Was it Murder? Overdose?

Amber Lazenby Mukegon Heights, MI Possible homicide Victim

It was on April 25th, 2019 when the body of 24 year old Amber Lazenby was found on private property in the city of Muskegon Heights, Michigan.   Her body was found in the rear of a disabled vehicle and drug paraphernalia was reported near the vehicle.  Lazenby had an addiction to drugs and would engage in prostitution.   In 24 years, Lazenby had a tough life. Her mother left her and her younger sister when they were just young children.  They were raised by their father and her aunt.  Family members also believe that she may have been sexually abused by someone related to her.  These factors may have vastly contributed to her drug addiction.   There are questions as to how she died.  An autopsy could not determine a cause of death.  There was trauma on her body but questions remain if they occurred after she had died.  It is possible that she could have died from a drug overdose and even though there was no presence of opioids in her system, cocaine and marijuana were present.  

Amber Lazenby Mukegon Heights, MI Possible homicide Victim

It looks more likely that it was a homicide.  The autopsy revealed a fractured cervical (neck) bone among other unusual findings including a major laceration on her head.   Law Enforcement is looking at the case but family members express concern about their calls not being returned.    Her Aunt and cousins want answers and if it’s a homicide…. They want justice.    To view Amber’s autopsy click here.  w19-0357_amber_lazenby_autopsy-signed

To view a copy of the Death Certificate.

6 thoughts on “Was it Murder? Overdose?

  1. I don’t think an overdose will leave you with the damage she had to her neck. It seems reading the autopsy report that she has signs of being strangled, but I am not a medical expert. I think this warrants further investigation. What do you think?


  2. I don’t think it sounds like a homicide. The injuries described in the autopsy could have happened hours or days before her death. If she had a rough life (drugs, prostitution) there are many ways these injuries could have been sustained. A neck that is fractured enough to cause death is apparent. Sounds like an OD. Sorry.


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