A Famous and Beautiful Temple with a Door that People Fear to Enter….

India. It is a contient of beauty and mystique. It has amazing architecture and unique cultures. Most people are familiar with the Taj Mahal complex which was an Islamic building/complex built by a sultan in honor of his deceased wife. However, there is another building, a temple that is not only priceless in its beauty but steeped with mystery and fear.

The Temple named Padmanabhaswamy is located in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Inside the structure are eight secret chambers that may contain massive treasures. Of the eight chambers Indian authorities have opened all but one of them. For unnamed reasons one chamber remains unopened. Rumors abound of an amazing treasure located behind there. Others surmise that a possible great evil may lay behind the doors of the golden temple. Whatever, the reasons, the contents behind that door of the eighth chamber continue to intrigue and terrify those who have seen it.

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