled strategist and campaigner who ended up being the administrative assistant for Pell when he was in Washington DC. He eventually joined the staff of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. In 1976, the married father of three made a controversial decision and came out as a gay man. It damaged him politically but he refused to hide his sexuality anymore.
Things did take a dark turn for the Washington Insider when on June 1, 1981, the 59-year-old was found murdered at his apartment at 701 Quincy Street, NE in Washington DC. The former professional typist turned political staffer had been bludgeoned to death  with one of his own typewriters in his residence. For years there have been rumors about why he was murdered. Rumors on the internet speculate that political pressure may play a part as to why the case remains unsolved.

The unsolved murder is still under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department. If you have information about this case please call the police at 202 727-9099 or contact them via email at Nelson left behind three children and friends and family that are still looking for answers. For additional information about this case please visit


Family Loses Two Family Members to Different Violent Crimes

It’s tough to lose a loved one to murder. It’s even worse when when you lose two family members to gun violence.  Wendy Lawson is dealing with this and in both cases, the homicides are unsolved.  One is her brother, the other is the father of her two grandsons.  Both occurred in Culpeper County in Virginia.


It was early Sunday morning when around 3:00 am on October 9th, 2016 Culpeper County Law Enforcement arrived to the 100-block of Jeffries Alley, near Yowell Meadow Park, for a shooting. When officers arrived they discovered 37 year old Joe “Jody” Pullen severely wounded from several gunshot wounds to the head.  He would be pronounced deceased at the scene.  It is alleged that there are witnesses to this crime and that these people have not come forward.   If you have  information about this homicide please contact the Culpeper Police Department at 540 727-3430.  You can also email tips here at  

For more information about this case please visit Justice for Jody


Tragedy would strike again when Roger “RaRa” Davis Jr.  was gunned down on March 6th, 2018 on an early Tuesday morning in the 15000 block of Shanktown Road in the unincorporated community of Reva.  He was 27 years old and a former standout athlete in High School.  He was related to Punell, because Pullen was the great uncle to two of Davis’s children.   There is a $5,000 reward being offered for information in his case that leads to a conviction of the suspect(s).

If you have any information about the murder of Roger Davis or Joe “Jody” Pullen, please contact the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office at the 540-727-7900 or e-mail


Young College Student Shot to Death

It2019 Murder victim Richmond, Virginia Samuel Flaugher was 9 pm on April 15th, 2019, when Richmond Law Enforcement Officers were summoned by a 911 caller to the 4000 block of Meridian Avenue near Jefferson Davis.  There they found 19 year-old Samuel Flaugher, who lived in the town Chester suffering from a serious gunshot wound.  He had been dragged by a friend some 150 yeard from where he was shot and then once police arrived, taken to a nearby hospital.  The injury would prove fatal to Flaugher as he would die from his injuries on April 18th.  Flaugher was a student attending John Tyler Community College and hoping to become a dental hygienist.  He was his parents only child.  

Richmond Police are looking for for information about this crime.  You can contact Major Crimes at 804-646-3617 or contact Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000 or at