Missing Journalist believed to have been Murdered due to his investigative work.

Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla (Al Jazeera File)

The Maldives are a nation of numerous small islands located in the Indian Ocean south of the country of India. With a population of just over a half a million residents, its many small islands are home to numerous villas and resorts in what many consider to be a tropical paradise. The Maldives in general have a very low crime rate but an Al Jazeera investigation revealed massive amounts of corruption. Maldives Journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, vanished on August 7th, 2014 and was allegedly kidnapped into a car at knifepoint outside his residence on the island of Hulhumale. One rumor suggested that a group associated with Al-Qaeda killed the journalist because of his liberal views in the moderately religious Islamic nation. However, evidence from various independent investigations reveal that Rilwan Abdulla was killed on orders by the highest members of the Maldives leadership due to his work on exposing government corruption. To date, his remains have not been found and no one has been charged in his murder. https://timesofaddu.com/2021/03/08/full-investigative-report-of-rilwans-case-will-be-complete-this-year-president-solih/

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