Fifty Two Years Later: Suspect Identified in Cold Case Murder of California Woman

Genetic Genealogy once again finds a killer. 27 year old Nancy Bennallack was stabbed to death in her apartment as she slept in Sacramento, California. Police confirmed that a fellow resident in the building named Richard John Davis was the murderer. Davis died in 1997. Bennalack was a court reporter who at the time was engaged to be married to a Chief Public Defender in the California Court System.


Is a Serial Killer Hunting Muslim Men in One US State?

UPDATE 8-10-2022: 51-year-old Muhammad Syed has been arrested. Possible motive could be related to a hatred against muslins of the shia denomination.

Four men dead from gunshots, three within the last two weeks alone. Alburquerque, New Mexico Police think the murders may be linked. While no motive has been established, one theory points to the homicides being religious or racial motivated.

$25,000 Reward offered in Reward Money to Find the Killer(s) of a sleeping Teenager.

Nineteen year old New Haven, Connecticut resident Kiana Brown was sleeping early Wednesday morning on June 17, 2020 at a home on Valley Street when a bullet entered the residence and killed the Hillhouse High School graduate. She had been sleeping in her own bedroom and died from an injury to her head. New Haven Police need your help to crack this case.

Kiana Brown Murer June 17, 2020

Princess Doe Identified!! New Jersey Murder Victim finally has name after 40 years

Princess Doe now known as Dawn Olanick

It is a sad case that has haunted the area of Blairestown, New Jersey (USA) for decades. An unsolved murder of a teenaged girl however, 40 years later DNA tests have given the woman known as Princess Doe her rightful name forty years after she was found dead near a cemetery in Blairestown. She is 17 year old Dawn Olanick from the area of Long Island, New York. Law Enforcement has also stated that they believe she was killed by a man named Arthur Kinlaw who is serving time for another murder. More Details to follow.


Murder or Self Defense? Bodega Worker is jailed for stabbing customer who assaulted him behind the counter.

People are getting fed up with crime. A customer with numerous convictions including those of assault physically pushes and manhandles an innocent working man. The customer gets stabbed to death during the fight and is then held on a $250,000 cash bond. Is it justified? Caution: There is violence and blood in this video.

Thirty Six year old Cold Case of Murdered Unknown Baby Solved.

Baby Jane Doe’s body was found on December 7, 1985 in Frenchville, Maine. The unidentified child had been left to die in subzero temperatures. Fifty Eight year old Lee Ann Daigle, formerly known as Lee Ann Guerrette, of Lowell, Massachusetts has been arrested and charged with her with murder.


Murder of New Hampshire Couple on Hiking Trail Shocks New England

On April 18, Stephen and Djeswende Reid left the Alton Woods apartment complex where they lived just after 2 p.m. and went for a walk in the area of Broken Ground Trails. They were reported as missing when Stephen missed an appointment with a friend. Days later on April 21st, the couple would be found deceased from multiple gunshot wounds on a walking trail near the Alton Woods Apartment Complex. The couple were both in their late 60’s.

The person of interest has been described as a white male, late 20s or early 30s. They think he is about 5’10” tall and has a medium build and short brown hair. A witness reported that they wore a dark blue jacket, khaki pants, and was carrying a backpack. The area near the murder has two highways within a few miles of the location. IF you have any information about this case contact the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department at 603-225-8600.