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A Woman is Found Dead in a Car, Was it Murder?

amber photo 3On April 25, 2019 the body of 24 year old Amber Lazenby was found on private property in the city of Muskegon Heights, Michigan.   Her body was found in the rear of a disabled vehicle, drug paraphernalia was reported near the vehicle.  Lazenby had an addiction to drugs and would engage in prostitution.  


In 24 years, Lazenby had a tough life. Her mother left her and her younger sister when they were just young children.  They were raised by their father and her aunt.  Family members also believe that she may have been sexually abused by someone related to her.  These factors may have vastly contributed to her drug addiction.  


There are questions as to how she died.  An autopsy could not determine a cause of death.  There was trauma on her body but questions remain if they occurred after she had died.  It is possible that she could have died from a drug overdose, however, there were no signs of opioids in her system.  However cocaine and marijuana were present.  


Amber Lazenby Mukegon Heights, MI Possible homicide VictimHowever, the autopsy revealed a fractured cervical (neck) bone among other unusual findings including a large gash on her head.  


Law Enforcement is looking at the case but family members express concern about their calls not being returned.    Her Aunt and cousins want answers and if it is a homicide…. They want justice. 
To view Amber’s autopsy click here.  w19-0357_amber_lazenby_autopsy-signed
or to view her death certificate amber lazenby death certificate_00001

Man’s Shooting Death Raises Serious Questions….


Woman’s Body Found in River, Did Someone Leave her to Die?


senerchia1It was September 3rd of 2006, when the body of 21 year old Noel Senerchia was found in a weeded area of the Royanton section of Norwalk, Connecticut.  The mother of three children from Bridgeport, Connecticut had been placed in a laundry bag.  Her remains had been placed in the water and her remains were so badly decomposed that a cause and manner of death were not determined.  It was noted that Senerchia who had issues with drugs did have cocaine in her system.  

While not declared a homicide, suspicion has always been focused on Senerchia’s then boyfriend at the time.  The boyfriend has been convicted of several crimes of a sexual nature as can be seen in this Norwalk Hour article.

He has refused to talk to police about Senerchia’s death.   Her family is hoping that someone knows something about her death and is willing to talk to the Norwalk Police Department at (203) 854-3011.


A Skull is Found and a Young Man is Identified but So Many Questions Persist.


shawnpatrickraymondIt was September of 1992, when a man operating a bulldozer noticed what he thought was a mushroom in a Michigan State Department Natural Resources Dredging site along the Clinton River in the Macomb County Harrison Township of Michigan.  Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be a human skull.  No other human remains were found near the site.

In April of 2004, the identity of the individual was revealed after a forensic reconstruction was done and dental records matched with that of a missing person.  It was 19 year old Shawn Patrick Raymond of St. Clair County Clay township. He had been reported missing on July 3, 1983 after he was supposed to return from meeting with a bunch of friends while going to a bar in Detroit.   The recent high school graduate  worked at a restaurant in Algonac, Michigan and was looking to go Macomb Community College in a few months.   Raymond was last seen at a bar named Menjo’s, which was a gay bar.

No cause or manner of death was ever determined however, the case is being treated as a homicide investigation.  It is not publicly known if Raymond was targeted because of his sexuality.  In an online article on NBC News, Police have two suspects being looked at for Raymond’s death.


High School Student Vanishes on Spring Break Found Days Later Dead

susanjacquesSpring Break is a rite of passage for college students and high school students.  For many of these students, Fort Lauderdale in Florida has been a popular destination for decades.  For one teenager from Trumbull, Connecticut, she went down with six friends from St. Joseph’s High School and never came back alive.

It was April 18th, 1986 when 18 year old Susan Jacques flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to go on a ten day vacation.  According to sources, she was last seen alive at about 3:30 a.m. on April 26 by friends at the Mark 2100 Motor Hotel at 2100 North Atlantic Boulevard., Fort Lauderdale.   She had told friends that she was going out for a walk alone.  An unknown woman told Jacques friends that she had seen Jacques talking to a blond haired man who asked her (Jacques) “if she was wearing a one or two piece bathing suit”.   This alleged sighting occurred at 4am at a nearby Howard Johnson’s Motel.

Three days later on April 29th, the blond haired Jacques’  body was found severely decomposed in a canal north of Atlantic Avenue, around a mile east of Florida’s Turnpike, which was west of Delray Beach.  She was found wearing a mini-skirt, a tank-top and a gold ring.  There were no signs of physical trauma and she was identified through dental records.  No cause of death was ever determined but the medical examiner at the time stated that is was likely a homicide.  The death is being investigated as murder case due to the fact that her body was found in a remote area in western Palm Beach County which was 35 miles from downtown Fort Lauderdale.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at (954) 828-5534

She was found deceased from an alleged suicide, why is it that her manner of death is officially undetermined???

Kayla Seago was a twenty-four year old mother of three who was found deceased from a hanging at a residence in Rockford, Illinois on January 11th 2015. It was believed that she hung herself due to evidence at the scene. There was also an alleged text that she sent to her boyfriend threatening to kill herself. She had a tumultuous releationship with a boyfriend and he was the one that supposedly received the text. An autopsy revealed some unusual findingsn particular where some markings where on her neck. Her cause of death (suicide, murder, accident) is labeled undetermined. True Crime Writer and Police Officer Michael Bouchard believes that Seago was a victim of murder.

To see more information about this case view here.