The “Friday the 13th Murder” SOLVED 7-15-2022

princessdoe3Created in 1980, the movie Friday the 13th scared and horrified movie audiences. The movie spawned a dozen sequels and it’s main villain, “Jason Vorhees”, has become a major part of American Culture. The movie took place at the fictional Camp Crystal Lake where, several camp counselor and visitors would lose their lives in horrible deaths. The movie was actually filmed in New Jersey at a Boy Scout camp named Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in the town of Hardwick. Several of the scenes in the first movie that took place in town were filmed in the town of Blairstown, New Jersey. Four decades later, the movies, especially the original are cult classics.

princessdoe2The town of Blairstown takes pride in the fact that many of the scenes of the classic slasher movie was filmed there. However, the town  has a real life murder mystery in their hands. A murder that occurred just two years after the showing of the movie. Even though the murder did not occur on Friday the 13th, the victim was found in the town of where the original movie was filmed. It is a brutal crime that has never been solved.

princessdoe1It was July 15, 1982 when the horrible discovery was made in a forested area near the northern portion of the Cedar Ridge Cemetery on Route 94 in Blairstown. The victim was a caucasian female and was believed to have been dead for around a week. She sustained horrible injuries to her face and died from being bludgeoned. To date she has never been identified nor her killer(s) ever found. She is believed to be between the ages of 14 to 20 year old. 90 to 100 pounds (47.5 to 50 Kilograms) and five foot two to five foot four ( 1.5 to 1.67 meters). She had straight, shoulder-length hair that was brown. Here eye color is unknown. her left ear was double-pierced but the other ear is unknown to the decomposition of her body. Teeth were in good condition with some dental fillings. She had an unusual object in her position, a gold colored chain that had small white beads with a fourteen karat gold cross with an ornate design.

There were isotope tests done a few years ago that indicated that it is possible that the woman could have been from Arizona but spent the last year in the Northeast or Midwest. If you have information about who this young woman is, please contact the New Jersey Warren County Medical Examiner’s Office at 908-213-2800.

UPDATE: 7-15-2022: She has been identified as 17 year old Dawn Olanick from Long Island, New York.  Law Enforcement have stated that they believe she was murdered by a man serving time for another murder of a woman, he is Arthur Kinlaw.  


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