Mystery Man Never Identified in Murder.

22 year old Roy Weber was struggling. He had drug problems and would prostitute himself to older men to support his habit. He was last seen alive on a video camera with a mystery man at the criminally troubled Cathedral Square Apartments in Providence, Rhode Island. On December 25th, 2003, Weber was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head near a parking lot on the Johnston and Wales Campus in Providence. Police believe that this mystery man either killed Weber or has answers as to who did.

Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island
Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island

Before he died, Weber had told people he was afraid for his life. A documentary was made over a decade later about the hardships and lives of men that made a living selling their bodies in Providence called “Invisible”. The documentary follows Rich Holcomb as he tries to gain support from the general public and lead these young men out of the lifestyle. Holcomb founded the organization “Project Weber” named after Roy Weber. Sadly, nearly two decades later, Providence Police still do not know who murdered Weber.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Man Never Identified in Murder.

  1. No dustin griffin killed roy webber everyone thinks they know what happened roy stole drugs from Dustin griffin all these yrs this has been unsolved but yet Dustin griffin has been walking around free he is the key and reason for the murder


  2. I read the comment concerning Dustin Griffin being a suspect in the Roy Weber homicide. The smokescreen is nice but there’s nothing else. How does this person know Griffin was involved in the Weber homicide. What facts does he have to support his allegations?


    1. Cuz weber is the buzz on the streets the last week. The peps and the ones livin back then still talk about it. I heard someone rank the evil dude out. I ain’t speaken the story i heard but it was whack.


      1. You all attention seeking dummies! Board with your life 😭 dusty dustin 🤣🤣🤣🤣 none of you know shittt!! Stop commenting I keep getting notifications go play somewhere else!


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