He was in a Hardcore Music Band named “Sold On Murder” until someone was sold on murdering him…..

John Robinson of Sold on Murder
Murder forgotten….

Twenty Four year old John Evers Robinson was a musician who played in the New Haven (Connecticut) Hardcore music scene. Known by his nickname “Rokked”, he was a bass player and a songwriter, he was responsible for writing most of the songs for his band, “Sold on Murder”

A 1990 article written by Howard Altman for the New Haven Advocate described him as a gifted student, good friend and strongly opinionated person that could win many arguments with points and wit. However, on March 14th of 1990, someone had more than an argument with Robinson as his body was found in an office space at 178 Temple Street in downtown New Haven. His body had been there for several days and his skull had been crushed by someone using a blunt instrument. Robinson had used the office as a rehearsal space but had been evicted in the weeks prior despite still having a key and using it without permission.

There are several theories as to why Robinson was killed. One suggests that we was slain because he had stolen a cymbal from a Neo-Nazi Skinhead band and it was some form of retaliation. Those allegations of theft were not believed to be true.

Others suggest that Robinson who may have been a pot dealer was looking to make a big score in a drug deal (with more hardcore drugs) and was robbed of the product.

Still others think he knew his killers because the office showed no signs of forced entry. It could have been an acquaintance or friend that took the Kansas Transplant’s life.

It is possible that more than one person killed Robinson in that he was six foot three inches tall , muscular and around 215 pounds. The murder weapon used in the crime was never located and a drum set in the space was missing when his remains were found.

At one point the state of Connecticut offered a $20,000 reward for information that would result in an arrest and conviction for those responsible for Robinson’s murder. IF you have any information, please contact the New Haven Police Department at (203) 946-6304.

To learn more about the crime, please visit this site. https://unsolvednewhaven1990.blogspot.com/

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