Southern Cases

Looking for Suspects in Assassination of Police Officer

jasonellisIt was a pre-planned murder. It is believed someone set up and planned the execution of a Bardstown, Kentucky State Police Officer in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 25, 2013. Jason Ellis had gotten out of his vehicle on exit ramp 34 just off the Bluegrass Parkway shortly before 2:50 when someone from a nearby hilltop fired several shots at him from a shotgun. Ellis didn’t have a chance. Police believe Ellis left his vehicle to clean up some debris that was left in the road in an effort to kill him. Years later, there are still no clues and Police in the area are still concerned that the killer may strike again. Ellis left behind a wife, children and his K-9 partner. Bardstown is regarded as a nice town with minor crime and this case has impacted the town emotionally.
There is a reward in this case and it could amount to over $200,000. If you have any information about this case please contact authorities by Kentucky State Police Elizabethtown Post at (270) 766-5078 or call them toll-free at their Tip Line at (800) 222-5555. You can also email them at

Execution Murder of Young Woman Still Has No Justice

Rhonda Hinson Murder - North CarolinaNineteen year old Rhonda Hinson lived in the town of Valdese North Carolina and murdered on her way home on December 22nd, 1981.   A lone bullet from a high powered rifle, went through the trunk of the car she was driving, through the drivers seat and would kill her by piercing her heat. Her car would go off the road and her body was found on her back in an almost staged position with her arms by her side.  There were theories that Rhonda was scared of something before she died.  Some suggestions are, is that she may have been dating a married man.  For more than four decades the case has gone unsolved.

Facebook page for Rhonda Hinson

Slaying of Police Officer Unsolved More Three Decades Later

morrispoliceAlfred Johnson had been an police officer with the city of Atlanta for six years. To help make ends meet, he worked as a security guard at the Big Buy Food Store on Flat Shoals Avenue. On February 16, 1980 he tried to stop two armed and masked men from committing an armed robbery. While he struggled with one of the robbers he sustained a gunshot wound to his torso. When he fell to the ground the other robber shot him as well. Johnson would die from his wounds and the robbers made off with money and food stamps. The robbers were never caught nor identified. Officer Johnson had served prior in the Vietnam War as a US Marine. HE left behind two young daughters and a wife.
The store he was murdered at is now closed. The location is south of Metropolitan Avenue in Atlanta. There is a $35,000 reward for information that will lead to an arrest in this case.

If you have any information about this case please call the Atlanta Detective Bureau at 404) 546-4236. Your call can be confidential.

Brutal Murder Caught on Video and Streamed on Facebook

blackshireIt was cold hearted murder. Twenty-seven year old Calvin Louis Blackshire Jr. from Hope Mill, North Carolina was murdered at a Motel 6, at 2076 Cedar Creek Road in Fayetteville on January 19th, 2017. Blackshire had been robbed and shot. The father of a one year old son, he had been mortally wounded and would die the next day. The murder was cruelly shown on facebook live for others to see. The person who recorded the video was identified but is not involved in the actual murder. A light-colored four door hatchback had been seen leaving the area at the time of the killing.

If you have information about this murder contact Detective J.T. Hall of the FayettevillePolice Department at (910)729-2934 or contact Crimestoppers at (910)483-TIPS (8477).

Unidentified Suspect Still Not Brought to Justice in Murder of Family Man


It was around August 7th,1996 when an altercation at the Rosewood Boat Landing in Columbia, South Carolina ended up in murder.  Sixty-Five year old Jack Robinson had been seen arguing with an unknown man over money when he was stabbed several times by an unidentified assailant.   The suspect fled and Jack would die at a hospital later without revealing who his killer was.  Police believe that Jack and his killer knew each other but are not sure of the relationship.

robinsonsuspectThe suspect was described as a mustached, black haired Hispanic male with an olive complexion.  At the time of the murder, the suspect was believed to be between the ages of 25 and 35.  Height was around 5 foot five inches and between 150 and 180 pounds.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Columbia South Carolina Police Department at 803-545-3500.

Atlanta Child Killings Still Divides Country By Racial Lines

williamsFear and panic gripped the city of Atlanta from 1979 to 1981, when dozens of young black children the vast majority of them being male were disappearing and being found murdered. With each dead child being found, racial tensions arose as rumors of a possible Ku Klux Klan connection to these murders. It wasn’t until the arrest of Wayne Williams that a face was put onto a sinister serial killer who was snatching the lives of innocent children. Williams was eventually convicted and is serving two life sentences for the murders of two men, 22 year old Jimmy Ray Payne and 27 year old Nathaniel Cater.
Law Enforcement stated they believed that Williams was responsible for the Atlanta Child Killings and despite having only two convictions closed the other cases. Much of the public in particular in the African-American community felt that there was a cover up and that a white supremacist may have committed the murders. The problem with this theory is that the black community would have taken notice a white male following black children. Nearly 30 years later, DNA tests on some of the victims could not exonerate Williams. If anything they made it more likely that he may have been responsible for at least ten of the homicides.

Does evidence point to Wayne Williams being the Atlanta Child Killer? Yes… and No…. Williams is most likely responsible for more than half of the homicides, he most likely didn’t do all of them. Police had at least 23 murders that were unsolved. There were also some murders of children that occurred before and after the murderous rampage of the Atlanta Child Killer. Many of the victims died from different manners of death; strangulation, shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning. There is a likely possibility that some of the children were killed by a small ring of pedophiles The murder of twelve year old Clifford Jones causes some issues with the Atlanta Child Killings. His body was found August 21st , 1980 by a dumpster at the Hollywood Plaza Shopping Center on Hollywood Road. Some believe that the manager of a Laundromat and another man killed the teenage boy. To read more about this. Visit this site (Caution: Post Mortem Photos)

It may turn out that the Ku Klux Klan may not have been involved but instead a ring of pedophiles. Both black and white in color. Was Wayne Williams part of this ring?????

Who Took the life of this Father to Be??

johnnyyoungThat is the question that has been plaguing the fiance of 38 year old Johnny Young Jr. It was at 11:30 am on April 6th of 2012 that law enforcement arrived at the home Young lived in at 107 Hope Drive in Summerville, South Carolina. He was found deceased from three gunshot wounds on kitchen floor. The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this homicide and if you have any information, are urged to contact them at 843-832-0010. You can remain anonymous. Crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. Months after Young’s death, his son was born and without his father.

Slaying of Book Store Owner/Activist Has various Conspiracies Theories

sheldon1The Internationalist Bookstore was and still is a fixture in the college town of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Currently located on West Franklin, it used to be at Rosemary Street and was owned by Bob Sheldon who had opened and owned the store since 1981. He was very liberal in his beliefs and was an activist. He was shot to death as he closed his for the evening he was shot to death in his store on February 21st 1991. Many of those close to him believed he may have been murdered due to his activism and protests against the first Persian Gulf War with Iraq. The only clue to the identity of any possible killer(s) was that Sheldon had been seen talking to two white males (brown hair and reddish hair) within an hour of his death. It is also possible that someone may have tried to rob Sheldon for money from the store.
If you have any information about this case please call the NC Wanted’s tipline at 1 (866) 439-2683. You can remain anonymous.

Sibling Still Longs for Justice in Brother’s Killing

ewellbridgesSomebody didn’t like Ewell Bridges. In fact they hated him so much, they shot the 49 year old to death in Hot Springs, Arkansas on May 24, 1986. A witness who came upon a dying Bridges, told authorities that Bridges confessed to him in his last words, who his killer was. His wife. A trial took place and the testimony of the witness was held in question when it was learned he had slightly changed some of what he had said. There were also other witnesses that claimed that Ewell Bridge’s wife was in Muscle Shoals, Alabama when the slaying took place. The trial had strong evidence on both sides and jurors would not agree on a verdict. The case was soon declared a mistrial. Close to three decades later, no one has ever been brought to justice for the murder Ewell Bridges. Did the guilty party face a trial and get away with murder, or did someone else hatch a crime and tried to convict an innocent person for it.
Ewell Bridge’s brother still wants justice for him but fears he will never see it and it’s haunted him for almost thirty years.

Son Discovers Mother’s Body and Still Looks For Justice

Cheryl Hambrick - Mother of NFL Great Darnell Dockett
Cheryl Hambrick – Mother of NFL Great Darnell Dockett

It is a trauma most children could not emotionally deal with. For former professional football player Darnell Docket, it is something that he is still looking for answers with. On July 4, 1994, when he was 13 years old, he returned to to the Decatur, Georgia home of his mother to discover her dead body on the floor in the hallway. It was a brutal crime, Dockett to this day remembers where the blood was on the wall of the home . Cheryl Hambrick was shot to death several times including once to the head. She had been a drug dealer but motives, leads or suspects have not been announced by the police. There was also no forced entry into the home.
If you have any information about this murder please contact the Decatur Police Department at (404) 373-6551.

Man Vanishes Only to Be Found Murdered

robertsnowFifty Five year old Robert Snow was a Convenience Store Manager when on the evening of May 23, 2012, inside the 7-Eleven Store at Bigley Avenue and Spring Street in Charleston, West Virginia. It would be days later when his body was found floating along the Elk River by some Memorial Day boaters. It was immediately viewed as suspicious as his feet and hands were bound with duct tape. His car was also found near the Elk River. Police believe that his cause of death may have been a result of drowning. Police have indicated that his cell phone usage shows his vehicle was driving along 1-79 North towards the Clay exit. Service was temporarily lost and picked up when he drove back to Charleston. His wife and family want answers as to what happened to him.
If you have any information about this case please contact the Charleston Police Department at 304-348-6480. You can also mail them a letter and address it to Detective Sharp. There is a reward of ten-thousand dollar reward offered for information that leads to an arrest of any suspect(s).