David Paul is Identified by Meriden Police, now remains the unsolved murder of Daniel Ormsby

Gravemarker for Unidentified Infant found on January 2, 1988 in Meriden, CT
Photograph by David Zajac of the Record Journal

He was left to freeze to death and was found on January 2nd 1988 in Meriden, Connecticut.  Local Clergy gave him the name of David Paul.  32 years later, his mother was identified as 25 year old Karen Kuzmak-Roche.  She had called the fire department after giving birth asking them to look for something in the area where she had left her son.  IT is unlikely that she will face criminal charges.  Police are still trying to verify David’s biological father but indicate he may have nothing to do with his death.  For more information click here.


Unsolved murder of Daniel Ormsby of Meriden, Connecticut

Now that this homicide has been solved, hopefully, Meriden Police can catch the killers of Daniel Ormsby.  He had his whole life ahead of him, unfortunately  during the early morning of October 6th 1990, an armed robbery changed that.  The 21 year old Meriden man was working at the Dominoes Pizza on East Main Street and Dexter Avenue.  Two men entered the establishment and held up Ormsby.  There were not just satisfied with taking the money, one of them took a handgun and shot him once in the abdomen which would prove to be a fatal wound.  The case sadly has gone cold.   Police solved the case of David Paul, let’s hope the Ormsby family gets justice too.

(Sources The Record Journal & Hartford Courant)

Are these people victims of a Convicted Serial Killer

alcalaRodney Alcala was conniving and sadistic individual.  He once even appeared on the legendary TV Show “The Dating Game”.   He has five known victims in California from 1977 to 1979 and two victims in New York in 1971 and 1977.  Law Enforcement belives the his victims might be higher and in more states.  Alcala was a photographer and used his skills of taking pictures to lure victims in.  When arrested, police found thousands of pictures.  some of which included people that had been murdered.   Other people recognized themselves as being in his stash of pictures (and were fortunately not any of his victims).  Police are still trying to recognize all the people who were in Rodney Alcala’s photo collection.   Please view them at this site.

Alcala was a serial rapist and police believe he may have victims in Wyoming, New Hampshire and Washington state as well.  For additional information about this monster you can go here.