Murder of Grandmother outside Daughter’s Home remains a mystery


Anthonina Raibikis 1979 Murder Victim in Wolcott, CTOn the evening on June 9th, 1979. Sixty year old grandmother Anthonina Raibikis was violently attacked at the driveway of the home of her daughter in the town of Wolcott, Connecticut. It was only moments earlier, that she and her sister had just closed Raibikis’s  package store in nearby Waterbury.  As soon as she arrived at her daughter’s house at 545 Boundline Road, her sister was assaulted by an unknown male attacker. Her sister got away but was badly bruised. The unknown assailant then pointed a gun at the head of Raibikis who was still in the car and shot her dead. The murderer then took her purse which contained several hundred dollars and fled on foot.  The attacker (compisite sketch below) was believed to be around six feet tall, in his twenties and a white male.

Composite Sketch of Suspect in Murder of Anthonina Raibikis Wolcott, CT 1979At the time of the crime the police found cigarette butts at the scene. Twenty five years later DNA tests were run against saliva found on those cigarette butts. What Detectives found, surprised them. The DNA also matched that of a perpetrator of an still unsolved sexual assault in 1995 in the town of New Milford (near the New York Border in Connecticut). To date this is the only unsolved homicide in the town of Wolcott. There is a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of conviction of the persons involved in the murder of Raibikis. If you have any information about this case you are asked to call Wolcott Police at 203-879-7612. All calls can be confidential.

(Sources Republican-American & Hartford Courant)

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