A Young Woman and her friend go Boating in Long Island Sound…he’s found deceased…she’s still missing.

It was early Sunday morning on May 27th, 2018 when 21 year old Sofia Mckenna and her friend Spencer Mugford (age 20) disappeared off the coast of Connecticut, near Avery Point in the town of Groton. That morning Sofia’s mother received several missed phone calls from Spencer’s phone number but she was asleep and unable to answer them. Spencer did not know Sofia’s mother’s phone number and Sofia’s phone was in her car parked at the UCONN Avery Point Campus. No calls were made to 911 from Spencer’s phone. It is believed that the two friends either took a kayak, sailboat or paddleboard out to Ledge Light. A picture posted on Spencer’s snapchat revealed they may have reached the Ledge Light Landmark in the Sound. Spencer’s body would later be found on Friday, June 8th. Autopsy revealed that he had drowned. However, Sofia remains missing and family and friends believe that she may have been kidnapped or murdered. Most of all they want answers To learn more about this case visit the facebook page dedicated to finding her.

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