As Jennifer Dulos Remains Missing, a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Could still hold Answers.

Jennifer Farber Dulos Missing 2019While much attention has been paid to Jennifer Farber-Dulos’s home in New Canaan, Connecticut (near the the New York border) as well as the last house where she and her husband Fotis Dulos lived in Farmington, Connecticut.

It seems as if Law Enforcement is taking a look at another house the couple lived in for a few months Fotis Dulosback in 2010.  A house off of Sky View Drive in Avon which last sold for 3.5 million dollars back in 2010.  Fotis Dulos was even hired years later to  perform major interior work after the home sustained serious water damage from a burst pipe.  Law Enforcement is reported to have looked at the residence after entrance to Former home of Fotis & Jennifer Dulosthe mother of 5 young children went missing from her New Canaan home on May 24, 2019.   However, Police are silent about whether or not they are still looking at the large amount of woodlands that surround the property.   There is quite a bit of woodlands surrounding the property, where evidence and even a person could be hidden.

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(Sources: Channel 61 WTIC & Hartford Courant)

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Murder of Commune Member Remains a Mystery….

peterlubanWhen the commune group “The Brotherhood of Spirit” was formed,  people from all over New England and elsewhere came together to live in a Utopian society.  Led by a charismatic leader named Michael Metelica Rapunzel, the group had several properties in the towns of Warwick, Gill and elsewhere in Massachusetts. In the mid seventies the group would soon start to change directions and thus changed their name to Community Renaissance. By the mid 80s the group would be fractured due to different ideologies as well as banning the founder (Metelica Rapunzel) from all of their properties.

The commune would entertain many members and their children over the years and that included many transients and locals that often had violent tendencies. In September of 1973, a member of the group named Peter Luban was murdered. The 18 year old had worked at the Whatley Diner and is believed to have been murdered as he hitch hiked to his home to 88 Main Street in the town of Northfield.  His body was found about thirty five feet behind a rest stop on Interstate 91 in the town of Deerfield, a few towns south of  the Vermont border.  Lubbans died from being stabbed in the throat. It was rumored that he may have been killed by locals that were upset with the presence of the commune in their community.  However, that has never been proven and to date, no one has even been identified as the killer of the young man.

Years earlier on January 1st, 1967, the body of 13 year old teenager Stephen Bak was found beaten to death in a snow gully at a Rest Stop on Interstate 91 in Whately.  The murder of the Northampton resident is not believed to be connected to Lubens.  His case also remains unsolved.

Murder of Martial Artist in Her Apartment Remains Unsolved.. Who Killed Angelina Sicola???

sicolaAngelina Sicola, was in her 2nd year at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and was also a martial arts instructor with a black belt in Taekwondoe.  On May 2, 2013, the ambitious 20 year old was found strangled in her off campus apartment which was at 3807 Half Turn Road #315 near North Academy Boulevard and the Austin Bluffs Parkway. Angelina had only been living there for a few weeks. The days she was found, she was supposed to meet her father for an appointment.  Because she was a black belt in the martial arts it is possible that her attacker could have received injuries such as bruising after the killing.  The murder was only a handful that was not solved in Colorado Springs in 2013.

Angelina Sicola - Colorado Springs Murder Victim 2013If you have any information about this murder, please call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000 or at Crimestoppers at (719) 634-STOP if you want to remain anonymous. The family is also raising money for a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.

To learn more about this case view this news story.

(sources KKTV & The Gazette)

A Bad Ass in the Ring and Outside, Who Killed the Flamboyant and Talented Macho Camacho?

Hector "Macho" Camacho murdered in 2012Hector “Macho” Camacho.  Very few boxers and athletes had his swagger, skill, charisma and toughness.  Born on the island of Puerto Rico in 1962,  he and his family eventually moved while he was a child to the United States mainland and settled in the Spanish Harlem section of New York City.  Camacho learned how to survive, fight and participate  in a criminal lifestyle that he would continue on at different times during his life. An accomplished amateur boxer, he would turn pro and win three separate world boxing championships during his career.  It could be argued, he was the best pound for pound boxer in the world when he was in his prime. Over the course of a thirty year professional fight career, he never got stopped or knocked out in a fight. Victories included that over such names as Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Vinny Pazienza, Fredie Roach, Greg Haugen, Rafael Limon and (Macho)was the only man to ever knock out legend Sugar Ray Leonard.  Even the fighters he lost to such as Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad and Julio Cesar Chavez could not dominate and knock out “Macho”.  

Despite the fame and money, trouble would still follow Camacho through out his life.  Arrests for drugs, burglary and domestic violence would add to the bad boy image of the boxer.  In 2011 while in San Juan, Puerto Rico he was shot at three times by people who he alleged tried to carjack him.  

On November 20, 2012, A gunman did what no boxer could ever do, and that was stop “Macho”  while he sat as a passenger in a car, on Puerto Rico Highway 167, in the tcity Bayamón on the Carribean island. . The fifty year old father of four sons, he suffered a gunshot wound to the jaw that caused massive damage to his neck. The driver of the car, was his friend Adrian Mojica Moreno a childhood friend, who was also killed in the shooting by unknown persons who drove in an SUV vehicle.  Camacho’s condition would worsen and he would be medically declared “Brain Dead and days later taken off of life support. His death was sad event in Puerto Rico where he was a cultural icon to the inhabitants and their relatives in the United States..  

The possible motive in his murder has never been clear but in the car where Camacho was killed, nine bags of cocaine were found on Moreno.  As well one that was found open. It is possible that drug trafficking or robbery could be a reason why Camacho and Moreno were shot.  There were arrests early on but evidence proved that those arrested were not involved in the crime. To date, there are people who most likely know who murdered Macho but have refused to come forward.  

Did a Pro Wrestling Superstar become a Real life Heel in the Death of his Girlfriend?

Nancy Argentino's murder and Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaShe was just 23 years old when she died on May 10th 1983.  Nancy Argentino was the girlfriend of married WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Wrestling Superstar Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, when she was found in a motel room at the George Washington Motor Lodge that she shared with Snuka in the town of Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania.  Paramedics at the time noticed she had a critical head injury and she was rushed to a hospital where she would eventually pass away from a traumatic head/brain injury. A Brooklyn, New York native, she often traveled with Snuka whenever he was on tour in the North East region of the country.  

Did Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka kill his 23 year old girlfriend in 1983?The case was deemed suspicious as an autopsy revealed that Argentino suffered from several bruises and cuts prior to her death.  It was also noted that the fatal blow to the head resulted from Argentino’s head striking a grounded or unmoving object. Despite suggestions from the Coroner and other Law Enforcement, the case was never investigated as a homicide until decades later when Snuka had an autobiography published that relayed things that incriminated him in Argentino’s death.  Snuka is alleged to have not only repeatedly beaten ARgentino, but other women as well including his own wife. In September of 2015, he was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges, for the death of  Nancy Argentino. Superfly denied his guilt in court and was ultimately found unfit for trial due to dementia and an ongoing cancer battle.  Snuka died in early 2017, but there is a strong belief that there are others that knew what Snuka did and never came forward to authorities.  

(Sources – Vice: Darkside of the Ring)

Murder of Grandmother outside Daughter’s Home remains a mystery


Anthonina Raibikis 1979 Murder Victim in Wolcott, CTOn the evening on June 9th, 1979. Sixty year old grandmother Anthonina Raibikis was violently attacked at the driveway of the home of her daughter in the town of Wolcott, Connecticut. It was only moments earlier, that she and her sister had just closed Raibikis’s  package store in nearby Waterbury.  As soon as she arrived at her daughter’s house at 545 Boundline Road, her sister was assaulted by an unknown male attacker. Her sister got away but was badly bruised. The unknown assailant then pointed a gun at the head of Raibikis who was still in the car and shot her dead. The murderer then took her purse which contained several hundred dollars and fled on foot.  The attacker (compisite sketch below) was believed to be around six feet tall, in his twenties and a white male.

Composite Sketch of Suspect in Murder of Anthonina Raibikis Wolcott, CT 1979At the time of the crime the police found cigarette butts at the scene. Twenty five years later DNA tests were run against saliva found on those cigarette butts. What Detectives found, surprised them. The DNA also matched that of a perpetrator of an still unsolved sexual assault in 1995 in the town of New Milford (near the New York Border in Connecticut). To date this is the only unsolved homicide in the town of Wolcott. There is a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of conviction of the persons involved in the murder of Raibikis. If you have any information about this case you are asked to call Wolcott Police at 203-879-7612. All calls can be confidential.

(Sources Republican-American & Hartford Courant)

Who Savagely Murdered an Older, Disabled Man in his Home?

Decapitation murder of blind 75 year old gospel singer still unsolved.It is perhaps one of the most disturbing cases of violence against an older and physically disabled person.  Robert Hollis who was legally blind and seventy five years of age, was found beheaded in his  apartment located in the city of Inglewood on Thursday afternoon by his son.  Hollis was found in his apartment in the 800 block of Glenway Drive just before 1 p.m on Thursday on June 18th, 2015.  A neighbor had called the son to report a concern that Hollis had not showed up to go shopping with the neighbor.  To make the case even more bizarre, his head has never been located. Hollis who was divorced and sang in various church choirs.  He was often referred to by  others by his nickname “Bojangles”.

Family and Police are unsure of the motive for his murder but are not sure if robbery was one because he was wearing his jewelry at the time of death.  Evidence suggests that someone may have broken into his home to commit the horrible crime.   To learn more about Robert Hollis, you can view a tribute video to him.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inglewood police at (310) 412-5246.

(Sources CBS News & ABC 7)

Murder of Powerful Washington DC Staffer all but Forgotten

Political Staffer Raymond "Nels" Nelson murdered in Washington DC 1981Decades before conspiracy rumors swirled around the unsolved 2016 murder of Seth Rich who worked for the Democratic National Committee, there was another DC murder that entertained various theories and conspiracies.  The bizarre murder of Raymond “Nels” Nelson.

Claiborne Pell was a legend in Rhode Island politics. The former Senator grew up a child of privilege who didn’t like to flaunt his enormous wealth. When he was elected to his first term as a US Senator, he was viewed as a political outsider. Through the help Raymond  Nelson, who was a (former bureau chief of the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin Newspaper) Pell won in an upset. Nelson, was a skilled strategist and campaigner who ended up being the administrative assistant for Pell when he was in Washington DC. He eventually joined the staff of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. In 1976, the married father of three made a controversial decision and came out as a gay man. It damaged him politically but he refused to hide his sexualityfrom the public anymore.

However, things would take a dark turn for the Political Insider when on June 1, 1981, the 59-year-old was found murdered at his apartment at 701 Quincy Street, NE in Washington DC. The former professional typist turned political staffer had been bludgeoned to death  with one of his own typewriters in his residence. For years there have been rumors about why he was murdered.  Various comments and blog posts on the internet speculate that heavy political pressure play a part as to why the case remains unsolved.

The unsolved murder is still under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department. If you have information about this case please call the police at 202 727-9099 or contact them via email at Nelson left behind three children and friends and family that are still looking for answers.

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(Other Sources include the Providence Journal)

Who was this Abused Child Haunts and who Killed her?


opelika jane doe 2It was on the morning of January 28, 2012, when a skull and other skeletal remains were located at a trailer park on Hurst Street in the town of Opelika, Alabama,  It was later determined that the remains were believed to be those of a young black girl of African ancestry.  She was believed to be between 3 to 7 years of age. Police believe that this young child was likely physcically abused and malnourished.  They believe her death likely resulted from a homicide sometime between 2010 and 2012.

opelika jane doe 1Local authorities believe that they may actually have in their possession, pictures of what the child may have looked like before her death.  The child pictured was at an event from the Greater Peace Baptist Church Vacation Bible School located in Opelika.  The young girl pictured has never been identified and has blindness (defect) in one eye and a scar.   Not much is known about the child in the picture but that she was withdrawn and had a hard time interacting socially with other children there.

A $20,000 reward is available for information in giving this child her name back and locating the person(s) who abused and most likely killed her.  If you have any information about this horrible case, please contact the Opelika Police Department’s Secret Witness Hotline at (334) 745-8665. You can remain anonymous.




David Paul is Identified by Meriden Police, now remains the unsolved murder of Daniel Ormsby

Gravemarker for Unidentified Infant found on January 2, 1988 in Meriden, CT
Photograph by David Zajac of the Record Journal

He was left to freeze to death and was found on January 2nd 1988 in Meriden, Connecticut.  Local Clergy gave him the name of David Paul.  32 years later, his mother was identified as 25 year old Karen Kuzmak-Roche.  She had called the fire department after giving birth asking them to look for something in the area where she had left her son.  IT is unlikely that she will face criminal charges.  Police are still trying to verify David’s biological father but indicate he may have nothing to do with his death.  For more information click here.


Unsolved murder of Daniel Ormsby of Meriden, Connecticut

Now that this homicide has been solved, hopefully, Meriden Police can catch the killers of Daniel Ormsby.  He had his whole life ahead of him, unfortunately  during the early morning of October 6th 1990, an armed robbery changed that.  The 21 year old Meriden man was working at the Dominoes Pizza on East Main Street and Dexter Avenue.  Two men entered the establishment and held up Ormsby.  There were not just satisfied with taking the money, one of them took a handgun and shot him once in the abdomen which would prove to be a fatal wound.  The case sadly has gone cold.   Police solved the case of David Paul, let’s hope the Ormsby family gets justice too.

(Sources The Record Journal & Hartford Courant)