Murder of Martial Artist in Her Apartment Remains Unsolved.. Who Killed Angelina Sicola???

sicolaAngelina Sicola, was in her 2nd year at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and was also a martial arts instructor with a black belt in Taekwondoe.  On May 2, 2013, the ambitious 20 year old was found strangled in her off campus apartment which was at 3807 Half Turn Road #315 near North Academy Boulevard and the Austin Bluffs Parkway. Angelina had only been living there for a few weeks. The days she was found, she was supposed to meet her father for an appointment.  Because she was a black belt in the martial arts it is possible that her attacker could have received injuries such as bruising after the killing.  The murder was only a handful that was not solved in Colorado Springs in 2013.

Angelina Sicola - Colorado Springs Murder Victim 2013If you have any information about this murder, please call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000 or at Crimestoppers at (719) 634-STOP if you want to remain anonymous. The family is also raising money for a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.

(sources KKTV & The Gazette)

A Bad Ass in the Ring and Outside, Who Killed the Flamboyant and Talented Macho Camacho?

Hector "Macho" Camacho murdered in 2012Hector “Macho” Camacho.  Very few boxers and athletes had his swagger, skill, charisma and toughness.  Born on the island of Puerto Rico in 1962,  he and his family eventually moved while he was a child to the United States mainland and settled in the Spanish Harlem section of New York City.  Camacho learned how to survive, fight and participate  in a criminal lifestyle that he would continue on at different times during his life. An accomplished amateur boxer, he would turn pro and win three separate world boxing championships during his career.  It could be argued, he was the best pound for pound boxer in the world when he was in his prime. Over the course of a thirty year professional fight career, he never got stopped or knocked out in a fight. Victories included that over such names as Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Vinny Pazienza, Fredie Roach, Greg Haugen, Rafael Limon and (Macho)was the only man to ever knock out legend Sugar Ray Leonard.  Even the fighters he lost to such as Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Julio Cesar Chavez could not dominate and knock out “Macho”.  

Despite the fame and money, trouble would still follow Camacho through out his life.  Arrests for drugs, burglary and domestic violence would add to the bad boy image of the boxer.  In 2011 while in San Juan, Puerto Rico he was shot at three times by people who he alleged tried to carjack him.  

On November 20, 2012, A gunman did what no boxer could ever do, and that was stop “Macho”  while he sat as a passenger in a car, on Puerto Rico Highway 167, in the tcity Bayamón on the Carribean island. . The fifty year old father of four sons, he suffered a gunshot wound to the jaw that caused massive damage to his neck. The driver of the car, was his friend Adrian Mojica Moreno a childhood friend, who was also killed in the shooting by unknown persons who drove in an SUV vehicle.  Camacho’s condition would worsen and he would be medically declared “Brain Dead and days later taken off of life support. His death was sad event in Puerto Rico where he was a cultural icon to the inhabitants and their relatives in the United States..  

The possible motive in his murder has never been clear but in the car where Camacho was killed, nine bags of cocaine were found on Moreno.  As well one that was found open. It is possible that drug trafficking or robbery could be a reason why Camacho and Moreno were shot.  There were arrests early on but evidence proved that those arrested were not involved in the crime. To date, there are people who most likely know who murdered Macho but have refused to come forward.  

UPDATE 3-9-2022: Five people have been arrested for the murders of Camacho and Moreno. Two others that were involved were themselves murdered in 2013 & 2015. For more details click here