Bad Husband or Really Bad Luck

Robert Kalosky is either one of the unluckiest men in the world or an evil murderer.

kaloskyHis first wife Paula Kalosky was found dead in 1999 from a gunshot wound to her head at the home she shared with her husband at 206 North Moodus Road in East Haddam.   The Medical Examiner at the time declared the manner of death as a suicide.  Her brother was never convinced that his sister would take her life.  He filed a wrong death lawsuit against Robert and a different Medical Examiner would change Paula’s manner of death to Undetermined in 2004.

sandrakaloskyDespite rumors around town of her death being a murder, Robert Kalosky would marry again.  His second wife 56 year old Sandra Kalosky would be found dead from blunt force trauma to her head and upper extremities on March 23rd of 2018 in the same house where Paula was found dead nearly two decades earlier.   The Connecticut State Police have not named Robert as an official suspect.

For more information about this case please visit True Crime Daily


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