Horrific Murder of Beth Doe and her unborn daughter Results in Arrest of her killer and true name being known…

DNA taken from Luis Colon Jr. revealed that his aunt who went missing in the mid seventies was indeed the pregnant unidentified murder victim found dismembered in three suitcases and dumped near the Lehigh River in Carbon County, Pennsylvania in 1976 and given the name Beth Doe. She was fifteen year old Evelyn Colon from Jersey City. After her identification was secured, her ex-boyfriend, 63 year old Luis Sierra (who was 19 years old at the time of the murder). A sad outcome indeed but at least Sierra will face some justice before he dies. It is possible that Sierra could be responsible for other crimes.

Luis Colon Jr. talks to the media about his aunt and cousin that he wanted to connect with but sadly was not able to. Family Speaks After Missing Relative is Identified as Victim of “Beth Doe” Cold Case Murder (brctv13.com)

Be Careful who you Party With….

Drugged drinkSadly, there are men & some women (Cardi B. anybody) that will drug unsuspecting people to rape and rob them. Sadly, here is another case of a woman being drugged, robbed, raped and eventually found dead in the bed where assailants abused her. It’s been said many times, be careful who you go with by yourself. Watch your drinks at a bar or at someone’s house. Don’t trust someone you don’t know giving you a drink. Pour your own beverage. This stuff is way more common than we think and know…. It’s not just Bill Cosby.

Here is what happened in Miami and charges may even be increased to the woman’s death. https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2021/03/22/2-men-charged-in-womans-death-during-Florida-spring-break/3421616440957/

Missing Journalist believed to have been Murdered due to his investigative work.

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla (Al Jazeera File)

The Maldives are a nation of numerous small islands located in the Indian Ocean south of the country of India. With a population of just over a half a million residents, its many small islands are home to numerous villas and resorts in what many consider to be a tropical paradise. The Maldives in general have a very low crime rate but an Al Jazeera investigation revealed massive amounts of corruption. Maldives Journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, vanished on August 7th, 2014 and was allegedly kidnapped into a car at knifepoint outside his residence on the island of Hulhumale. One rumor suggested that a group associated with Al-Qaeda killed the journalist because of his liberal views in the moderately religious Islamic nation. However, evidence from various independent investigations reveal that Rilwan Abdulla was killed on orders by the highest members of the Maldives leadership due to his work on exposing government corruption. To date, his remains have not been found and no one has been charged in his murder. https://timesofaddu.com/2021/03/08/full-investigative-report-of-rilwans-case-will-be-complete-this-year-president-solih/

Brutal Killing of Airplane Inspector Never Solved… Someone knows something….

Twenty four year old David McGaughey was knifed to death after an argument after a traffic incident with another driver in Wichita, Kanasas in 1952. He was an airline inspector who worked for Boeing and he left behind a wife and two daughters. His grandchildren are looking from answers as to who may have killed him. See the post they put on reddit about this case

The Quest to Find out if the Murder of a Rap Legend’s Brother Has Ever been Solved…

Doctor Dre is a rap legend. From his stint as a member of the rap group N.W.A, to his time as a producer/artist with superstar rapper Snoop Dogg. The man is worth in the 820 million dollars according to this site. While Dre has endured his fair share of trouble, arrests for beating up women is one the more common ones, he has suffered his fair share of tragedy. He has lost children (Andre Young Jr) to a drug overdose as well a brother to pneumonia when he was a toddler. But there is one death that has perhaps impacted him the most, the 1989 murder of his younger brother Tyree Du-sean Crayon .

Crayon who was 21 years old was killed in a fight after a physical altercation when he was knocked to the ground and sustained traumatic injuries near Crenshaw Avenue in Compton. There is so little information about this case in the media, we here at Savagewatch don’t even know if the murder has ever been solved. So we made several phone calls to various Law Enforcement agencies in the Golden State and pretty much still have no answers.

We tried the headquarters of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. No record of the homicide. We tried the Los Angeles Police Department Cold Case Unit, not their case and no record. Told it was most likely in Compton. We could have tried the Compton Police Department but they were disbanded around 2000 due to massive amounts of corruption and misconduct. We tried the Compton Unit of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department but they didn’t know or handle the case because it was supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Compton Police Department (which was disbanded 11 years after Tyree Crayon’s murder). Despite talking to several administrative workers in various state offices that held criminal records and some of them actually knowing who Doctor Dre was, we still got no answers as to the status of the investigation. Is the case lost in some file with no agency able to work it due to jurisdiction questions? The big question continues to remain, was Tyree’s murder ever solved?

If this case is unsolved it brings forth a disturbing reality that if someone killed whose family member is worth nearly a billion dollars is not getting justice, what about those who are not famous and live below the poverty line.

Dre and his group NWA are most famous for their anti-law enforcement anthem “F-ck the Police”. One has to wonder if indifference to this case is the police shouting back.

Fire that Claimed Children’s Lives Fifty Years Ago Still Demands Answers and Justice

On  December 3rd, 1971 in the town of Acton, Massachusetts a horrible fire occurred in which four children in a house died. A fifth child survived but no one has ever been brought to justice for the fatal arson. Thanks to Reddit user itwasarson for creating a post on reddit about the case. The reddit posting has links to old articles about the tragedy. https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueCrimeDiscussion/comments/lofmf5/i_would_like_to_tell_a_story_of_a_horrific_arson/


Where are the remains of Revolutionary War Hero Nathan Hale?

Nathan Hale Monument in Cemetery in Coventry, Connecticut

Nathan Hale was born in the town of Coventry which was part of British Empire in North America in what is now known as Connecticut, in 1755. Nathan was a school teacher who ended up becoming a captain and spy for the Continental Army in their war against the British Crown. He was captured by British Forces and it is thought that a British Loyalist relative may have been betrayed him sometime in September of 1776. .

On the day of September 22, 1776, he was executed by hanging in New York City in an area of that is now around 66th Street and Third Avenue. Before he died, Hale’s dying words would be a sort of rallying cry for the American colonists rebelling against the British Empire. They were as follows: ” ‘I only regret, that I have but one life to lose for my country.” There has been speculation over the years as to the exact wording of his last testament but the biggest mystery is what happened to Hale’s body. It was never found. In the town of his birth, his family had a burial vault that remain empty and a memorial to his role in the birth of the United States.

Nathan Hale Statue - Coventry, Connecticut

For more information about Nathan Hale visit: https://www.varsitytutors.com/earlyamerica/early-america-review/volume-5/a-time-for-heroes-the-story-of-nathan-hale

Missing Person Case Still Intrigues almost Seven Decades Later….

Ronald Tammen Jr. was a college student at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio when he went missing on April, 19, 1953. His disappearance is bizarre in that various items such as his clothes, keys to his cars, wallet, identification, watch, and high school class ring were found in his dormitory room. Tammen’s own vehicle was also left behind in the school parking lot. There were reports of a woman encountering a man similar in appearance and clothing hours after he was last seen.

Did Tammen have a nervous breakdown and leave on his own accord? The night he went missing he supposedly heard something outside of his dorm room that bothered him. He went outside the room to investigate and that was the last he was seen.

A book has been written about his vanishing and there is also a blog site about his case. https://ronaldtammen.com/

Arrest in Cold Case Murder of Teenaged Girl…

One of the first Connecticut cases posted on our website and one of the sadder ones. A man has been arrested in the strangulation murder of 16 year old Jessica Keyworth in 2004.

52 year old Willie Robinson of Waterbury has been arrested. He lived blocks away at the time of the murder scene. (Source: Fox 61 News)

Connecticut cold case murder of teen girl solved via DNA evidence, authorities say | Fox News

Arrested for the murder of Jessica Keyworth.

Was Murder of Young Wife Ever Solved???

Here at Savagewatch, we have people submit cases several times a month, This case is that of a young married woman named Donna Dana who was found stabbed to death in her home in Millbury, Massachusetts in September of 1970. No suspects were named but at the time of the murder, police looked at Paul W. Litovicz who had stabbed to death a Worcester priest named Revered John F. Sullivan who was the pastor of St. Joan of Arc Church hours earlier from when Dana was slain. A puzzling aspect of the case is that it appeared that Donna Dana’s death may not have been a robbery unlike that of Reverend Sullivan. Various valuable items were not taken in the home where Dana lost her life.