Another Cold Case Bites the Dust

It was a brutal, rape, torture murder of a beautiful 17 year old woman named Carla Walker in Forth Worth, Texas in 1974. More than 45 years later, a monster named Glen Samuel McCurley was arrested for her brutal slaying.

Solved almost 50 years later….

Disappearance of College Student a Mystery nearly a 100 Years later..

Frances St. John Smith was born in 1909 to wealthy parents in New York City, New York. Her parents, St. John Smith and Florence Howland, were descended from families who sailed to the United States on the Mayflower and are very well-established names on the East Coast. Her parents had high hopes for Frances and her brother, St. John Smith, though only the latter would go on to achieve them. By 1928, Frances was missing and presumed dead.

Gone, Baby, Gone….

Jovanna Stacey Crawford never had a chance. A chance to grow up with her mother, brother and extended family. Not even two years old, the Bridgeport toddler was last seen by a male baby sitter named Ronald Garrett (her mother’s then boyfriend ) on June 5th 1981 in the tough P T Barnum Housing Project in the 80 block area of Taylor Drive. The boyfriend claimed that Jovanna’s great grandmother had sent a boy around the age of 10 to 11 years old to fetch Jovanna and bring her to the great grandmother who lived nearby. The boy was described as being of African ancestry with small braids in his hair. Jovanna was never seen again.

There have been questions in Garrett’s story. Family members claim that they never sent a young boy to get Jovanna who was not quite two years old. He would be convicted of felony risk of injury to a minor and would serve a year in prison. His story has never changed, and Jovanna if alive today would be in her forties. For more information about this case visit

IF you have any information about the case please call Lt. Christopher Lamaine at the Bridgeport Police at (203) 581-5183.

Late Goodbye…. Poets of the Fall

In our headlights, staring, bleak
Beer cans, deer’s eyes
On the asphalt underneath
Our crushed plans and my lies
Lonely street signs, power lines
They keep on flashing, flashing by
flashing by……

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

Your breath hot upon my cheek
And we crossed that line
You made me strong when I was feeling weak
And we crossed, that one time
Screaming stop signs, staring wild eyes
Keep on flashing, flashing by

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

The Devil grins from ear to ear when he sees the hand he’s dealt us
Points at your flaming hair, and then we’re playing hide and seek
I can’t breathe easy here, unless our trail’s gone cold behind us.

‘Til in the john mirror, you stare at yourself grown old and weak

And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye, such a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night
It’s a late goodbye

It’s a late goodbye
And we keep driving into the night…

A Long time ago….. this song was the theme song on our website back when it had a different name. One of my favorite tunes of all time…. (but not the favorite)

New Book reveals Information about one of New England’s Most Infamous and Mysterious Disappearances….

Joan Carolyn Risch by all accounts was a happily married mother of young boy and girl who was pregnant with her third child to her husband Martin. However, on October 21, 1961, Joan would vanish leaving questions unanswered for decades. According to library records, Joan had taken out books weeks earlier on disappearances and how to remove oneself from society. Did she leave behind her life as a loving mother to escape with a new lover? Or perhaps something more sinister happened as there was large amounts of blood found in her home. Did she try to perform an abortion on herself? Or was she a victim of foul play.

True Crime Author Michael Bouchard obtained the case files which are over 5000 pages thick and wrote a book about what he believes happened to Joan Risch the day she disappeared. Masquerade: The Joan Risch Cold Case – A Cops Perspective

Family Still Continuing Quest for Justice in Murder of Daughter/Sister

Rhonda Hinson Murder - North CarolinaNineteen year old Rhonda Hinson lived in the town of Valdese North Carolina and murdered on her way home on December 22nd, 1981.   A lone bullet from a high powered rifle, went through the trunk of the car she was driving, through the drivers seat and would kill her by piercing her heat. Her car would go off the road and her body was found on her back in an almost staged position with her arms by her side.  There were theories that Rhonda was scared of something before she died.  Some suggestions are, is that she may have been dating a married man.  For almost 4 decades the case has gone unsolved.

Facebook page for Rhonda Hinson

Killed for Less than A Hundred Dollars……

Betty Conley - Upstate New York Murder VictimIt was on July 8th, 1993, when when thirty-seven year old Betty Conley was working an overnight convenience store shift in the Town of Charlton in Upstate, New York.  The married mother was slain during a robbery, .Her life and that of her family was destroyed for less than $100 that was taken from the cash register.  Close to three decades later, the puzzling homicide is still unsolved.

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