A Surprising Confession and now a Town’s only unsolved Murder has a Suspect

millanRumors swirled around the Simsbury, Connecticut murder of 54 year old Melissa Millan in 2014.  The divorced mother of two children was recently divorced and a high level insurance executive at the Mass Mutual Insurance Company.  Some people thought her ex-husband was responsible, however, that was ruled out by police quickly. Others thought her line of work had something to do with her death.  Rumors swirled around regarding a professional hit job to prevent her from talking to authorities about financial crimes going on at her place of employment.  No evidence could be found supporting the claims.  Still Police were baffled as to who committed the murder with a just one stab of a knife to Millan’s chest as she jogged on a road near the downtown.

William Winters Leverett, 27, Killer of Melssa Millan of Simsbury, CTAnswers would come years later when a 27 year old man accompanied by fellow members of a religious group that he was part of came to the Simsbury Police Department.   The suspect felt he couldn’t live with his deadly secret anymore.  William Winters Leverett, formerly of Colorado would lead police to evidence in the house where he was living that proved he was the one responsible.



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