A Legendary Feat of Man which took decades to complete has a Dark and Sinister History….

The Hoosac Tunnel has a dark and haunted past

The Hoosac Tunnel in Northwestern Massachusetts is a 4.75 mile tunnel that goes through a small mountain range. Construction began on the project in 1851 and completed in 1875 creating a link to the cities of Albany, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. At the time of it’s completion it was one of the longest underground tunnels in the world and is still in use today as several trains use it daily.

However, the tunnel has a tragic past in that nearly two hundred men died during the construction of it. Accidents included explosions, drownings, deadly fumes, tunnel collapses missing persons and even an unsolved murder. The place had so much death it was nicknamed “The Bloody Pit”. Even after it’s construction around 35 people have died since. There have also been reports of people hearing the cries of the dead as well as seeing apparitions and ghosts. One man even reported how he believes a ghost warned him and saved his life from being hit by a train.

Trespassing is not allowed in the tunnel because trains still use the track there. To read more about Hoosuc Tunnel visit here. https://hoosactunnel.net/hauntings/


Did a Former Professional Wrestling Star Just Call out a Former World Champion as a Serial Rapist?

Tony Atlas is a former bodybuilder turned proffesional wrestler who during his prime was one of the industries biggest names. Atlas was so strong, he would military press his opponents above his head before he body slammed them to the mat of the wrestling ring.

In interviews since his retirement he has talked about many of the darker aspects of Pro Wrestling, including how he tried to help save fellow friend Bruiser Brody’s life after he was stabbed several times by a promoter/wrestler in Puerto Rico. Here in this clip below which must be viewed on youtube, Atlas talks about how he witnessed pro wrestlers gang raping women and specifically refers to one famous star violating women and giving them life changing injuries. Is Atlas right? Why didn’t he try to help those women? Or is Atlas just putting on an act? CAUTION: Video contains disturbing language.

What happened to the former wife of the Butcher of Baghdad?

CBS News Credit

Saddam Hussein is known as most brutal dictators of the last one hundred years. Over a million people died in his government mandated massacres, wars and imprisonment. The United States Government would eventually invade Iraq and turn him over to the then newly formed government of Iraq. Saddam would be tried for his crimes and hung. His two sons, Uday and Qusay would be killed in raids by US soldiers. But his three daughters as well as his wife, Sajida Khairallah Talfah would escape the country.

Talfah was a cousin of Saddam and the two had five children together. She is currently wanted by the current IRaq Government on allegations that she financed Sunni Muslim Insurgant groups against the government. Rumors persist that she may either be in Syria or Qatar. There was also speculation that she may have passed away as far back as 2015. Questions remain, where the is the former first lady that stood by as her husband terrorized millions of people.

Was it a Stunt? Or did an actual Serial Killer Confess to 12 murders on the Howard Stern Radio Show

The Howard Stern Radio show has been a beacon of controversy from 1986 to 2005. But it was one radio show in 1997 that horrified listeners and is still a curiosity as to a mystery caller who identified himself as “Clay”. The unidentified male caller calmly confessed as to how he committed his first murder at age 16 and killed a total of 12 sex workers. Was it a stunt by someone looking for some temporary fame? Or did a killer confess in hopes of someone identifying his voice and stopping him from his carnage. You be the judge.

Poisoning Death of New York Woman Never Solved

Diane Elsroth - New York VIctim of Tylenol Cynanide Tampering Poisoning

In 1982, several people in the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area died after taking the cyanided tainted capsules of the popular non-aspirin pain relief medication Tylenol. Seven victims: 12 year old Mary Kellerman, 27 year old Adam Janus, his brother and sister in law Stanley and Theresa Janus,  Mary McFarland Paula Prince and Mary Reiner have never had justice or their killer identified. At one time, there were suspects including one man who was a suspect in a separate murder (though the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence).

On February 8th,1986, Diane Elsroth, a 23 year old stenographer from the town of Peekskill in New York would die from taking a cyanide tainted Tylenol capsule. She was found deceased at her boyfriends house in the city of Yonkers (NY). The bottle which contained the poisoned capsules were purchased at an A&P store in Bronxville. Another tampered bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol was found at another store in the same city. It has never been proven if her death was connected to the Chicago mass poisonings.

Due to the Tylenol Poisoning, safety standards were vastly improved making many of the medications hard to tamper with. Elsroth’s murder remains unsolved much like the seven other murders in Chicago. Call it terrorism or a serial killing spree. The person(s) responsible for these killings has still never been caught.

The horrifying unsolved case of the Tylenol Murders… where seven people died after taking poisoned painkillers (thesun.co.uk)

A Year Later, Few Clues in Tylenol Poisoning – The New York Times (nytimes.com)