26 Years Later Song Still Echoes those that are Lost

Aundria Bowman missing 1989In 1992, the band Soul Asylum came out with their biggest hit, “Runaway Train.”

The easy going music matched up with lyrics that told the heartfelt stories of children needing to run away from trauma at home. A music video would come out with pictures of missing children.  Some were found, some remain missing to this day.  One in particular at 2:08 of the video shows a young black haired girl with a large smile but empty eyes.  She is Aundria Michelle Bowman who has been missing from her home in Hamilton Michigan.since March 11, 1989.  At the time she was last seen, she was 5’5; 115 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.

Aundria Bowman missing 1989A facebook page alleges some disturbing details that point the finger at her adoptive father who has a criminal record that includes a crime of a cruel sexual nature.  Days before she disappeared, she accused her father of sexually assaulting her.  Her biological mother is desperate to find her but fears that she succumbed to foul play.  To get more information visit here.

UPDATE 11-23-2019:  On Friday, Nov. 22, 2019 police in Dennis Lee Bowman (Aundria’s adopted father) was arrested for the 1980 Virginia murder of 25 year old Kathleen Doyle in her Norfolk home.  For more information about this arrest please visit here.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 6, 2020, human remains have been located and are believed to be that of Andrua Bowman in a shallow grave that that had allegedly been covered by cement in the 3200 block of 136th Avenue in Monterey Township.  

Fade out Podcast doing a series on the disappearance of Doreen Vincent

Doreen Vincent Missing 1988 Wallingford, CT
Doreen Vincent Missing 1988 Wallingford, CT

She’s been missing from Wallingford, Connecticut since 1988.  Police have one person of interest in mind but are the others that could have harmed her?  Listen to the trailer at the link below.




Family Searches for Son and People Are Not Talking….

Timothy Poss is missing 9-1-2018 from Hot Springs, Arkansas
Timothy Poss

Timothy Poss has been missing out of Hot Springs Arkansas, since September 1 2018.  At the time of disappearance, he was staying at a meth house.  His mom got a call from him that morning around 8:30 am.  Several minutes later a female called her asking her to come get him.  Poss’s mother said she could pick him up it would be later on in the day.  Minutes later the same female texted Poss’s mother saying he walked into the woods. When family members went to retrieve him, Poss was not there.  However. several of his items were his including his cell phone.  Timothy Poss is 31 years old and is five foot six and 145 pounds.  He has blue eyes and a receding hairline that is brown.  He has several tattoos/  His right hand has MAMMA’S inked on it.  Hi left hand has BOY inked there.  The left forearm has the word “Crazy” tattooed on it.

His family is looking for him and for answers.  If you have any information as to where he may be contact the Garland County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 622-3660.

UPDATE:  3-28-2019 Sad news to report, human skeletal remains found several hundred yards away in an area north of Marion Anderson Road on March 23rd, 2019 have been identified as Timothy Poss.  Investigation continues as to cause and manner of death.  

(Source:  Case Submitted by Family & NAMUS)