Was it a Robbery Gone Bad? Or Something more Sinister?

It was an early Saturday morning on January 21st, 1984  when nineteen year old Vernon Lomba Jr. was found dead in a snowbank by the side of the road on Elmwood Avenue in Cranston.  He was last seen by his mother on Friday and was headed to a bar named the “Sunburst Lounge” which was located on Elmwood Avenue. At first, Cranston police thought he was a victim of a hit and run incident from a motor vehicle due to a metal antennae from a vehicle found nearby.  However, an autopsy though would reveal the true manner and cause of death , Lomba had been brutally beaten to death. He expired from a blood clot due to being struck on the head and jaw. Police also took note that when he left his mother’s apartment he had over three hundred dollars in his wallet.  When his body was found, most of that money was missing.

Cranston Police  theorize that Lomba may have been a victim of a robbery. It is possible that someone noticed he had some substantial money at the bar and ambushed him outside as he walked home alone.  Lomba’s sisters and family are not sure if robbery is the motive for their brother’s murder though. They think it was a personal confrontation. The Sunburst Lounge is long gone and has been replaced with a bowling alley. For Vernon Lomba’s family, nothing can replace him. Someone knows a dark secret about what happened. Please call the Cranston Police Department if you have any information about this murder.  They can be reached at (401) 477-5000.  

7-8-2020 No updates on case except that it is being actively investigated. 

(Source of information for this article comes from The Providence Journal)

4 thoughts on “Was it a Robbery Gone Bad? Or Something more Sinister?

  1. I am the sister of Vernon and I hope we can get justice for his senseless murder!! He was a very huge part of our family being the only male role model . He is always remembered ❤️ I hope that someone somewhere knows something!


  2. Please if anyone knows something please come forward..my mom has waited an entire life time (for so many) she deserves justice..
    A Family who still seeks Justice..


  3. Vernon Anthony wambold Jr what’s my brother his senseless murder who always carry on in my family’s hot he is always remembered loved and never forgotten I know 35 years is a long time to go back and remember something but if you know something please any little thing will help my family get closure please help us I am asking the public to please if you know something say something my brother was a good man he was a hard-working man she was the only male role model in my family we miss him so deeply my brother deserves Justice thank you in advance


  4. Vernon Anthony Lomba jr is my brother I am reaching out to anyone that has any kind of information I mean anything it could be the smallest thing but that one small thing may lead to the arrest and conviction of my brother’s murderers or murderer please if you have any information please do the right thing my brother Justice always loved and never forgotten my family and I will pursue this to the end


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