The “Friday the 13th Murder”

princessdoe3Created in 1980, the movie Friday the 13th scared and horrified movie audiences. The movie spawned a dozen sequels and it’s main villain, “Jason Vorhees”, has become a major part of American Culture. The movie took place at the fictional Camp Crystal Lake where, several camp counselor and visitors would lose their lives in horrible deaths. The movie was actually filmed in New Jersey at a Boy Scout camp named Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in the town of Hardwick. Several of the scenes in the first movie that took place in town were filmed in the town of Blairstown, New Jersey. Four decades later, the movies, especially the original are cult classics.

princessdoe2The town of Blairstown takes pride in the fact that many of the scenes of the classic slasher movie was filmed there. However, the town  has a real life murder mystery in their hands. A murder that occurred just two years after the showing of the movie. Even though the murder did not occur on Friday the 13th, the victim was found in the town of where the original movie was filmed. It is a brutal crime that has never been solved.

princessdoe1It was July 15, 1982 when the horrible discovery was made in a forested area near the northern portion of the Cedar Ridge Cemetery on Route 94 in Blairstown. The victim was a caucasian female and was believed to have been dead for around a week. She sustained horrible injuries to her face and died from being bludgeoned. To date she has never been identified nor her killer(s) ever found. She is believed to be between the ages of 14 to 20 year old. 90 to 100 pounds (47.5 to 50 Kilograms) and five foot two to five foot four ( 1.5 to 1.67 meters). She had straight, shoulder-length hair that was brown. Here eye color is unknown. her left ear was double-pierced but the other ear is unknown to the decomposition of her body. Teeth were in good condition with some dental fillings. She had an unusual object in her position, a gold colored chain that had small white beads with a fourteen karat gold cross with an ornate design.

There were isotope tests done a few years ago that indicated that it is possible that the woman could have been from Arizona but spent the last year in the Northeast or Midwest. If you have information about who this young woman is, please contact the New Jersey Warren County Medical Examiner’s Office at 908-213-2800.


Daylight Murder of Pizza Shop Worker Remains a Mystery

pizzashopsuspectOn June 12, 2006, 72-year-old Rhode Island native Edward “Eddie” Pollitelli arrived at the at Mama Mia New York Style Pizza and Pasta located in Stevenson Ranch, California. , a restaurant he had worked at before his retirement.   Around 8:30 in the morning, Politelli was violently confronted by a still unidentified attacker who was carrying a machete. A co-worker told Police that he had heard Pollitelli say “don’t hurt me.”  The co-worker thought that Pollitelli was joking around.

Authorities believe that the murderer stabbed and killed Politelli on a narrow cement walkway located behind the restaurant.  No money had been stolen from the restaurant.  There was video footage from an adjacent Mexican eatery that showed an individual walking along the front of the building around the time of the murder.

Some witnesses told authorities that a silver Dodge Magnum station wagon was used by the killer to make his getaway, but no one was close enough to get a good look at either the suspect or the vehicle’s license plate.

Motive in this murder is still unknown but it’s possible that this was a targeted killing.

The homicide suspect was described as young white or light skinned Hispanic male who was between the ages of 25 and 30 years old.  He was around 5-foot-7-inches tall and  about 160 pounds. The suspect was described as clean shaven with short brown spiky hair. He had worn a white T-shirt, blue jeans as well as a black sweatshirt.  The suspect also had a backpack on his shoulder and possibly wielded a stun gun.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department at (213) 229-1700.

Military Veteran Survives Serving Overseas only to lose life in his Neighborhood

jamesleejacobsJames Lee Jacobs grew up on the rough streets in Dorchester, Massachusetts,  yet he managed to graduate high school in Marblehead and go on to serve in the military. He would attain the rank of Sergeant and would go off to war in Iraq. Despite suffering from the trauma of war, he was working full time and going to college to be an electrical engineer. On March 30th 2007, Jacobs was outside of his Range Rover on McLellan Street in Dorchester (Boston). He was waiting for a tow service because the tires on his car had been slashed. While he waited, a person in the neighborhood said that Jacob had 3 men approach him. An argument started and Jacobs was shot 18 times in the back. He was brutally murdered, just a few miles from where he grew up.
James Lee Jacobs served his country by fighting an enemy overseas. He was killed by enemies from his own country. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Boston Police Department at (617) 343-4330.



California Hit and Run Still Unsolved More than Two Decades Later…

tonyvaleraIt was on October 27, 1996, when then thirty-nine year old Tony Valera was riding his bicycle at night and his life was robbed from him by a hit and run driver. The popular kick-boxing instructor had been riding on darkened portion of Alessandro Boulevard in Moreno Valley. He had been heading east on Alessandro Boulevard close to the dirt extension of Morrison Street which is a half a mile from his home. Around 7:30pm a large, white four-door sedan hit him from behind. To this date, the driver who killed Tony has never been identified. Following his death, roadblocks were set up in hopes of getting information but nothing panned out. His siblings are still very much dedicated to getting answers as well as justice for their deceased brother.

His death took a heavy emotional toll on his parents.

If you have any information about the death of Tony Valera, please contact the Moreno Valley Police Department at 951-486-6700. You can remain anonymous.

(Sources – Tony Valera)

College Football Player Killed, Still No Answers or Justice

Bryan Pata was considered a likable teammate at the University of Miami in Florida. An excellent player who was a defensive lineman, he wore the number 95 while he majored in Criminology. On November 7th, 2006, the nearly six foot four and nearly 300 hundred pound football star was shot to death in the parking lot of the gated community in the suburban Kendall, which was less than five miles from campus . The 22 year old had left football practice just minutes before, witnesses reported that when he arrived he had an argument with a man and was shot several times. Pata’s girlfriend who lived with him was inside the apartment when Pata was shot, ran out and called 911.There were theories as to who killed him. One involved members of another football team Florida International University who had a prior brawl with University of Miami Hurricane Football players. Other rumors pointed to jealous people from the poor inner city area of Miami where Pata had grown up due to a flashy lifestyle. In the end, a prime suspect was identified and arrested in another state on gun charges. That individual has been looked at in other homicides and had a relative that knew Bryan Pata very well. 

UPDATE: 11-6-2020. ESPN has done an excellent article on the case. There are several persons of interest in this case, ranging from a former teammate, to a relative of his ex-girlfriend, gang members to people who had business dealings with Pata.

The case remains cold though and if you have information about the murder of Bryan Pata, call Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at (305) 471-TIPS (8477) or you can call Law Enforcement at 305-471-TIPS.

UPDATE:  Thirty five year old Rashaun Jones a former teammate of Pata was arrested for his murder. Pata had been romantically involved with the ex-girlfriend of Jones.  And the two had a fight prior to his murder in which Pata got the better of Jones.  Jones had been a longtime suspect in the case.



Horrific Murder of Young Girl Remains Cold….

Nine year old Shirley Jane Rose was a young girl living her childhood. On the early evening of October 17th, 1975, she was abducted by someone just a block from her home in Springfield. A witness reported seeing a 1969-1970 blue Chevrolet car follow the elementary school girl. A search would ensue but would prove fruitless in finding her alive.

Several months later on December 13th, her remains were discovered unearthed from a grave by animals near McDaniel Lake. There were persons of interest in the case but never any arrests. Her parents passed away without seeing justice, now her siblings want answers and justice.

If you have any information about this horrible crime, please contact the Springfield Police Department (Missouri) at 417-864-1780.

For additional information about this case please visit the website

You can also hear more about this case on the podcast

Who wanted a churchgoing, hardworking Mother Dead?

By all accounts, Daisy Taylor was a likeable person. She was a 56 year old mother who worked two jobs and attended church every Sunday. However, on November 2nd 2012, her body was in a ditch near Grammon Road near the town of Marion, Arkansas by a Crittenden County road crew member around 11am. Police theorize that Daisy was killed right there and had succumbed to three gunshots including one to the head from a 9mm handgun.

A Home Healthcare worker, she had been on her way to work to pick up a check and had spoken to a relative an hour before she was found dead. Her 2012 Chevy Impala was found about an hour and a half after body was located. The car had been found in South Memphis on Mason Street.  Due to the fire, all physical evidence in the car was destroyed. Police believe that her killer or killers may have driven a white sedan vehicle.

If you have any information about this case please call Law Enforcement at 870-702-2000.

Suspect’s car in Daisy Taylor Murder

(Sources: WREG & MemphisToday)

Was this mother killed by someone that was supposed to protect her?

April Joann Terry was murdered on February 27th of 1990 at her residence at 62-64 Taylor Street in Providence. The 32 year old was stabbed to death in her 2nd floor apartment while her four year old daughter watched TV in another room. She was found naked with several stab wounds to her chest and neck at 5:30pm that day. There was no sign of a break in and it is possible that she may have known who her attacker was. Before she was murdered, a boyfriend of hers, violently beat her and was arrested. He was allegedly released the morning she was killed.

According to a family member of April, the boyfriend was not named a suspect in her homicide. Her family thinks otherwise.

It was a bad year for homicides in Providence as the number was more than two dozen that year. If you have any information about this case please the Providence Police Department at 401-243-6360.

1977 High School Yearbook Photo of April Joann Terry

(Sources The Providence Journal)

Did Appearing on Television Cause a Man to Lose his Life?

Or did his past come back to kill him……

When Investigative Reporters Fox News 2 Reporter Rob Wolchek shows up at your place of business or residence, you’re in trouble.  Not since 60 Minute’s Mike Wallace has a reporter made so many scam artists, crooks, and thieves run from a television camera. The Detroit, Michigan area reporter has made a career out of exposing crooked business people, corrupt politicians and people behaving badly.   He features these wrongdoers on an episode called, “The Hall of Shame.”  The show had led to some people being convicted for their crimes and even being deported from the country.  But for two “Hall of Shame” recipients they would be victims of unsolved crimes.

Rob Wolchek is coming for the bad guys
Fox News 2 Detroit Reporter Rob Wolchek and the Hall of Shame

One of them was a man named Larry Jordan who owns an auto repair shop named Discount Auto Salvage.  The company had numerous complaints about shoddy repair work and not refunding money to customers as promised.  Jordan was jumped and seriously hurt by three masked individuals at his home early Wednesday morning on Shelby Creek Drive, in Shelby Township, Michigan on April 10, 2013.  His house was then ransacked by the assailants and the case is still not solved.  Police believe that it was a targeted attack but not due to him being on the show.

Episode of Larry Jordan on the Hall of Shame:  Hall of Shame Episode

Link to article of attack –

Murder suspect in Scam Artist homicide in Royal Oak, Michigan
Murder suspect in Scam Artist homicide in Royal Oak, Michigan

The second case involved a man named Gary Lupiloff who was a known scam artist.  He was an attorney who lost his license for cheating clients out of money. Rob Wolchek  featured this guy on his “Hall of Shame” episode  in 1999 which ended up getting Lupiloff prison time.  The former attorney would soon get out of prison, change his name and start a new business.  On the afternoon of July 13, 2010, someone killed Lupiloff with a rifle shot to the heart when he was outside his house on the phone in the 2700 block of Ardmore in the town of Royal Oak, Michigan.  Police strongly believe that this was a professional hit and there is a composite sketch of what the suspect looked like when it happened.   The suspect is described as being  a white male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall driving a black crossover vehicle or maybe a bicycle.

Law Enforcement does have a person of interest in this murder, a business partner of Lupiloff who had a $500,000 life insurance policy.  The individual in question has denied any responsibility for the murder.  If you have any information about this case please contact the Royal Oak police number is (248) 246-3500.

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Was it a Robbery Gone Bad? Or Something more Sinister?

It was an early Saturday morning on January 21st, 1984  when nineteen year old Vernon Lomba Jr. was found dead in a snowbank by the side of the road on Elmwood Avenue in Cranston.  He was last seen by his mother on Friday and was headed to a bar named the “Sunburst Lounge” which was located on Elmwood Avenue. At first, Cranston police thought he was a victim of a hit and run incident from a motor vehicle due to a metal antennae from a vehicle found nearby.  However, an autopsy though would reveal the true manner and cause of death , Lomba had been brutally beaten to death. He expired from a blood clot due to being struck on the head and jaw. Police also took note that when he left his mother’s apartment he had over three hundred dollars in his wallet.  When his body was found, most of that money was missing.

Cranston Police  theorize that Lomba may have been a victim of a robbery. It is possible that someone noticed he had some substantial money at the bar and ambushed him outside as he walked home alone.  Lomba’s sisters and family are not sure if robbery is the motive for their brother’s murder though. They think it was a personal confrontation. The Sunburst Lounge is long gone and has been replaced with a bowling alley. For Vernon Lomba’s family, nothing can replace him. Someone knows a dark secret about what happened. Please call the Cranston Police Department if you have any information about this murder.  They can be reached at (401) 477-5000.  

7-8-2020 No updates on case except that it is being actively investigated. 

(Source of information for this article comes from The Providence Journal)