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Michael Bouchard - Author & Police OfficerMichael Bouchard is a Connecticut resident who has worked in the law enforcement field for over twenty-five years in various police departments. He is also an established author who has written several books about criminal cold cases, investigating the paranormal, and Native American archaeology.

He recently finished working on “Creatures of Folklore-Fact or Fiction” which explores urban legends such as Bigfoot, Crop Circles, and the “Dyatlov” which involved the 1959 mysterious deaths of nine Russian hikers in the northern Ural Mountains.

At the beginning of 2020, on a confidential tip from a member of the public, Bouchard began working on “Masquerade” which details and investigates the 1961 disappearance of housewife/pregnant mother of two, Joan Risch from her home in Lincoln. Massachusetts

Bouchard has also written a book called “Abstract Thoughts” which compiles a list of random thoughts involving getting older.

He has also been featured several times as a guest on the Chaz & AJ Morning Show which is one most popular radio morning shows in the state of Connecticut.  He has appeared on true crime podcasts that include Fade Out – Doreen Vincent, KidMissing, The Grailen Report, Sticky Beak, and Dominion Studios.

His books can be found on Amazon and include:

· Forever Searching – Lost in the Smoky Mountains (Dennis Lloyd Martin Cold Case)

· The Connecticut Cult – The Broken Cross (Brother Julius and the Work)

· Missing in Connecticut- Missing and Unidentified Persons (1886-2011) or paperback version is here

· Cop Stories – Unconscious Decisions

·Creatures of Folklore – Fact or Fiction (Paranormal)

· Masquerade – A Cops Perspective (Joan Risch Cold Case) Summer of 2020

· Abstract Thoughts – Life Quotes Summer of 2020

These books can be found on Amazon at

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