NRA, BLM…. where does your dues and donations go to?

Gun rights and Black Lives Matter and the organization that supports them. But questions remain as to how much high level executives of these groups make? Wayne Lapierre the chief executive of the NRA sure enjoyed his time on some yachts (not owned by him) and Carribean resorts according to this New York Times article by Danny Hakim. Meanwhile the nearly one hundred and fifty year old organiztion has filed for bankruptcy.

In regards to Black Lives Matter, the mother of then 12 year old Tamir Rice who was killed by a Cleveland Police Officer while he held a toy gun has stated that civil rights lawyers, activists and groups have profited off the deaths of her son and others lost to police shootings and violence while they have received little financial assistance.

Now comes word that one of the founders of the “Black Lives Matter Organization” has purchased several pieces of real estate for over several millions of dollars according to this New York Post article by Isabel Vincent.

There are many questions as to how money is spent in organizations whether political or religious. One only has to look back at many of the disgraced Christian evangelists such as Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert.

People have the right to make money in these organizations, but the vast majority of that money should go to helping those in need and serviced, not filling the pockets of those that need it the least.

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