True Crime Writer/Cop Calls out Person of Interest in Murder of Providence Man

Why is some person contacting relatives of a man murdered in Providence, Rhode Island in 2003? This same person has also allegedly posted on this website in the comments section about a post of Roy Weber.

Weber had a drug addiction and worked as a sex worker. On Christmas Day, someone executed him by gunshot. Police released a picture of an unidentified white male (in his fifties) that was a person of interest and caught on videotape with Webber just hours before his death. True Crime Writer Michael Bouchard states that he knows who that mystery man is and believes he has nothing to do with Weber’s murder. He also makes some startling claims about Weber and who he might have been involved with as far as sex work goes.

Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island
Suspect in Roy Weber Murder in Providence, Rhode Island

Why is this person (who has allegedly posted) on our site so interested in this case. Does he know something? Or is he being a distraction for the real killer?

Michael Bouchard on his podcast “Night Stalker” calls out this person. You be the judge… Michael’s opinions are his own…..