Who wanted a churchgoing, hardworking Mother Dead?

By all accounts, Daisy Taylor was a likeable person. She was a 56 year old mother who worked two jobs and attended church every Sunday. However, on November 2nd 2012, her body was in a ditch near Grammon Road near the town of Marion, Arkansas by a Crittenden County road crew member around 11am. Police theorize that Daisy was killed right there and had succumbed to three gunshots including one to the head from a 9mm handgun.

A Home Healthcare worker, she had been on her way to work to pick up a check and had spoken to a relative an hour before she was found dead. Her 2012 Chevy Impala was found about an hour and a half after body was located. The car had been found in South Memphis on Mason Street.  Due to the fire, all physical evidence in the car was destroyed. Police believe that her killer or killers may have driven a white sedan vehicle.

If you have any information about this case please call Law Enforcement at 870-702-2000.

Suspect’s car in Daisy Taylor Murder

(Sources: WREG & MemphisToday)

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