Is A Serial Killer Stalking Homeless Men in the Big Apple & Nations Capital…

Suspect in New York City & Washington DC Homeless Attacks & Slayings

Video footage has shown an unidentified person shoot and kill a homeless person. Law Enforcement now believes that this person shot two other people one of them fatally. The victim total at this point seems to be two dead and a third wounded. How many more victims before he gets caught.

UPDATE: IT looks like the same suspect may have attacked three people in Washington DC killing one of them. The individual in question could go to another city where Law Enforcement may not be looking for him.


The Mystery of what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 continues to haunt the families of those lost

A documentary from Sky News Australia explores a controversial theory as to what caused the flight to disappear. Was it a coverup by the Malaysian Government? Did party politics have something to do with the massive loss of life. Is the government of Malaysia still searching for the doomed flight that went missing on March 8, 2014.

Ukraine – Russia and War… And Scam Charities are all around

With the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, much of mainstream and social media has covered the carnage of war. But there are people (criminals) that are trying to take advantage of the situation. Asking people via email, phone text and even in person to donate to various charities that will helping those suffering in Ukraine.

To look for good charities for this cause visit websites such as


Remember it’s your money that is supposed to be going to a cause that you care about. A little research can go a long way….