Was Murder of Young Wife Ever Solved???

Here at Savagewatch, we have people submit cases several times a month, This case is that of a young married woman named Donna Dana who was found stabbed to death in her home in Millbury, Massachusetts in September of 1970. No suspects were named but at the time of the murder, police looked at Paul W. Litovicz who had stabbed to death a Worcester priest named Revered John F. Sullivan who was the pastor of St. Joan of Arc Church hours earlier from when Dana was slain. A puzzling aspect of the case is that it appeared that Donna Dana’s death may not have been a robbery unlike that of Reverend Sullivan. Various valuable items were not taken in the home where Dana lost her life.

Files on Dennis Martin not being released to Author of Book about the Missing Person Case….

Fifty-one years after the June 14, 1969 disappearance of Dennis Lloyd Martin from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still hindering the release of fourteen active FOIA requests the disappearance, which was labeled a lost person case.

Poster for Missing Boy Dennis Martin
Poster for Missing Boy Dennis Martin

There are several deficiencies with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s claims of refusal to release the one-hundred-forty-seven page report based on the presumption of the Exclusionary Rule.

· The Federal Bureau of Investigation has denied my FOIA request on three occasions by shielding themselves with the Exemption Rule, which they have not proven.

· The case was deemed a lost person case with no criminal aspect.

· The FOIA request was reviewed and denied by a civilian clerk with no law enforcement experience or knowledge of the case.

· The Federal Bureau of Investigations has not provided a certified witness to support their claim of the Exemption Rule for each of the documents or photographs requested.

· The case is now fifty-one years old, and at this point, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to prove:

Ø 1.) That any prospective law enforcement action will be taken.

Ø 2.) That any law enforcement action is in progress.

Ø 3.) The release of the requested documentation and photographs would prejudice any law enforcement action.

Ø 4.) Nor have there been any viable leads in the case after the initial investigation or an active investigation.

· The mere fact of an investigation by a law enforcement agency (FBI) is not a pivotal fact to support the Exemption Rule.

· The Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to provide proof that after fifty-one years, the case is up-right for any prosecution, nor have any potential suspects been identified.

· The Federal Bureau of Investigation is merely using the Exemption Rule to withhold records not because a prospective law enforcement action will be taken but rather in hopes of such action, or specifically to dissuade the public from the true nature of the case.

· Even if a prospective law enforcement action was to be taken, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not provided evidence that the records being shout would be used in any such action.

· The mere concern of personal demographics within the documentation does not support the Exemption rule. The requestor has interviewed all parties involved in the case and is aware of the specific demographics of the persons involved (Listed below).

· https://www.amazon.com/Forever-Searching-Mountains-Dennis-Martin/dp/1520279035/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=forever+searching+dennis+lloyd+martin&qid=1600940352&sr=8-1

· The Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to support the denial of the records but instead responds in a vague and unsubstantial claim of the Exemption Rule, which inherently blocks the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC Sect. 552, 1966, and the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which provides public access to public authorities’ information.

This was written by Michael Bouchard. To see more books written by him please check out the following page. True Crime Author’s Michael Bouchard Profile Page – Savagewatch

Mystery Man Never Identified in Murder.

22 year old Roy Weber was struggling. He had drug problems and would prostitute himself to older men to support his habit. He was last seen alive on a video camera with a mystery man at the criminally troubled Cathedral Square Apartments in Providence, Rhode Island. On December 25th, 2003, Weber was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head near a parking lot on the Johnston and Wales Campus in Providence. Police believe that this mystery man either killed Weber or has answers as to who did.

Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island
Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island

Before he died, Weber had told people he was afraid for his life. A documentary was made over a decade later about the hardships and lives of men that made a living selling their bodies in Providence called “Invisible”. The documentary follows Rich Holcomb as he tries to gain support from the general public and lead these young men out of the lifestyle. Holcomb founded the organization “Project Weber” named after Roy Weber. Sadly, nearly two decades later, Providence Police still do not know who murdered Weber.

More than Three Decades Later, the name of a Dead Hitchhiker Baffles Authorities….

It’s a mystery that has consumed the Arkansas State Crime Lab for nearly four decades. Who is the man that drowned on October 18th, 1984 near the town of Malverne?

The Unidentified man died as a result of a car accident when the vehicle he was driving, crashed into a body of water. The other occupant of the car (the owner) managed to get out safely. The unidentified victim was not so lucky as he was trapped under water for as long as 30 minutes and sustained loss of oxygen to his brain which would kill him two days later.

The owner of the vehicle did not know the hitchhiker’s name but it is believed that he had been hitchhiking when he was picked up by the owner of the vehicle in Louisville, Kentucky. The owner of the car was on his way to Houston, Texas and allowed the hitchhiker to come along. During the drive, the owner of the vehicle allowed the victim to drive while he (the owner) went to sleep. Shortly after the victim took the wheel, the two got into a car accident.

The victim is a White male who is five foot eight inches tall, 167 pounds and maybe around the ages of 25 to 35 years. He had medium to dark brown hair which measured about 6 inches in length. The deceased also had a bushy, brown beard, brown eyes a small circular scar on his left ankle. Found on him were: Brown boot shoes; a pair of red, black and white sweat socks sized M8; a cut brown sweater; 28 x 32 Corduroy trousers; and multicolored long sleeved shirt ” John Henry ” (his neck size was 14 1/2 inches (32-33)).

IT is possible that he may have been from the New Haven, Connecticut area and that he may have also been trying to get to California as a destination point. If anyone has any information as to who he is, please contact the Hot Spring County Coroners Office at 501-732-0561 . You can email them at chris.edwards@crimelab.arkansas.gov.

To see photos of him post-mortem please visit here. CAUTION: https://www.namus.gov/UnidentifiedPersons/Case#/3123/details?nav

Was He Killed in an act of Hate? Or did someone think he saw something that he didn’t?

It was on  May 10th, 1996, when thirty year old Juan “Leon” Laureles of Bangs, (Texas)  was found shot to death near his burning 1988 Ford Thunderbird off FM 2126 in the town of Brownwood, Texas. Mr. Laureles left his home which he shared with his brother in Bangs at around 11:30 pm, and he was due at work at midnight that night in Brownwood at the Krogers where he worked the graveyard shift. At 12:30 am, a motorist made a call to 911 to report that they saw a burning vehicle off FM 2126. After firefighters and deputies responded, the fire had been extinguished when Leon Laureles body was found a few feet away from a gunshot in the back of the head.

At the time, investigators were on the lookout for an unknown model pickup, possibly a one-ton, possibly red and off-white or beige with no bed on the truck. The truck was seen in the area prior to the time where Leon’s body had been found. 

According to a 2008 article in the Brownwood Bulletin, Leon had told his sister a short time before he was killed that certain individuals were angry at him and he was unsure why.

There is also a theory that the murder could have been a “Hate Crime” due to Laureles being gay.  

Laureless did not live or engage in a high-risk lifestyle and was known to be a homebody.  .

A private investigator was hired by family members and during their investigation, the investigator revealed to family members that they received death threats.   Not much information was told to the family by the investigator after that.  .

If you have any information regarding Mr. Laureles’s homicide or events leading up to it, please reach out to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at (325) 646-5510  or visit http://www.heartoftexascrimestoppers.org/ and submit a tip through them if you wish to remain anonymous.

Was it Murder? Overdose?

Amber Lazenby Mukegon Heights, MI Possible homicide Victim

It was on April 25th, 2019 when the body of 24 year old Amber Lazenby was found on private property in the city of Muskegon Heights, Michigan.   Her body was found in the rear of a disabled vehicle and drug paraphernalia was reported near the vehicle.  Lazenby had an addiction to drugs and would engage in prostitution.   In 24 years, Lazenby had a tough life. Her mother left her and her younger sister when they were just young children.  They were raised by their father and her aunt.  Family members also believe that she may have been sexually abused by someone related to her.  These factors may have vastly contributed to her drug addiction.   There are questions as to how she died.  An autopsy could not determine a cause of death.  There was trauma on her body but questions remain if they occurred after she had died.  It is possible that she could have died from a drug overdose and even though there was no presence of opioids in her system, cocaine and marijuana were present.  

Amber Lazenby Mukegon Heights, MI Possible homicide Victim

It looks more likely that it was a homicide.  The autopsy revealed a fractured cervical (neck) bone among other unusual findings including a major laceration on her head.   Law Enforcement is looking at the case but family members express concern about their calls not being returned.    Her Aunt and cousins want answers and if it’s a homicide…. They want justice.    To view Amber’s autopsy click here.  w19-0357_amber_lazenby_autopsy-signed

To view a copy of the Death Certificate.

Another lost to the Opioid Crisis….

Photo by Dih Andréa from Pexels

Once Again, I receive news of another death of a person from the scourge of drug/alcohol addiction. This time it is someone I have never met but yet I would talk to his mother for a newspaper article I wrote about COVID 19 and the effects it had on drug treatment and addiction months earlier. For two decades her child was in the battle of their life. She tried to help him but in the end they lost. And now another family mourns……

I’ve known several people to die from drug overdoses in recent years. One was a mother of a young son looking to find her way in life, another was a musician/artist who designed my music album cover who struggled with drugs/alcohol for years, a third was a former co-worker was a married father of 9 who was not an addict but accidentally took too much pain killers for a medical condition, and the last being a woman grieving the death of her sister only weeks earlier from cancer needing to numb her own emotional pain from that loss. Now, as I write this, I think about how decades earlier of a former classmate from the University of Rhode Island who was a talented jazz pianist was found dead of an overdose. He passed when I was around 20 years of age.

Drug/alcohol addiction may be done at the hands of the user but sadly there are people along the way that provide the drugs, alcohol and reasons too. Drug pushers and abusers are those that I’m talking about. In the end their supply and cause of mental/physical trauma pour the gasoline as the addict lights the match dangerously close every time……