Buried Civil War Treasure… Government Coverup as to where it is?

Somewhere in the wilderness of Pennsylvania (USA), lies a legend of buried treasure that may contain millions of dollars of gold by todays standards. The story has taken hold of generations and treasure hunters have searched for the alleged treasure which was being transported by the United States army and supposedly lost due to a band of Confederate sympathizers. It is believed that the gold was to be transported to the US Mint in Philidelphia.

A treasure hunter named Dennis Parada has engaged in legal activity due to what he states is excavation by the US Government in the area of Dents Run.

For more information. click here (source) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/fbi-records-deepen-mystery-of-dig-for-civil-war-era-gold/ar-AA17EbGV?OCID=ansmsnnews11


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