Another lost to the Opioid Crisis….

Photo by Dih Andréa from Pexels

Once Again, I receive news of another death of a person from the scourge of drug/alcohol addiction. This time it is someone I have never met but yet I would talk to his mother for a newspaper article I wrote about COVID 19 and the effects it had on drug treatment and addiction months earlier. For two decades her child was in the battle of their life. She tried to help him but in the end they lost. And now another family mourns……

I’ve known several people to die from drug overdoses in recent years. One was a mother of a young son looking to find her way in life, another was a musician/artist who designed my music album cover who struggled with drugs/alcohol for years, a third was a former co-worker was a married father of 9 who was not an addict but accidentally took too much pain killers for a medical condition, and the last being a woman grieving the death of her sister only weeks earlier from cancer needing to numb her own emotional pain from that loss. Now, as I write this, I think about how decades earlier of a former classmate from the University of Rhode Island who was a talented jazz pianist was found dead of an overdose. He passed when I was around 20 years of age.

Drug/alcohol addiction may be done at the hands of the user but sadly there are people along the way that provide the drugs, alcohol and reasons too. Drug pushers and abusers are those that I’m talking about. In the end their supply and cause of mental/physical trauma pour the gasoline as the addict lights the match dangerously close every time……

4 thoughts on “Another lost to the Opioid Crisis….

  1. So sorry to hear about another loss. I often think what all these lost people who left life too early, most of them accidentally, would have contributed to society if they had not had addiction issues. This country needs to put money into mental health and addiction treatment, before we lose the next generation. When I needed to go into treatment for alcohol issues we had health insurance that covered me for 40 days. I have been sober since October of 1989. I was lucky. Now I would be in and out of a detox within 72 hours with a list of AA and NA meetings.


  2. I got addicted to coke in the early 80s. First I started snorting it then I got curious and started shooting it. I was addicted to it for about 5 years and then I talked to a friend and it took me a few months but I’ve been clean for 35 years.


    1. Good for you. Glad that you’ve been able to keep clean. I think with the COVID 19 pandemic the addiction (including alcohol & Gambling) will be at record levels.


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