Victim Identified in Unsolved LISK Serial Killing Cases

Valerie Mack - Presumed Victim of LISK KillerThe Suffolk County Police Department announced that “Jane Doe #6” also known as “Manorville Jane Doe” has been identified as Valerie Mack.  The break in the case was identified through genetic genealogy technology.

The then 24, year old victim had gone missing in 2000 while  working as an escort in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her partial remains were found that same year in a wooded area off Halsey-Manor Road in the town of Manorville in New York.  Eleven years later, additional remains were located along Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach in the southern part of Long Island.

There are still several unidentified victims that are believed to as a result of the LISK.  An Asian male,  who may have identified as a female, a white female as well as a light skinned black woman and her toddler daughter.