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Surfer Goes Missing on Caribbean Island

Darryl Fornatora was a forty-five year old American man from the state of Florida was last in contact with his family on January 27th, 2016, while on a week long surfing vacation in the town of Caberete in the Domincan Republic.

Fornatora, a Tennis Pro arrived on the island two deays earlier and checked into a villa with a friend. The pair surfed for five hours, the pair went surfing and Fornatora texted his mother once he was out of the water. The two friends were supposed to fly back together back to the US on January 31st but the friend left the vacation three days early.

Darryl and the friend were set to fly home together on Jan. 31 but the pal cut his trip short three days early.

The friend took several of Fornatora’s items back with him such as his surfboard and personal computer.

Divers, helicopters and planes searched the coast looking for the missing surfer and ruled out drowning since he was an experienced swimmer, according to the Palm Beach Post. His was never found. The friend claimed he left early because the surfing ended up being bad but that Fornatora stayed behind.

A search ensued for his body but divers and helicopters could not locate the body of the experienced swimmer. In March of 2016, Fornatora’s money containing wallet was found washed up on a shore by a junk diver. To date his remains have never been found and the friend has refused any interviews with American media.