Did a Former Professional Wrestling Star Just Call out a Former World Champion as a Serial Rapist?

Tony Atlas is a former bodybuilder turned proffesional wrestler who during his prime was one of the industries biggest names. Atlas was so strong, he would military press his opponents above his head before he body slammed them to the mat of the wrestling ring.

In interviews since his retirement he has talked about many of the darker aspects of Pro Wrestling, including how he tried to help save fellow friend Bruiser Brody’s life after he was stabbed several times by a promoter/wrestler in Puerto Rico. Here in this clip below which must be viewed on youtube, Atlas talks about how he witnessed pro wrestlers gang raping women and specifically refers to one famous star violating women and giving them life changing injuries. Is Atlas right? Why didn’t he try to help those women? Or is Atlas just putting on an act? CAUTION: Video contains disturbing language.

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