Prime Suspect finally arrested in Murder of Prominent Texas Attorney

It was a brutal and horrific murder. Ira Tobolowsky, was 68 years old and physically disabled. He was a well-known attorney involved in several civil rights cases. He was also a close cousin of well known movie character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. For years, police have looked at the son of a woman that the attorney represented in a civil case. That man, Steven Benton Aubrey was finally arrested and charged with captial murder. If found guilty, he could face the Death Penalty.

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More than Three Decades later, murder of 11 year old New Hampshire Girl has an arrest…

The 1988 murder of Melissa Tremblay shook the world of those that knew her in the town of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The sixth grader had gone with her mother and boyfriend (of the mothers) to the blue collar city so that they could go to a social club. Melissa played outside and would later be found stabbed to death. Marvin “Skip” McClendon Jr., 74, of Breman, Alabama, was arrested for the murder and had ties to the city where Tremblay was killed. He was also a former Massachusetts Department of Corrections employee.

Thirty Thousand Dollar Reward for Information leading to Arrest/Conviction of those responsible for murder of Microsoft Executive

The father of four was shot to death in front of his 2 year old child. Someone had put a tire out in the middle of the road and thirty three year old Jared Bridegan was slain on a one way street in Jacksonville Beach, FLorida. Was the crime one of random opportunity? Or did someone want him dead?

Rare USA Coins worth in the Millions…

The elusive and rare 1974 Aluminum Penny

Do you have Lincoln one cent piece dated 1974 made out of aluminum? OR maybe a 1964D Liberty Silver Dollar? These coins that have folklore around them that suggest that one time they were minted only to be melted before going out into circulation. At one time the US mint considered the price of copper too costly for a one cent piece and had considered aluminum as a possible metal replacement. Eventually, the pennies in 1982 would be minted out of primarily zince. Several of these Lincoln aluminum test pieces were allegedly given to US congressman and other Washington bureaucrats as an example and it is believed that several of these people never returned the coins to the mint. In the following decades, a few have been found and verified as real coins.

There is also the legend of the Liberty Silver Dollar dated 1964 and made in the Denver mint. The coins were originally minted from 1922 to 1935. According to reports, thousands may have been struck only to be melted down when a decision was made not to send millions of the revamped Liberty Dollar back into the American circulation.

If one has either of these coins, they are estimated to be worth in the millions of dollars. However, there is a problem in that the US government will seize the coins from any private owner because they are not officially released currency and therefore the property of the United States Government.

Oh, well, you can always hope that you have some of these other rare coins listed here such as the 1913 Liberty Head Nickels, a rare flowing hair large cent or an 1804 Silver dollar.