Death of Mobster

Whitey Bulger Gangster
Whitey Bulger Gangster

James “Whitey”Bulger terrorized Boston as well as other parts of the country.  A crime boss who was very hands who was convicted of partaking or participating in 19 murders.  Bulger at the age 89 was killed by other mobsters in a prison in West Virginia. Some think it may have something to do with him giving information on the rival La Cosa Nostra in New England to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Bulger was a ruthless individual who aside from killing other mobsters, took the lives innocent people some of whom were women.  Bulger probably had more secrets and knowledge of bodies that still haven’t been unearthed.  But one thing is sure, his reign of terror is finally over.

Brutal Double Murder suspect Arrested after nearly 30 year mystery

His composite sketch was out there as was his DNA in several databases.  On Septemberstarkvillesuspect 3rd, 1990, an unknown suspect entered a house on Old Highway 82 in starkvillearrestville, Mississippi and brutally two women. 65 year old Betty Jones was stabbed by the intruder and then sexually assaulted. The intruder did not stop there as he then attacked the home owner 81 year old Katherine Crigler. She too, was raped and would die from her injuries a month later.  In early October, police got their man.  Now it looks like Michael Devaughan will spend the rest of his life behind bars or be executed for these crimes if found guilty.

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