Princess Doe Identified!! New Jersey Murder Victim finally has name after 40 years

Princess Doe now known as Dawn Olanick

It is a sad case that has haunted the area of Blairestown, New Jersey (USA) for decades. An unsolved murder of a teenaged girl however, 40 years later DNA tests have given the woman known as Princess Doe her rightful name forty years after she was found dead near a cemetery in Blairestown. She is 17 year old Dawn Olanick from the area of Long Island, New York. Law Enforcement has also stated that they believe she was killed by a man named Arthur Kinlaw who is serving time for another murder. More Details to follow.


Murder or Self Defense? Bodega Worker is jailed for stabbing customer who assaulted him behind the counter.

People are getting fed up with crime. A customer with numerous convictions including those of assault physically pushes and manhandles an innocent working man. The customer gets stabbed to death during the fight and is then held on a $250,000 cash bond. Is it justified? Caution: There is violence and blood in this video.

Thirty Six year old Cold Case of Murdered Unknown Baby Solved.

Baby Jane Doe’s body was found on December 7, 1985 in Frenchville, Maine. The unidentified child had been left to die in subzero temperatures. Fifty Eight year old Lee Ann Daigle, formerly known as Lee Ann Guerrette, of Lowell, Massachusetts has been arrested and charged with her with murder.


Murder of New Hampshire Couple on Hiking Trail Shocks New England

On April 18, Stephen and Djeswende Reid left the Alton Woods apartment complex where they lived just after 2 p.m. and went for a walk in the area of Broken Ground Trails. They were reported as missing when Stephen missed an appointment with a friend. Days later on April 21st, the couple would be found deceased from multiple gunshot wounds on a walking trail near the Alton Woods Apartment Complex. The couple were both in their late 60’s.

The person of interest has been described as a white male, late 20s or early 30s. They think he is about 5’10” tall and has a medium build and short brown hair. A witness reported that they wore a dark blue jacket, khaki pants, and was carrying a backpack. The area near the murder has two highways within a few miles of the location. IF you have any information about this case contact the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department at 603-225-8600.

Is being a Rapper one of the most Dangerous Occupations to Have?

Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG were Rap music’s biggest stars in the nineties. They were both murdered around six months of each other in 1996 and 1997. The murders to date remain unsolved. Other rappers such as Nipsey Hussle and DJ Jam Master Jay were also victims of homicides whose killers were arrested. There are also countless other rappers who never achieved major success but had semi-successful careers who were also victims of murder. Most of these victims are young black men. But it seems that rappers of other racial backgrounds are also becoming victims of homicide. Swedish rapper Einar was murdered in 2021 and now Punjabi (Indian) rapper Sidhu Moose has succumbed to an ambush where he was shot to death in India.

When rap music came out, it was party music with good rhymes and beats. Then Gangsta rap emerged in the late 80’s and it told the dangerous, bloody reality of survival in the inner city. It was considered art because it was expression but that has resulted in deadly actions over the years including that of a near fatal shooting of rapper/actor 50cent.

Now it is sadly the norm that rappers here in America and abroad are being murdered as well as murdering their musical rivals. It seems like one non-stop loop with all this killing and one has to wonder if this violent diss track will ever end.

UPDATE 6-21-2022: Three men have been arrested for the murder of Sidhu Moose. It is alleged that Canadian Gang Member Goldy Brar arranged the fatal hit on the rapper. 

Suspected in the murder of his Grandfather and mother, Family Member charged in one those homicides

Nathan Carman has been charged in the murder of his mother.

First it was John Chakalos, who was found shot to death in his Windsor, Connecticut home on 2013. Then Linda Carmen was last seen on a boat with her son Nathan Carman on a boat off of the Rhode Island Coast. Nathan was rescued at sea but Linda’s body has never been found. Nathan was also the last person to be seen with John Chakalos. Nathan Carman has been charged with the death of his mother and is believed to have killed both relatives in order to collect an inheritance.

Prime Suspect finally arrested in Murder of Prominent Texas Attorney

It was a brutal and horrific murder. Ira Tobolowsky, was 68 years old and physically disabled. He was a well-known attorney involved in several civil rights cases. He was also a close cousin of well known movie character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. For years, police have looked at the son of a woman that the attorney represented in a civil case. That man, Steven Benton Aubrey was finally arrested and charged with captial murder. If found guilty, he could face the Death Penalty.

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