A Brother’s Quest for Answers in the Murder of his Older Brother leaves many Questions

This was written by Marc Joyal-Myers and are his opinions and not that of the website.

          On April 4th, 1998, Robert Joyal was stabbed to death in a Denny’s parking light. By some accounts,dozens of people stood within feet of my brother as he lost his life, yet only 2 people every came forward to say they saw what happened. Both accounts were later discredited.

         Rob spent the first 9 years of his life on Cape Cod. My father had received a big job offer, so we moved from Massachusetts to a suburb outside the city of Houston, Texas called Clear Lake. We lived there for almost 9 years. We were a typical Houston family in robertjoyalmost ways. Robert joined the football team and found success. He was shorter than his teammates, but made up for it with his grit and determination. By high school, but was moving up the depth chart as a Running Back. During the summers, we would go back to Cape Cod to visit our extended family. Rob usually went to horseback riding camp, spent time with his friends from his childhood, and visited with our Grandparents who were gracious enough to let us stay with them every summer. For someone who didn’t attend school there anymore, he always seemed to have friends. While he was an incredible horse back rider, I wouldn’t be surprised if his biggest motivation for going to camp was to see Natalie, his childhood sweetheart. Rob was talented when it came to sports, but he wasn’t your typical jock. His biggest passion seemed to be making people smile. He was a goofball. My favorite memory of his camp days was during the parents/family weekend where the campers got to show off their summer digs to their closest relatives. During the talent show, Rob and Natalie lip synced “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I still have the tennis racket Rob used as a guitar.

          Robert struggled to balance high school and life, and his grades began to slip around his sophomore year. Once his football coaches caught on, Rob was taken off the football squad and told to get his grades up. Football had been incredibly important to Rob’s life, and without it, he struggled to find his purpose. Post-football, Rob maintained many of his friendships, but found himself getting in more and more trouble. My parents took stock: Rob was now headed to his senior year of high school and I was about to enter middle school. We made the decision to remove ourselves from Texas and relocate to somewhere that offered a much different experience.

          Gorham, Maine was supposed to be our sanctuary: a quaint postcard-esque town with a nice new High School and a great reputation. We thought we had escaped the gangs and drugs that seeped into the suburbs of Houston. Gorham was a small, clicky high school. Rob went from a school of 3,000 kids to a school of 800. Rob met a girl, Monique Gaudet, who introduced him to her friend, Tahnia Harriman, and her boyfriend, Michael Atienza. With his new friends in tow, Rob navigated his senior year in a new school. He seemed to have a hard time making friends. It had always come so easily when he played football. We learned later, Mike, Monique and Tahnia were far from real friends.

          April 3rd was the last full day of Rob’s life. It was also one of the most hopeful days he had in Maine. My father and Rob had picked out a used vehicle for Rob to drive. It was also the same day Rob got his first apartment in Portland with his friend Andre Mackay. Robert had turned 18 and it felt like Rob was finding his footing. Rob had made it through a tough start and was putting together some positive moves. Earlier that day, Rob played basketball with me for hours, just to make sure I knew how much I meant to him. Even on his big day, he made sure I knew I was a part of it. My mom bought several bags of groceries for Rob, and my dad made sure to give Rob a pep talk before he left our driveway. I even gave Rob the hat he kept trying to steal from me (my hat fit him better, but I was a little brother after all, so I wouldn’t let him have it until that day) We watched him drive away with plenty enough hope and happiness to go around.

          That night, Rob and his friends decided to celebrate. He dropped off his car and belongings at his new apartment and set out with his friends to the Metropolis, a popular under-21 club in the heart of Portland. This is where we believe the stage was set for what was to come. While at the club, witnesses say that Rob and had possibly exchanged words with some other teens. It was bad enough that his girlfriend, Monique, suggested that they needed to leave as she had heard the other group was looking to fight. Rob and his friends hopped into a van and drove to Denny’s, another popular late night stop. When they arrived, Atienza exited the vehicle and was met by Phongphack Thanephonesy (P.T.),  Rob waited in the van as the two sorted out their beef. Suddenly, someone from behind PT lunged forward and punched Atienza, who dropped to the ground and slid under the van. Rob and the other passengers exited the vehicle to help, only to find themselves surrounded by, depending who you ask, anywhere from 35-60 people. Rob and his friends had been set up and ambushed. This was not a brawl; this was an unfair fight. Most of Rob’s friends scattered, some even running away from the scene. Rob was trapped, fighting off several people. He found himself fighting Kevin Janosco. Rob hovered over top, throwing punches and scrapping. Kevin lifted Rob’s shirt, exposing his back side and immobilizing Rob. As the sound of sirens neared, someone yelled “5-0!” and the parking lot dispersed. Robert lay on the ground, having been stabbed 3 times. Robert had lost too much blood to recover. Rob died in the parking lot as the police arrived.

           We don’t know exactly what happened. Neither do the police. What we do know is that this was premeditated. Many vehicles from Lowell, MA filled with members of the Asian street gang called T.R.G.as well as at least 3 vehicles from Portland were waiting at Denny’s armed with knives, machetes and other weapons. Robert and his friends numbered under 8 and they had no weapons.He and his friends clearly had no idea what awaited.

         Rob’s murder was a huge story; Portland didn’t believe it had a gang problem, and Gorham was shook after losing one of its students. The police were desperate to make a quick arrest in a high profile homicide, and after a 15 year old Deering High student, Seiha Srey, told his 14 year old girlfriend, Nichole Glover, that he was responsible, they pounced. Seiha was arrested for Rob’s murder. We learned that Seiha had gone to the Metropolis with his friend, Sam Kim, the younger brother of two known gang members, Vouen and Souen Kim. Seiha is believed to have fled Denny’s with Vouen and Souen. They allegedly hid out at “the fat lady’s house” a location that was never discovered by police. In court, Tana Ork, who was with the Kims and Srey that night, claimed Vouen and Souen had a good laugh over the fact ‘some kid got sliced.’

         During the pre-trials, many of the witnesses, including the Kim brothers, pled their Fifth Amendment rights. The local cutthroat, and expensive, defense attorney Dan Lilley shredded the prosecutions accusations, and was able to have the trial dropped due to a lack of evidence. Seiha was free, the Kim brothers were still on the streets, and the Police pledged to continue searching for answers. But they didn’t.

         Since then, Seiha has been killed in a gang related drug deal, the Kim brothers went on to commit other crimes, the lead detective on Rob’s case retired, and we have been told that Rob’s case is too low on the “solvability scale” to actively pursue. We have asked the police for help, but have been disappointed time and time again with their lack of urgency. The new detectives who have been given Rob’s case to work don’t seem to care enough to go knock on doors or to review evidence. They even told us “we have 5 binders full of info on your brother’s case and haven’t had a chance to take a look” Rob was killed 20 years ago. They were given the case a year ago. They have had plenty of time. We were also told that because the police who worked the case in the beginning believed Seiha did it, that they too were convinced. The only problem is that there isn’t any evidence to collaborate the initial account, and there are several other accounts, that are just as credible, that don’t show Seiha as the killer.

          Robert was an incredible human being whose life was taken much too soon. 18 year olds make mistakes all the time. It shouldn’t be their last. Robert believed in fairness in all things. He was impetuous and passionate. He loved to make people laugh and always looked out for the underdog. Rob loved completely. He would have fought like hell to find out what happened if this had been his friend or brother or anyone else in his life. We’re asking for your help in finding his killer.



Example of a FAKE Pay Pal Phishing Scam E-Mail.

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Who are these Victims from One of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killers?

Evil Serial Killler John Wayne Gacy
Evil Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy is still the stuff of nightmares.  The Chicago area businessman and part time Clown that would entertain children’s gacy victims

parties had a side career of killing young men and boys during the 1970’s.   He is known to have killed 33 young men and boys.  But his true victim tally will stay unknown as he took his deadly secrets to the grave when the State of Illinois executed him.

At least five or six of his victims remain unidentified.  Two of them are seen here.   John Doe #10 was a white male between the ages of 17 and 21 years old.  He was believed to be between  5-foot-7 and 5-foot 11, inches tall.  Of important note, he had sustained an injury to his left clavicle (collar bone),  which was well healed.   He had also had some dental work as indicated by a few dental fillings.  John Doe #13 was white male that medical experts estimate to be around the ages of 18 and 21 years old.  He was between 5-foot-9 and 6-foot-2 inches tall.  The deceased male had wavy dark brown hair and had an unusual dental feature in that one of his upper teeth was displaced behind a different tooth.


Why Wayne Williams May Not Be Atlanta’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Though there is much debate as to whether Wayne Williams is the killer responsible for over 25 murders of young black children in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Forensic testing a few years ago showed that Williams is most likely responsible for a dozen of the killings.

A recent newspaper article revealed that the Atlanta area may have been victimized by some of the most prolific serial killers to ever roam the United States.  There are over 130 murders of women that are unsolved mostly by strangulation which certain crime experts believe may be the work of several different serial killers.

Maybe those clamoring for Wayne William’s innocence should also focus on the large amount of female victims that are forgotten.


More than 2 Decades Later, Man’s Identity a Mystery

Found in Brewster, New York in 1995, this suicide victim has never been identified. He could have been hispanic or light skinned of African ancestry.  The individual was  between 40 and 50 years old.  He was also 5 feet-9-inches tall and weighed 165 pounds.  Perhaps the location near where he took his life can provide a clue as to who he was.


What is going on with Michigan State University??

First Dr. Larry Nassar was exposed and convicted of molesting hundreds of girls and women, many of them Olympic Medal Gymnasts. Then Nassar’s boss William Strampe was accused of soliciting sex from students and sexual misconduct claims. Numerous allegations of sexual assault by members of the school’s Football and Basketball teams.
Now comes word of a MSU Physicist engaged in sexual activities with an animal? What is going on there???


Where are the Celebrities When it Comes to the Missing & Unidentified?

In many cases of missing & unidentified persons, the media has helped in cracking many of these cases.  But what is interesting is that many celebrities are oddly quiet about this subject.

Now there are exceptions.  Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling posted a large reward for the recovery for Madeline McCann who went missing from a resort in Portugal ten years ago.   Actress Winona Ryder did the same when Polly Klaas went missing in a home invasion from her California home in 1993.  Even former World Boxing Champion Riddick Bowe offered reward money to help find a missing child before Bowe’s life would fall apart when he kidnapped his own wife and kids.

While the MeToo movement rages in it’s fight to punish sex offenders in Hollywood and the PoliticalSphere, unsolved cases and fugitives remain largely ignored.

trumpRosie O’Donnell can rage on twitter about her hatred about President Donald Trump.  Actress Rose McGowan trash and belittle people in Hollywood for ignoring and working sexual deviants.   Mark Ruffalo (whose own brother is a victim of an unsolved killing) will talk about various social causes while rappers like Snoop Dogg and Beyonce will promote their own music and products.

All these followers on twitter and other social media.  Maybe one of them might be a relative or friend of one of the thousands of Jane or Jon Does.  Or maybe they know information about unsolved killing that could bring justice to a family.

There are a lot of people tired of celebrities political views and opinions.  But they have exposure and for certain things there are no liberal or conservative way of looking at things.  Just right and wrong.

Sadly, social media is now about putting down people, something which even this blog poster has been guilty of a few times.

Imagine if our own President or other famous celebs tweeted out missing person cases or even Unidentifieds?

How much needed attention would bring to an epidemic in this country?

The ones that have no voice would have a big voice in getting them found, named and receiving justice.

Niagara Falls- A Place Where People Come to Enjoy the Falls and Others Wish to die in Anonymity.

It is often regarded as one of the modern wonders of the world. The Niagara Falls which consists two wide and large waterfalls in both the United States and Canada. People from all over the globe come to visit and stay at the many hotels while visiting the casinos, indoor attractions and numerous hiking trails. However, there are some that come to visit with the intention of taking their life while jumping over the falls. Between US Authorities and Canadian authorities there are an estimated 20 to 40 people a year who take their lives by going over the falls. There are also several dozen people who have been found in the Niagara River who have never been identified. Due to the currents of the Falls some people who have gone over including that of a Jesse Sharp daredevil kayaker in 1990 have never been seen again alive or dead.

For more information about this disturbing trend visit this link.

To read about another unidentified victim from the Falls visit https://savagewatch.com/canada-cases/