A disappearance, an Unidentified Skull and even more Questions.

shawnpatrickraymondIt was September of 1992, when a man operating a bulldozer noticed what he thought was a mushroom in a Michigan State Department Natural Resources Dredging site along the Clinton River in the Macomb County Harrison Township of Michigan.  Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be a human skull.  No other human remains were found near the site.  In April of 2004, the identity of the individual was revealed after a forensic reconstruction was done and dental records matched with that of a missing person.  It was 19 year old Shawn Patrick Raymond of St. Clair County Clay township. He had been reported missing on July 3, 1983 after he was supposed to return from meeting with a bunch of friends while going to a bar in Detroit.   The recent high school graduate  worked at a restaurant in Algonac, Michigan and was looking to go Macomb Community College in a few months.   Raymond was last seen at a bar named Menjo’s, which was a gay bar.  No cause or manner of death was ever determined however, the case is being treated as a homicide investigation.  It is not publicly known if Raymond was targeted because of his sexuality.  In an online article on NBC News, Police have two suspects being looked at for Raymond’s death.


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