Questions in Cold Blooded Killing of Basketball Superstar’s “Adopted Brother”

When it comes to sports there are generational players that define an era. Lebron James is considered one of the greatest ball players of all time and the best of the last ten years. If there is any other player that could give James a run for being the best in the game now, is Kevin Durant.

Despite being a world champion and a League Most Valuable Player, Durant is also known for his social media feuds with celebrities such as Michael Rappaport, Shannon Sharpe and just random “twitter idiots”. He may be a beast on the court he is known to be very sensitive to criticism.

However, he is human like everyone else and he suffers tragedy as well. On MArch 21st 2019, then 32 year old Clifford Dixon was shot and killed in the parking lot of the SL Lounge bar located at the 4000 block of Buford Highway around 1:15 am in the town of Chamblee, Georgia near the city of the Atlanta. Dixon was a close friend of Durant who at one time was taken in by Durant’s mother and lived with them. Dixon would go on to college baseketball at Western KEntucky and have professional stints in sport leagues in several countries before retiring. He was also the real life boyfriend of Erica MEan who was a castmember of show  “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” where Dixon also appeared on screen.

Clifford Dixon

The early morning of his murder, video shows a man wearing hoodie waiting around in the parking lot until Dixon exits his vehicle. The unidentified killer runs up and shoots him several times and then flees on foot. To date there is no arrest.

The National Basketball Association in 2020 and 2021 have made police brutality and racism big issues. That includes players kneeling for the National Anthem and logos on player’s jerseys and on the courts. Players even postponed a game by walking out after Jacob Blake was shot by several police officers in Wisconsin after he resisted arrest while having a knife in his possession.

However, questions remain about the NBA and it’s players when it comes to other violence. Dixon was likened to as an “adoptive brother” of Kevin Durant. Yet, there is little said about black on black violence by NBA players on social media and in the press. Durant is a multi millionaire, yet no where on any internet search can I find a reward being offered by him for the murder of Clifford Dixon. There are so many murders unsolved such as Opelika Doe, James Lee Jacobs, Robert Hollis, or the disappearance of Asha Degree that could use attention from sport celebrities and actors. Even rewards help out greatly.

According to one of the links (second) below, Dixon’s mother was starting a GoFundme page to help raise a reward to identify and arrest Clifford’s killer. A search of GoFundMe reveals no account for Clifford Dixon. One has to wonder why Durant can’t just offer the reward himself. Not making accusations that he had anything to do with this crime but with all his millions of dollars, why can’t Durant put up a $100,000 for his “Adopted Brother”.

So for now, Clifford Dixon’s murder remains unsolved, if you have any information please contact the Chamblee police at 770-986-5005.

(Sources: Daily Mail and WSBTV)

Kevin Durant’s ‘adopted brother’ Clifford Dixon is shot dead outside a club | Daily Mail Online

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