How a Celebrity Autograph changes…. when that person turns out to be a real life Bad Guy….

At one time, I though I could make it to Hollywood by being a screenwriter even thougn I have never been to the Golden State. I had been paid to rewrite a screenplay for a local company in my area which never was able to get the funding to be made.

Ron Jeremy – Picture from the NAple Daily News.

I also wrote two comedies. One about my days (heavily ficitionalized) at my alma mater in the Ocean State. The other I wrote with a friend about a parody about the 80’s Pornographic Film Industry. The script dod get some looks through a Hollywood service ( and I was even offered a thousand dollars to rewrite it for an actual porn producer in New England. In the end, I said no. That script was meant to be a comedy and we had based some of our characters off some of the big names of that era. The funniest of all the characaters was parody of the legendary porn performer, B grade Actor and wannabe comedian Ron Jeremy. Jeremy has the distinction of starring in more adult pornographic films than any other actor ever on the planet.

Yerars ago, I went to see Ron Jeremy do a forgetable ten minute comedy routine and sign autographs at a Massachusetts Strip Club (Exotic Dancer). I went with a friend and several of the dancers gravitated to us when they saw me with the screenplay. They thought we were movie producers despite our insistence that we were not, two of them even left me their phone numbers (those calls were never returned by the way which was kind of funny).

We wanted to talk to Ron to see if he knew anyone in the Movie business that would be interested in a comedic script about the business with a funny character based off of him. My father had warned me earlier that Jeremy would most likely ignore us at best and other than signing two autographs, that is what he did. He signed two copies of the screenplay as I tried to make a pitch to him. However, he looked away went on to take pictures and fondle women as he sold his own brand of bizarre merchandise. It was supposed to be a night of comedy for the veteran of thousands of films but it was very evident that Ron was having a hard time walking (breathing heavily) around the club and within a year or two he would suffer a massive heart attack. He would recover but would soon face more serious problems. Several accusations of Sexual Assault.

Inside Ron Jeremy Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Rolling Stone

More charges would follow years later and the man who spent forty years in the industry would find himself facing charges that would land him over three hundred years in prison. Accusations of lewd contact with an underage female, unwanted fondling and digitial penetration as well as rape. Sadly, this is not uncommon in the porn industry and the film industry (calling out Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Guthrie and Bill Cosby among others), Men and the occasional woman using the casting couch for their own pleasure as well as abusing and assaulting others including famous celebrities..

To date, I have never been able to do anything with that screenplay that had the character based off of Ron Jeremy. But if I was to do anything about it, it looks like I would have to change the (Ron Jeremy) character from being a complete buffon to a nasty villain. One of the autographs Ron Jeremy wrote wished me “Good Luck” Well, it looks like Ron is the one who needs the luck and if he is found guilty, he should spend the rest of his living years behind bars. At least then, he’ll have plenty of time to make his stand up comedy routine actually funny.

Porn star Ron Jeremy pleads not guilty to new rape charges – ABC News (