Connecticut Cases 2

Young Father Slain in Front of Popular Shopping Center

seidelIt’s a case that continues to baffle investigators and traumatize a family. It was Friday night December 21st of 2012 when married father of three Kyle Seidel went to pick up an order of Chinese Food. He would never make it home. HE called in the order at 7:49 pm to the Lucky Inn Chinese Restaurant which is located at 40 Boston Post Road. to place the family’s dinner order. He was found at 8:19 in a pool of blood at the parking lot of the Waterford Family Bowl which is located at 120 Boston Post Road. Seidel’s black Ford Focus was still on and his driver’s side door open. Investigators and family members don’t know why he went to that parking lot. The 34 year old left behind a grieving widow and three young children.
If you saw anything suspicious that night you are urged to contact the Waterford Police Department at 860 442-9451. You can remain anonymous. The State of Connecticut is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for this crime.

Several Murders of Woman From The Bridgeport Area Still Remain Unsolved

On December 5th of 1984, the naked body of 31 year old Denise Brady was found in Ninety Acres Park in Bridgeport. The park is located between Madison and Park Avenues. Her body was found in tall grass by two police officers who were at the time looking for stolen cars. Brady had a troubled past and had several brushes with the law due to her involvement with prostitution. If you have any information about Denise Brady’s murder please contact the Bridgeport Police at 203-581-5100.

On May 15th, 1985 an unidentified black woman was found partially dismembered and on fire. The victim was found in a wooded area off of the westbound shoulder of I-95, near the Sasco Creek overpass in the town of Westport. She had been wearing blue or black jeans, a heavy wool sweater which was possible white or off white in color. Also in her possession was a plain gold chain worn around her neck. If you have any information you are asked to call the State Police at 1-800-575-6330.

pamelapepperOn January 13, 1986, the body of Pamela Jerome Pepper (pictured bottom left)was found partially buried in the snow on property belonging to the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company off of Valley Road in the town of Redding. Ms. Pepper was in her forties and blonde. She was found wearing a dark colored wool blend coat, a tan turtle neck shirt with brown and maroon stripes, a pair of tan corduroy pants and brown leather boots. She had been last seen alive in Downtown Bridgeport on November 25, 1985. There is a 20,000 dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of her murderers. Contact information is State Police Western Crime District at 800-376-1554.

bridgeportjanedoeOn June 5, 1993, the severely burned body of a black female was found in a vacant lot at Lafayette Street and Railroad Avenue. She was estimated to be between five foot one and five foot four and the ages of 25 to 35. Because of the damage to her body the composite sketch pictured here may not be accurate.

karlastorerThere were other murders that also can be linked to these killings. On July 27, 1995 the body of 28 year old Karl Storer (pictured bottom right) was found in a dumpster in the nearby town of Trumbull. Police believe that she had been murdered in days earlier in Bridgeport. She was a stripper who had also worked as a prostitute to support a drug habit. She died from blunt trauma to the head. Police know the exact location where she was murdered but don’t know who did it.

Other women murdered in that time were: 25 year old Pamela Safford, who was located beaten and strangled in May 1992 near an old railroad station along Housatonic Avenue.

26 year old Maria Perez who had been stabbed to death in June of 1993 and found in a parking lot near Washington and Park Avenues.

27 year old Lisa DiStassio, was also found stabbed to death a month earlier in May 1993 in an abandoned factory located at Housatonic and East Washington Avenues.

At one time, police had a suspect from a neighboring suburb who was arrested for a brutal rape and attempted homicide of a woman in the mid-nineties. There is no indication as to if this person is still a suspect in these homicides.

Anyone with information regarding these unsolved cases is asked to call the Bridgeport Police Department at 203-581-5100.

Huge Cash Reward For Information On Man’s Home Invasion Killing

chakalosJohn Chakalos was a widower. His wife who he had been married to for more than half a century had died a few days before Thanksgiving in 2014. On December 23, 2014, somebody entered the 52 Overlook Drive home of the 87 year old man and shot him in the head. During the course of the investigation, it was learned that over 400,000 dollars had been stolen from his various account. A man named William Satti was arrested and convicted for some of the money stolen, he has not been named a suspect in the murder. There have been several persons of interest in this case. Chakalos and his wife were philanthropists who gave money to various charitable causes. They lived in homes in Windsor, Connecticut and New Hampshire. He leaves behind several children and grandchildren.  One of his grandchildren has been arrested for murder  of his mother (the daughter of Chakalos who went missing in the Atlantic Ocean)
There is a 250,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest/conviction in this homicide. If you have any information about this case please call the Windsor Police at 860-688-5273. You can also call the CT Cold Case tipline at 866-623-8058

Cheshire Murder Still Unsolved

On Aug. 20, 1995, 40-year-old Lori Delgado was found murdered on an embankment on Notch Road. She had been bludgeoned and died of blunt trauma to her head. For over twenty years, the case has been unsolved and a son wonders who killed his mother. The Police did have a suspect in her murder but to date the crime is still unsolved. If you have any information about this case please call the Cheshire Police at 203-271-5530.

Daytime Murder Shocks Blue Collar Town

Twenty-five year old Rodney Trent Baldwin, lived at Hawthorne Avenue in the town of Derby. On September 3rd of 2009, he was performing errands that morning when someone killed him. The father of a young boy was killed from several gunshots. According to police, witnesses had heard the gunfire, and a vehicle racing away. Police did recover a vehicle that they believed that may have been used in Baldwin’s murder. Baldwin did have prior brushes with the law regarding possession of drugs. It is possible that his death could have been related to drug activity. If you have any information about this homicide you are asked to contact Derby Police Detective Division at 203-735-7811. All calls can be confidential.

Brutal Murders Still Haunts City of Norwalk

flynnOn September 23, 1986, eleven year old Kathleen Flynn was reported missing by her mother. The sixth grader at Ponus Ridge Middle School had not been seen since she left school that day. Police, firefighters and civilian volunteers searched for the young girl and found her early next morning in some woods alongside the middle school. Kathleen Flynn had been sexually assaulted and strangled. The State of Connecticut is offering a $20,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of Kathleen Flynn’s killer(s).
bookerThere are several other Cold Cases in Norwalk.  Two of them are:
William J. Booker (also known as Walter Booker) was found murdered from a gunshot at his residence at 21 West Main Street on January 6, 1975. While a motive for the murder has not been established. The victim had been known to carry large amounts of cash on him. There were persons of interest in the homicide but no arrests were made.
saundersCharles Saunders was found dead on the bedroom floor at 68 Woodward Ave on April,3 1977, Saunders owned the residence and utilized it as a rooming house where he also lived. A female renter found him dead on the floor in her room from a fatal knife injury.

If you know anything about these two cases, please call Norwalk Detective Sgt. Art Weisgerber at 203-854-3028. You can also leave an anonymous tip at 203-854-3111

UPDATE: June 13, 2019.  53 year old Marc Karun of Stetson, Maine has been arrested and will be charged with the murder and sexual assault of Kathleen Flynn.  The former Connecticut resident has also been convicted of several first degree sexual assault crimes in the towns of Derby and New Canaan.  

Brutal Double Homicide Still Unsolved

chapabanpatelOn the morning of March 26, 1996 a heinous double murder took place in a home at Massow Lane in Windsor. 54 year old Champaben Patel and her 32 year old daughter Anita had been placed in separate rooms of Champaben’s house. Their hands were tied, the mother was gagged, the daughter beaten and the rooms set on fire as Anita Patel’s two anitapatelyoung children wandered outside the house. It is highly probable that the two women knew their killer and that they may have been part of the local Indian community in the area. There is a suspect in this case, however, police found DNA Evidence that is not tied to any family member or person from the Indian community. The DNA is connected to an unsolved assault against a woman in the New Haven Area (before 2008).

For more information please view an article about the case published in 2008.

If you have any information, please call the Windsor Police Department at 860-688-5273.

Reward Offered in Death of Woman Found Murdered in House

dawnThe State of Connecticut has a $25,000 reward for information leading the conviction of the person or persons responsible for the strangulation homicide of Dawn Delvecchio. The 39 year old woman was a mother of two and was reported missing just days before her body was found in July 26, 2005. She had been staying at a house where she was house sitting at Stony Brook Drive in East Haddam.  There are two different suspects in her murder.

East Haddam is generally a quiet and peaceful town but it has had other homicides before. There was the murder of 16 year old Valerie Vickers in the late 1970s where the killer got a light sentence. And there is the unsolved murder of 29 year old Janet Atwood that is almost forgotten. She was mother of a two year old boy was last seen at her house at Oriole Road. Her husband was the last known person to see her on the morning September 12, 1974. She was found days later in a wooded area near Cherry Lane in Montville, just two towns away. It is not known who is investigating this case or if it is active.

If you have any information about this crime, you are urged to call the State Police at contact State Police at 800-842-0200.

The Reservoir Killing

agnes1The West Hartford Reservoir off of Route 4 is a popular place where hikers, joggers, bikers and walkers enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility that the forest there has to offer. On September 24th, 1998 at around 5:30 pm, Agnieszka Ziemlewski was walking in a remote area of the reservoir just a few hundred yards from Old Mountain Road. She was shot multiple times at close range. Authorities believe that because she was shot at close range she might have known her killer. There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. If you have any information, please call the Farmington Police Detective Unit at (860) 675-2462 or the tip line at(860)675-2483.

UPDATE: CASE IS VERY ACTIVE: Please see link for update

Two Stratford Murders Remain Unsolved

valentin1September 7, 1990. 30 year old Nancy Piccolello Valentin was murdered in the parking lot of Rose’s Family Restaurant at 595 Main Street in Stratford. The mother of two had just finished her shift when she was approached by more than one assailant and shot twice. When co-workers discovered her body at 11 pm, her wallet had been missing. At the time of the shooting, witnesses reported seeing a large two-tone car leaving the parking lot. The State is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. If you have any information about this case please contact the the Stratford Police Department at (203) 385-4100.

In the same area in July of 1999, 40 year old Walter Procyk was killed during the weekend in his own store, the “Honeyspot News and Variety”. It was late friday night when the the married father of four was locking up his store was murdered by an unknown gunman. Stratford Police are asking anyone with information that may lead to Procyk’s killer to give them a call at 1.203.385.4120. All information can be kept confidential.

You can also call the Cold Case Unit tip line at (860) 548-0606 or toll-free at 1-866-623-8058. Persons with information about this case can also write to the Cold Case Unit at P.O. Box 962, Rocky Hill, CT 06067. All calls and correspondence can be confidential.

Over Thirty Years Later: Slaying of Police Officer Still Unsolved

batemanMemorial Day 1981, it was just before 3:30 pm when 34-year-old Darien Patrol Officer Kenneth Bateman Jr. responded to burglar alarm at a fast food restaurant on Post Road near I-95. When his back up officer arrived at the Duchess, near the border with Norwalk, Bateman was found bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. He died shortly afterwards. Two witnesses reported seeing a heavyset man around the age of 40 run away. However, searches by police and tracking dogs revealed only burglar tools and around $2,000 that had been stolen and apparently dropped during the escape. The State, town and police union have put up a $100,000 dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the slaying of Kenneth Bateman Jr. Police say all calls to them will be confidential and that protection is available. The Darien police can be reached at 203-662-5330.

Murderer of Woman Slain on Her Birthday Still Unknown to Police

elizabeth_rhinehart_copyOn August 22, 1993, a young boy searching for frogs in West Rock Park found the body of a deceased woman in a dry riverbed. The victim, 32 year old Elizabeth “Le-Le” Rhinehart had been beaten and strangled. Her clothing was found folded up neatly by a tree. Police believe she was murdered on August 21, 1993, her 32nd birthday. In the same year, a second woman, Jacqueline Reynolds, 29, was also found strangled to death in the West Rock Park area. There has not been an arrest in that case, and in both cases, police have said they believe the women were killed at a different location from where they were found. Police have not had any solid evidence to link the two cases together. The State of Connecticut is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for the murder of Elizabeth Rhinehart. Anyone with information regarding either of these cases is urged to contact the New Haven police at 203-946-6321.

10 Years Later, No Clues in Death and Disappearance of East Haven Man

susman_copyIt was in 1992, when John Susman, an orthodontist from East Haven mysteriously disappeared shortly after a divorce. Family members and friends had assumed that the then 43 year old had skipped town to start a new life. There had even been alleged sightings of him in other parts of the country and even overseas. What was strange though is that when he disappeared he had apparently left his keys, 10 thousand dollars in cash and his car behind in his 342 Cosey Beach Ave. home. Then June 7th 2001, a surveyor found the skeletal remains of John Sussman in a marsh three hundred yards from his home and less than a hundred yards from a tennis court where he used to play. Around the time of his disappearance, East Haven Police had searched the area around his home and had found nothing. Did the police simply miss finding the body or was it purposely placed there after the police finished their search? To this date, police do not know if it was natural causes, a bad reaction to medication, suicide or homicide that killed the East Haven resident. These are questions the family of John Sussman would like answers to.

Famous Homicide Case Still Unsolved

peterreillyNext to the Martha Moxley case, no case in Connecticut history has attracted more attention than the brutal homicide of Barbara Gibbons of Canaan, Connecticut. It has produced two well known books; “A Death in Canaan” and “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” a movie and longstanding controversy as to how State Police handled the case. On September 28, 1973 51 year old Barbara Gibbons was found murdered in her Canaan residence off of Route 63. Her 18 year old son, Peter Reilly was the first person to find her. She had been found dead on the bedroom floor, her throat cut she lost her life from the severe loss of blood. There were several injuries inflicted on her body after her death including two legs broken above the knees, cuts in her abdomen and lower back, several broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and injuries to her genitalia. After eight hours of intense police questioning, Peter Reilly signed a statement implicating himself. Months later, he was convicted of first degree manslaughter. Reilly recanted his confession and there were many people who viewed the confession as being coaxed. In 1977 a new trial was granted and new evidence was found. A judge acting as a one-man grand jury, eventually cleared Peter Reilly of the murder of his mother and criticized the state police’s handling of the case. As recently as of January 2004, Peter Reilly and his attorneys have requested to see the state police files on the case. Their request was turned down as it was rumored that the files were destroyed. There are some in law enforcement that still believe Reilly committed the crime, yet there are many others that insist he was wrongly accused. Either way, justice for Barbara Gibbons has not been served.

Identity of Man in Brutal Dragging Death Is Still A Mystery

ulbrichAround 5 a.m. on Oct. 29, 1995 Police discovered what remained of Leah W. Ulbrich on Jordan Lane in Wethersfield. She had been dragged from a moving vehicle for almost 4 miles. The 24 year old mother of two young children had been seen just moments before being hit in the front passenger seat of a car that was stopped on Locust Street just outside the United Parcel Service facility in Hartford. Police believed that she was pushed out of the car but either grasped the seat belt or got her arm entangled in it. Witnesses described the driver of the vehicle as either being hispanic or white. He was well dressed, had slicked back black hair and was in his mid to late twenties. Police believe the car was a newer model Nissan Maxima, possibly from the model years 1991 to 1995. It was dark-colored, possibly brown, black, burgundy, maroon, gray or cranberry. If you have any information regarding this case please call the Hartford Police at 527-7300 extension 5230. There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Leah Ulbrich’s death.

Person Responsible for Gruesome Slaying of Bridgeport Man Remains a Mystery

It was one of the most brutal murders the city of Bridgeport had ever seen. On the evening of Aug. 1, 1994, 45 year old, Benjamin Rosario left the gray the apartment house on Union Avenue which he shared with his wife. He then walked four blocks along Connecticut Avenue to the Side Effects Café. Two days later, several of his dismembered body parts were found in garbage bags just blocks away on Seaview Avenue from where he was last seen. In the days following, more garbage bags were found with additional remains of Rosario. Bridgeport Police have ruled out accused serial killer Richard Rogers who murdered his victims in similar manners. There is a 20 thousand dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for the savage murder of Benjamin Rosario. You can contact Detective Teixeira at (203) 576-8335 or Detective Robert Sherback at (203) 332-3027.

Reward for Slaying of Hartford Man

edwardbell1Thirty-four year-old Edward Bell died in a shooting May 6, 2005 in front of his home on George Street in the south end of Hartford. A fifty thousand dollar reward is being offered for information that can lead to an arrest of the individual(s) responsible for the murder of George Bell. If you have any information about this case, please call Hartford police at 860-757-4021. All calls can be confidential.

Questions Persist in Connecticut’s Worst Man Made Disaster

hartfordcircusfireWhen it comes to man made disasters, the 1944 Circus Fire stands out as being the worst. On a sunny afternoon on July 6, families from miles away went to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Around 8,000 people attended when a fire ripped across the main tent. Within an hour 168 human beings lay dead and close to 700 injured. About 60 percent of those killed were young children.
There has been speculation as to what caused the fire. Initial thoughts were that it was a carelessly discarded cigarette. But for decades, it has been theorized to have been an act arson. Eleven years after the fire, a man by the name of Robert Segee had confessed to Law Enforcement authorities in Ohio that he had set the fire. Hartford Police do not believe the confession is legitimate. Segee served time in Ohio for arsons committed there.
Several people that died in the fire were unidentified. One was an infant, one a heavyset adult black female, a young white male child, possibly his mother and a older male relative. There was also another young white girl who unidentified for decades who was known as Little Miss 1565. Investigators determined that she was Eleanor Cook who was nine years old at the time. This too has been controversial as her mother (who also lost her son in the fire) claimed that deceased girl did not look like Eleanor.
How did the fire start? Who are the remaining victims? For more information about this tragedy please visit the website

Killer(s) Most Likely Dead But Family Wants Answers

georgeperryFifty year old George Perry was found murdered on August 14, 1935. The Woodstock resident died as a result of a fractured skull and had also sustained several broken ribs. He had been found deceased in an automobile. A friend of his (Charles Lowe) was found asleep behind the wheel in the same vehicle. Lowe and Perry had allegedly been out drinking the night before and Lowe claimed he could not remember what happened. Lowe was arrested but eventually the case went cold. Perry’s grandchildren are still seeking answers about the death of their grandfather. They believe that George Perry may have been a bootlegger and that this illegal occupation could have resulted in his murder. If you know anything about this case please contact this website.