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They said put a picture up and maybe you'll actually some TV time instead of just radio & Podcast interviews...This website was started in 2002 profiling cases in Southern New England (I wanted to do a website initially about the paranormal but thought better of it).  Despite a name change or two, and a server change or two (we were on Angelfire) it’s now covering cases all over the United States as well as a few from outside the border.  Along the way, we’ve heard from many friends & family members of victims.  Been interviewed on radio and podcast shows.  Had National True Crime shows come calling for information for their shows (f-ck ’em, bastards don’t want to pay).  As a freelance writer who covers mainly human interest stories I’ve written a few newspaper articles where I had to interview the prime suspect in a few cases on this website (an uneasy feeling indeed). We’ve helped families of victims establish communication with police departments as well as various states/district attorneys throughout the country. However, the main focus of this website is to continue to give press and attention to these cases and the need for justice and closure.

If you are looking for a private investigator for an unsolved case, this website can put you into contact with current & former law enforcement that can help but THEY will charge their own fees.

If you have a case you want featured, contact us. If you have links or old newspaper articles, send them to us at our email address:  unsolvedct at hotmail.com or fill out the form below.    We do not charge to put a case on this website as long as facts are verifiable and we don’t find ourselves facing a potential lawsuit.   Hasn’t happened yet, but in this litigious society, anything is possible.





This site is NOT a registered non-profit organization and any donations will NOT be tax-deductible. If you wish to donate a small amount of money to help with site research, it is much appreciated.