Phishing Email Scams To Be on the Look Out For

Here are two recent ones. One supposedly from Discover Card (note the sender’s address in both the Discover and beneath it the Apple. Both emails senders do not use official email accounts from the companies, so they make up ones that sound similar. Also pay attention how they don’t address you by name and just by either email address or the generic hello. They both try to get you to click on links to either put a virus on your computer or get you to input your login and passwords for your respective accounts (if you have either an apple or discover account). Be cybersafe everyone…

Phishing Scam using Discover as the bait….

The Apple Scam has a different destination address then what the link states in the email. (hovering over the hyperlink demonstrates this) Here they are trying to get your billing information which will likely mean they want your checking account information)