Who Were the Accomplices of a Real Life Doctor Evil

In May of 2007 a couple in West Hartford were during renovations in the basement of their home when they came upon a startling discovery. After peeling open a part of the wall they found a compartment that contained over 100 rolls of film and fifty thousand slides. The images were of child pornography. Police knew that a prior owner of the house, Doctor George Reardon had several accusations of child molestation leveled against him a decade ago. He was stripped of his right to practice medicine but charges were never filed because the statute of limitations had expired. What amazed Police was that there are an estimated count of several hundred victims (male and female) from the nineteen fifties to the early nineties. Reardon died in 1998. Below are three pictures of adult men that were seen in photos and slides of George Reardon. They are disturbing so caution.  The men are all believed to be filmed during the nineteen seventies while having sex with children. The men were believed to be in their thirties when these heinous acts occurred. It is not known if Reardon knew these men or just had these photos in his possession. If you know of anyone that was victimized by George Reardon or know these men, please contact the West Hartford Police department at 860-523-5203.

Reardon molested and sexually abused hundreds of male and female children in New York State and Connecticut from the nineteen fifties to the early nineties.

Reardon lived in West Hartford but it is believed that he may not have been the only pedophile preying on neighborhood children. He had a friend that was a Catholic Priest and spent much time with him.  Police have never identified this individual but it is possible that it could be retired Priest Cornelius T. Otero. Otero, is a former New York City Priest who is now deceased. He was convicted of child pornagraphy and has had several claims of child sexual abuse filed against him.  From 1988 to 1995, he worked at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut where he most likely knew and came into contact with Reardon. This article from the New York Post details the claims filed against Otero by one of his victims.  https://nypost.com/2018/08/25/alleged-abuse-victim-rejects-200k-payout-from-church-demands-justice/

Unidentified Pedophile information needed
Unidentified Pedophile information needed
Unidentified Pedophile information needed
Unidentified Pedophile information needed
Unidentified Pedophile information needed
Unidentified Pedophile information needed

Since 1999 there have been lawsuits filed against two former administrators )in the West Hartford Public School system for sexual assault and misconduct. The claims all took place in the 1970s though they could have started with other victims in the 1950s. Both administrators have long since retired from the School System. If you or anyone else was a victim of sexual misconduct from someone in the West Hartford School system please contact the website administrator at unsolvedct@hotmail.com We can put in you in contact with the appropriate people.

(Sources: The Hartford Courant)

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