Another lost to the Opioid Crisis….

Photo by Dih Andréa from Pexels

Once Again, I receive news of another death of a person from the scourge of drug/alcohol addiction. This time it is someone I have never met but yet I would talk to his mother for a newspaper article I wrote about COVID 19 and the effects it had on drug treatment and addiction months earlier. For two decades her child was in the battle of their life. She tried to help him but in the end they lost. And now another family mourns……

I’ve known several people to die from drug overdoses in recent years. One was a mother of a young son looking to find her way in life, another was a musician/artist who designed my music album cover who struggled with drugs/alcohol for years, a third was a former co-worker was a married father of 9 who was not an addict but accidentally took too much pain killers for a medical condition, and the last being a woman grieving the death of her sister only weeks earlier from cancer needing to numb her own emotional pain from that loss. Now, as I write this, I think about how decades earlier of a former classmate from the University of Rhode Island who was a talented jazz pianist was found dead of an overdose. He passed when I was around 20 years of age.

Drug/alcohol addiction may be done at the hands of the user but sadly there are people along the way that provide the drugs, alcohol and reasons too. Drug pushers and abusers are those that I’m talking about. In the end their supply and cause of mental/physical trauma pour the gasoline as the addict lights the match dangerously close every time……

Phishing Email Scams To Be on the Look Out For

Here are two recent ones. One supposedly from Discover Card (note the sender’s address in both the Discover and beneath it the Apple. Both emails senders do not use official email accounts from the companies, so they make up ones that sound similar. Also pay attention how they don’t address you by name and just by either email address or the generic hello. They both try to get you to click on links to either put a virus on your computer or get you to input your login and passwords for your respective accounts (if you have either an apple or discover account). Be cybersafe everyone…

Phishing Scam using Discover as the bait….

The Apple Scam has a different destination address then what the link states in the email. (hovering over the hyperlink demonstrates this) Here they are trying to get your billing information which will likely mean they want your checking account information)

Missing Person case hits close to home…..

I started Savagewatch twenty years ago as a website about solving cold cases in Connecticut.  I had no experience of having anyone I know go missing or be a victim of a serious unsolved crime at the time.  In the years since, I would learn of a missing nephew (Harmon Shea) of a family friend who went missing.  An unidentified man found in a river in Massachusetts (I looked at a photo of his tattoo when he was an unidentified deceased person) but did not realize that I had met the person in question several times prior to his drowning.  I had no idea that the man was missing until good police work revealed who he was.  

But now, there is an active missing person case in Oregon of a person who I have known since he was a young child.  His parents and my parents are friends.  His older brother I still talk to and he currently works in Law Enforcement  But since February of 2020, no one has seen 44 year old Dave Merkelson.  

Former Mixed Martial Arts Fighter David Merkelson missing from Beaverton, Oregon

Dave had struggled at times during his life with mental health issues .  He moved to Israel and wandered the desert there only to be taken in by members of a Bedouin Tribe.  Dave would soon find purpose out in Israel by joining the military.  After serving his time which did involve being in armed combat, he took up martial arts.  He competed professionally in a few matches as well as partaking in amateur tournaments in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Dave would get married and open up his own Mixed MArtial Arts school (his name is also spelled Markleson).  Years later, looking for other opportunities, he would move to the United States.  Things would not progress for him there as job opportunities didn’t pan out and he would also  get divorced.  

Life would eventually find him in a motel in Beaverton, Oregon.  Struggling with anxiety, he would leave his car behind with his wallet, phone and personal identification inside.  It is possible that Dave could be living off the grid.  He had done that before while in Israel and has the life skills to do that which he learned in the Israeli Military.  

Dave if you read this, please contact your parents or brother and let them know where you are.  You can also contact this website.   

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Dave Merkelson contact the Beaverton Police Department at (503) 526-2260.

Dave competing in an MMA Fight

Dave at his wedding with his wife dancing to “Time of My LIfe” hit song