Hit and Run Driver Gets Away With Murder and A Father Calls out the Killer…


jonathanstewarthitandrunJohn Stewart (pictured), was a 19 year old man, who was killed a car on Route 5 in the early morning hours of Nov. 17, 2002 in the town of Enfield, Connecticut. A passerby discovered his body around 6 a.m. that morning and Stewart would be transported to a nearby hospital where he would succumb to his injuries.  Police knew that the vehicle that hit Stewart was a was a red Jeep Cherokee.   There was a reward for information in the case but the statute of limitations of ten years had run out.

Thirteen years after Stewart’s death, Law Enforcement would get a confession from a man identified as Daniel Corsini.  The law was changed in 2012 to make no time expiration on motor vehicle incidents that involve any sort of fatalities, sadly this law can’t be applied retroactively.

Corsini was not the only one involved in this crime, his friend, Richard Kress, 42, helped Corsini to get rid of his vehicle that was involved in the accident.   Both men were never charged with any crime.

In a quote in the Enfield Patch, Stewart’s father had this to say,

“If you have never been in this situation, you don’t know this pain, but I can tell you that losing my son is tragic. But to lose him to an uncaring, self-centered, self-entitled coward who allowed me and my family to wake every morning to relive the fact that it wasn’t a dream; it’s torturous to one’s soul. Everyday thinking that John is gone, that John had suffered, that I couldn’t say good-bye, that I will never hear his voice again, that he will never have a chance to be a dad and know the blessing of the love a parent has for their children. That as his father, his parent, his ultimate protector and care giver, I could not save him.”

Corsini is one guy that you hope you never have to share the same road with.





A Brutal Execution and Grisly Scene

dawnevansIt was a horrible crime scene in front of 169 Pavillion Avenue around 12:40 am in South Providence on June 14, 1989. Police got to the scene of a truck that was on fire. Inside in the passenger seat of the cabin was the horribly charred body of an adult female. According to early media reports, the truck had been abandoned for a year and the victim was found to have been shot in the head. One witness reported seeing a white car that drove away from the area at an intense rate of speed. The victims would be identified as 19 year old Dawn Evans who lived at Holly Court. She was the mother of a young son and was taking college courses at Community College of Rhode Island to be a nurse. She also worked at the Subway Sandwich Shop on Tiogue Avenue.

If you have any information about who killed Dawn Evans, please contact the Providence Police Department at (401)272-3121.

A Young Woman is Attacked and Slain, an unknown sadistic Killer remains on the Loose


brittanyphillipssuspectBrittany Phillips was brutally raped and murdered by a still unidentified assailant.  By the time she had been found, she had been deceased for several days at her residence  at the Union apartments where she lived alone in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She was a student at Tulsa Community College at the time of her death. Suspect in her murder is believed to be a white male of Northern  European Ancestry.  Could have blue or green eyes and have freckles according to DNA analysis.  For information about Brittany’s murder read this https://thechrysalischapters.com/2018/05/10/murder-of-the-girl-next-door/

Or visit this website http://www.brittanyphillipsmurder.net/


26 Years Later Song Still Echoes those that are Lost

Aundria Bowman missing 1989In 1992, the band Soul Asylum came out with their biggest hit, “Runaway Train.”

The easy going music matched up with lyrics that told the heartfelt stories of children needing to run away from trauma at home. A music video would come out with pictures of missing children.  Some were found, some remain missing to this day.  One in particular at 2:08 in shows a young black haired girl with a large smile but empty eyes.  She is Aundria Michelle Bowman who has been missing from her home in Hamilton Michigan.since March 11, 1989.  At the time she was last seen, she was 5’5; 115 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.

Aundria Bowman missing 1989A facebook dedicated to finding her indicates that Aundria had been adopted by the parents who claim she is missing.  There are some disturbing details that point the finger at her adoptive father who has a criminal record including those of a sexual nature.  Days before she disappeared, she accused her father of sexually assaulting her.  Her biological mother is desperate to find her but fears that she succumbed to foul play.

To get more information visit here.

Family Searches for Son and People Are Not Talking….

Timothy Poss is missing 9-1-2018 from Hot Springs, Arkansas
Timothy Poss

Timothy Poss has been missing out of Hot Springs Arkansas, since September 1 2018.  At the time of disappearance, he was staying at a meth house.  His mom got a call from him that morning around 8:30 am.  Several minutes later a female called her asking her to come get him.  Poss’s mother said she could pick him up it would be later on in the day.  Minutes later the same female texted Poss’s mother saying he walked into the woods. When family members went to retrieve him, Poss was not there.  However. several of his items were his including his cell phone.  Timothy Poss is 31 years old and is five foot six and 145 pounds.  He has blue eyes and a receding hairline that is brown.  He has several tattoos that can be viewed here at https://www.namus.gov/MissingPersons/Case#/52331

Two tattoos stand out with Poss.  His right hand has MAMMA’S inked on it.  Hi left hand hs BOY inked there.  The left forearm has the word “Crazy” tattooed on it.

His family is looking for him and for answers.  If you have any information as to where he may be contact the Garland County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 622-3660.

UPDATE:  3-28-2019 Sad news to report, human skeletal remains found several hundred yards away in an area north of Marion Anderson Road on March 23rd, 2019 have been identified as Timothy Poss.  Investigation continues as to cause and manner of death.  


New Years Day Mystery Still Haunts City

David Paul's Gravesite ceremony
Photo by Devin Leith Yessian of the Record Journal


January 2, 1988 was a cold, bitter day and while many people were busy recuperating from celebrating the New Year, a horrible death had just occurred. While walking along a wooden path in the southern part of the Connecticut city of Meriden, a woman thought she saw a little doll wrapped in pink and white blankets nestled against a tree in an empty company parking lot. As the woman approached closer she made the grisly discovery that it was a dead 7 1/2 pound blue eyed, blonde haired boy. The newly born infant had died from the extreme cold in a few short hours.

Gravemarker for Unidentified Infant found on January 2, 1988 in Meriden, CT
Photograph by David Zajac of the Record Journal

The boy was given the name, David Paul by a pastor at a local church. The name means beloved little man. It’s been almost twenty years, since David Paul’s lifeless body was found. It is suspected that he was abandoned by a female (most likely his mother) and police are looking to find her.

With the popular usage of family ancestry websites, it is possible that David Paul’s DNA will lead to either one his parents.  In 2018, the technology has helped crack many cold cases including that of a serial killer in California who is responsible for over a dozen murders and fifty rapes.  Maybe 2019, will finally give us an answer as to who this child is and why he was left to die the way he did.

There is a 20,000 dollar reward being offered in this case. If you have any information about the death and abandonment of David Paul, please call the Meriden Police Department at 203-634-3784.

For more information visit this article about David Paul


Police Still looking for Clues in Murder of Providence Woman

Unsolved murder of Rhonda Travers in Warwick, Rhode IslandIt was June 20, 1987, when Rhonda Lee Travers body was found about 12:40 p.m. in a wooded area next to the Leviton Manufacturing dump in Warwick by an individual walking across the site.   Despite a intensive search no weapons were found at the scene.  Newspaper articles state that Travers had been dragged by her feet from a car to where she was found.  There did not appear to be a struggle at the scene.   The 26 year old had been involved in prostitution.  Some of her belongings were eventually found at a location in another part of town.   Travers was from Providence and lived on Bridgeham Street.  There have been several unsolved murders of woman that were engaged in prostitution in Rhode Island during the time of Traver’s death.  Most of those cases have not been solved.  If you have any information about this homicide please contact the Warwick Detective Division at 401-468-4261. All calls can be confidential. You can also email the Warwick Police at warwpd@warwickpd.org.